One of the best known variety of wear resistant mechanical plastics is Natural Black Extruded Nylon type 6/6 material. This excellent material has been one of the chief mechanical plastics for almost 50 years.

Natural Natural Cast Nylon type 6

Nylon from Dupont is well known for being wear resistant. This excellent material is frequently chosen for demanding applications like machined parts that need to be self-lubricating.  If you are looking for a wear resistant material simply click here, %LINK%
Extreme applications are typical for Nylon. Nylon has one of the widest ranges of sizes and shapes, including small diameter rod to massive diameters. The Natural Natural Cast Nylon type 6 are readily available.

Delrin is a great plastic for turning on a machine lathe. It’s very easy to turn, although it does require slow speeds. I use this stuff to make Scottish small pipes chanters. I have purchased countless items from iPlastic. The smaller parts always ship quickly and everything has been well packed. I’ve never had an issue with an order.

Professional Plastic materials


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