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Russia Ukraine conflict: Heavy shelling in Kyiv despite Moscow’s claim of ‘de-escalation’

The russian military machine maintains a very competent means of picking its targets frankly at will across this and other cities, and we’ve seen that right here in the capital today because of the ukrainian military censorship laws.

It’S pretty limited as to what we can say about what happened here today at the moment and, of course, the now familiar warning. I’M afraid that some of you may find some of the images in our report tonight disturbing u.

s intelligence sources say around a fifth of russian ground forces have pulled back from around kiev, but the city is still open to missile and artillery attack, and this is what Skepticism looks like kiev style, the beloved statue of queen oleg on mikhailivska square being sandbagged, but the russians are retreating.

We said why bother with all this 12 miles northwest of kiev, the once agreeable commuter town of europe for several weeks now, a focus of mr putin’s special military operation, also known as his failure to take the capital of ukraine dead and alive.

Direct Relief remains focused on providing medical support in Ukraine and surrounding countries to address health needs