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What is the best t-shirt printing method for my business?

Custom-made tee shirts have a variety of purposes for all sorts of individuals. We’ve worked with clients from all strolls of life– some have been entrepreneur, and some are simply routine individuals that require a few custom tees made. Despite the customer, the number one question is always: what is the best tee shirt printing technique? 

If you anticipated an easy answer, you’re not going to get one! Truthfully, there is not a printing method that is the ‘finest’ above all the rest. It mainly depends upon the customer’s requirements, with some printing approaches being much better for one order, and others for different ones. At Blend Marketing, we presently use these 3 printing approaches:



Cut and Sew Sublimation

Why do we supply 3 different tee shirt printing methods? Well, we choose which option to use depending upon client preferences as they all have pros and cons. If you continue reading, you’ll quickly figure out what each of these techniques can do, and which one is the very best for your custom-printed tees!Silkscreen printing Silkscreen printing

is sometimes described as screen printing, and it’s one of the most popular and popular ways of printing t-shirt styles. How does it work?Essentially, screens are utilized to apply ink to the tee shirts. The style is created on a computer and saved in a vector format. From here, it is moved to a transparent movie, while the screen is gotten ready for printing. After the screen is fully prepared, the style can be used to produce a stencil on it. When everything is great and dry, the screen can be utilized for printing. Obviously, an unique screen printing maker is required, and the screen is secured in place. You do not need to understand about all the specific complexities of how printing works, however it basically puts the same design on as lots of tee shirts as you like. For that reason, you can print loads of incredibly high-quality prints all


in one go. Silkscreen printing is likewise selected for designs with bold colors, due to the ink being thicker than it is with other printing strategies. Nevertheless, the main advantage of this approach is that you can churn out loads of orders in a brief space of time. It’s the most efficient t-shirt printing method, making it the very best for larger orders. So, if you require to print out hundreds or thousands of t-shirts with the exact same style, this is certainly the very best technique to consider. In reality, among the only disadvantages of silkscreen printing is that you struggle to print small orders using the device. This is why you will see a minimum order quantity when choosing this technique. DTG printing DTG means direct to garment, and it is among the most current additions to the printing world.

As an outcome, it is rapidly growing in popularity as individuals are eager to attempt it out and see what it can do. How does it work?The name hands out the primary concept of this printing method; ink is applied directly to the garment, rather than onto a slide 

and then onto the t-shirt. For this reason, individuals liken it to conventional paper printing. That’s the best way to envision how DTG printing machines work– think of your home printer, but replace the paper with a tee shirt. Digital designs are prepared, then all it takes is the click of a button to get them straight onto the garment. As an outcome, there are a number of pros and cons that this approach brings. First of all, the biggest benefit is that it’s outstanding for on-demand printing. All that’s needed is the t-shirt style,

a garment, and a DTG printer. From here, the process can be completed in a matter of minutes. This makes DTG printing the best approach for individuals who might only need a one-off order. It’s also ideal for individuals with a low amount of tee shirts that require printing. On the other hand, the drawback is that it’s not excellent for larger orders, generally because the real printing process is longer than silkscreen printing. However, another reason to consider DTG printing is that it provides numerous various color options. While silkscreen is good for strong designs, it has a hard time to manage various colors or complicated styles. Due to DTG being a digital printing technique

, you can select nearly any color combinations or designs you desire. If you want a full-color tee shirt, this is the alternative for you. It is the best method for creating accurate prints and complex styles– so keep that in mind!Cut and Sew Sublimation Finally, we have the cut and sew method, which is extremely special. As you see how this works, it becomes obvious that this is the very best printing method for very particular types of tee shirts. How does it work?With the other two tee shirt printing techniques, a

similar procedure is followed. Given, the actual printing methods are wildly various, however they both follow the idea of having a garment and using a print to it. Cut and sew completely tosses this out of the window 

as the style is contributed to

the garment as it’s created. In essence, your style is developed and printed before the t-shirt itself is made. For that reason, you have complete innovative liberty when utilizing this approach. It is the best for tee shirts that require printing in uncomfortable locations that can’t be covered by the other methods– like on the joints, custom pocket designs, and so on. It is likewise perfect if you require an all-over-print for your t-shirt, or 

when really comprehensive customizations are wanted. Summary– what is the best tee shirt printing method?After seeing all three of our methods, we can tell you that: Silkscreen printing is the very best for big orders and basic t-shirt designs DTG is the very best printing approach for one-off orders and complicated designs with various colors Cut and stitch is the very best tee shirt printing option if you want 100 %coverage or prints in strange areas

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