About Us

Just a humbled guy who like to help and one who is trying to provide for his family. Life is short and I intend to make the most of it.

How am I going to do that, by building my own online business, helping others to succeed as I grow. I believe we can all be successful if we are willing to take that first step in the right direction. I have taken that step, and there is no looking back. I now operate under the brand name FISHER2.0. It takes time, money and effort to learn all those skills that will in the end worth all of it.

What Can I Tell You

I am a serving soldier for almost 20 years now, a job I love I must admit. As my time draws near to finding another path, I’ve decided to join the online space. I have to say, it’s been a journey but one that I am pleased with thus far. It takes times to build anything that is going to be sustainable and adopt to changing times.

It will be my please to help others along, cut out the scams. Yes I know where they are as I have encountered a few. That’s a story piece for my blog. How I lost over $140 000. Anyway where was I? Yes, I was telling you about us. FISHER2.0 is the flag ship from which many good things are launching.

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My Path and Learning Experiences

(2012 and 2019)
Click bank university programme.

2019 Affiliate marking with Legendary

2020- Internet business diploma for the Internet Business School.