Canadian Throat Singer Shares Healing Music in France

Based in Vancouver, BC Matthew Kocel is recognized as a leader in the world sound healing movement.

 Having just returned to his home after a tour of New York, Connecticut, France and Belgium, he is preparing for a Colorado tour in July 2019.

Throat singing or overtone singing is a method of manipulating vocal sounds in the body to amplify the harmonics, or overtones that are already present in the voice. Mathew Kocel’s sound draws on influences from Tibetan, Tuvan & Mongolian throat singers as well as European overtone singers.

Accompanied by simple acoustic instruments, his songs create the framework within which listeners can attain insight, peace, inner travel and spontaneous realizations.

Interestingly, Matthew says his main instrument is his heart, which influences the feelings and information carried by his voice.

Matthew Kocel continues to travel across the world to share this music he calls “medicine for the Earth and the heart of humanity’. Thus far his travels have taken him across the US and Canada, Costa Rica, Peru, France, Belgium and soon…Tibet.

overtone music


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