Finding The Best Deals In Commercial Real Estate

Download Ontario Real Estate Association (“OREA”)Rental Application Form Residential

Download the OREA Rental Application Form Residential

The Ontario Real Estate Association (“OREA”) is the producer and owner of a set of standardized forms used in Ontario real estate transactions and a set of standard clauses, including Guidelines for Residential and Commercial Clauses, for use with these forms and set of Forms Explained Form files (collectively, the “OREA Standard Forms”). OREA produces updated OREA Standard Forms annually for use by its REALTOR® members (“Members”) and Member Boards and by certain additional licensees.

These OREA Standard Forms are for use by OREA members and certain licensees only. Any other use or reproduction is prohibited except with the prior written consent of OREA. Please note that every real estate transaction is unique and that OREA does not warrant and is not responsible in any way for the adequacy, sufficiency, applicability, or suitability of any of the OREA Standard Forms.

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Ontario Rental application


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