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Is your menu safe – NoTear Synthetic Paper – hygienic, washable with soap and water or antiseptic solution

If you are in Hospitality you really need to watch this – it solves a big problem…

Restaurants, Cafes, Bars, and Hotels

NoTear Synthetic Paper

Hygienic and virtually un-tearable 

This paper does not absorb bacteria germs or viruses…

Washable in soap and water or antibacterial solutions, these papers are very safe to use under the current Covid 19 measures.

Virtually untearable

Washable (soap & water)

Cleansable (antibacterial solution)


Writable with most pens, crayons, and pencil

Weatherproof & waterproof

Synthetic paper at its best

We specialise in high quality, virtually untearable, anti-virus cleanable synthetic paper

Not only do we sell the naked media, but we also produce products that utilise the media in many different niche requirements. 

These media’s and products are very hygienic and solve many different problems where standard papers are not fully fit for use… Standard papers absorb moisture, dirt, bacteria and viruses. Synthetic papers don’t absorb these, in fact they are easily cleanable with soap and water or mild anti-bacterial cleansers…

What can these be used for…?


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Childrens Cloth Face Mask Washable – 6 Pcs

1. The cloth masks in random assorted colored or printed designs are cute face mask that make breathing easier and help child or kid to identify their reusable face mask when they have to remove them to eat at school or daycare or even at dinner at home.

2. Each reusable mask is the ideal face coverings for kids that can be washed and used over and over again. These are non medical masks, and protective face masks that are lightweight face mask, and are face coverings washable.

3. Kids face masks are cool face masks that are so pretty and attractive that they encourage children to wear a mask and any child, kid, boy or girl will happily wear one and even show off their favorite color, pattern or desing to their friends.

4. Set of 6 pcs face masks reusable makes it so easy to wear one while the others are being washed and you do not have to wear the same mask for many days. These cool masks are kids masks that in assorted colors and children can pick the color they like to wear for that day.

5. If you are looking for the perfect gifts for children, gifts for kids, gifts for boys, gifts for girls, birthday gifts, christmas gifts, stocking stuffers, party favors, look no further. These face masks for kids, are fashion masks that are the perfect and ideal gift to anyone, friend, neighbor, relative, nephews, nieces, co-workers and anyone

Xmas Themed