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Survivalcraft 2 & The Walking Dead: ON THE WAY TO TERMINUS – gameplay

Survivalcraft 2.2 – “Walking Dead World 4” map. Issue 1.
The prison is destroyed by the brutal Governor’s gang. Rick Grimes and his friends set out in small groups to seek new refuge. In the hope of meeting, they all go to Terminus, where they are promised protection. This story is about a group of Rick, Karl and Michonne.
The map was made for the TV show The Walking Dead. The gameplay of this video is made for season 4 of this show.


Rock and Game. Survivalcraft 2 & Walking Dead 4 & Songs by Clandestyne

Clandestyne Rock music and Survivalcraft 2 TWD adventure gameplay

The WALKING DEAD and Survivalcraft 2. Part 1. Awakening and awareness

SurvivalCraft 2. Walkthrough on the map THE WALKING DEAD.
The map was based on the TV show The Walking Dead, season 1, episode 1.
Part One. Rick emerges from a coma in the hospital and tries to understand what is happening. He goes to his house, but nobody is there.
Rick sets off to look for his family …
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WALKING DEAD in Survivalcraft