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The Biggest Problems in Pest Control for Restaurants

Over the past two and a half years, most restaurant owners
have realized just how tough it can be to run a restaurant. One thing that’s
always been likely to create problems for business owners, though, is a pest
infestation. If you’re looking to ensure your diners are happy meal after meal,
better pest control for restaurants is an absolute must.

Understanding Common Restaurant Pests

Knowing what you might want to prevent is key to restaurant
pest prevention. Here are the three biggest problems for most restaurant

Mice and Rats are some of the biggest pests in the
restaurant game. Most people have an irrevocable hatred for these rodents,
which can grow up to 8 inches long. They’re a common spreader of diseases like
E. Coli, Salmonella, and Listeria, so they’re definitely not something you
want around your food preparation areas.

Cockroaches are nature’s biggest threat to your food
stores, and they can be difficult to remove. Arizona cockroaches are
little bugs are both nimble and flighty, and typically frequent food storage
and kitchen areas in restaurants. They can easily contaminate your meals with
feces, dropped shells, and even their eggs, making them as dangerous as they are

Flies are always attracted to food sources no matter
where they are, and that’s as true in a restaurant setting as it is anywhere
else. They contaminate everything they touch, both food and surfaces- and can
carry so many different diseases that it’s difficult to keep track of them all.
These pests aren’t something you want near your patrons- so it’s best to keep
them out of your restaurant.

pest control for restaurants

It’s simpler and easier than you think to keep your dining
and kitchen areas free from pests. Make sure to clean all of your drains often,
and keep your storage areas sealed tightly. Even the containers you’re keeping
the food in need to be tightly closed to ensure that no pests get inside.

Not only are these steps a must, though, but so is knowing
who to call when you have a problem. If keeping pest-free dining on the menu is
your goal, the thing to do is call the best pest control service –
ScorpionTech even before you experience a problem. We can help you spot
potential trouble spots and deal with pests when they become a problem. 

Give us a call today to learn what we can do to help. 


Vegetable Oil (such As Corn Oil

Don’t forget, that New Orleans is in the heart of the Deep South. Next, get a pot and pour the mixture into it. When a cook, new to Chinese cooking, wants to attempt Chinese cooking, more often then not, he or she may be stunted with the wide variety of ingredients required. When it concerns Cajun cooking you will find a good bit of Emeril Lagasse’s exclamation of “Bam!”. As the water boils off be careful not to burn the ghee

Do not make them dirty. Do not use towel to dry hands. It has formed itself a profession

One of the first things that I often like to consider when cooking food is the types of ingredients that I have available. It is sometimes harder to catch your breath. The air pressure in lower altitudes, like 500 feet above sea level, is much lower than it is at 7500 feet above sea level. You most likely already know this if you’ve ever been in the mountains walking. Kitchen aprons have been an important piece of attire in women’s history

These ovens use microwave radiation to cook food quickly. You could plan and cook something that youve thought about many times but never done. The only problem with these scales is that springs are really not ideal because they may change compression rates over time. A digital cooking scale will typically be the most expensive, but also the most convenient and easiest to use

It is yellowish in colour and can now be bought reasonably easily – certainly all Indian shops will stock ghee and it can now be found in many supermarkets. Ghee is simply clarified butter; that is butter which has had the milk solids (proteins) removed from it. It is possible to make your own ghee, this basically involves simmering unsalted butter very slowly and separating the resultant liquid from the solids

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The very best Locations for Bridal Showers In Macomb County, MI

Macomb County, MI, is filled with places for bridal showers, infant showers, and weddings. With as lots of dining establishments, outdoor spaces, museums, hotels, and other distinct areas to celebrate as there remain in any city in Macomb County, discovering a best place for your bridal shower can be as easy as a fast internet search.If you’ve been engaged,

chances are that you have actually been to at least a handful of bridal shower occasions, however that does not suggest that you’re a professional when it pertains to planning. Bridal shower places tend to be more unwinded than an infant shower or a wedding event shower, which assists broaden your list of occasion spaces for the unique occasion.If you require some new ideas after a lot of” places

for bridal showers near me” web searches, remain and read about a few of the top bridal shower places in Macomb County, MI!Local Cultural Centers Macomb County, Michigan, is house to a handful of

cultural centers with incredible

event areas for you and your bridal shower visitors. These centers have been around for many years and have unique event packages, rooms, and seating for many different bridal shower party sizes.Macedonian Cultural Center Located on Ryan Roadway in Sterling Heights, Michigan, this cultural

center is a best bridal shower venue

due to its roomy seating and celebration rooms.The event space at MCC has three halls that can accommodate as much as 650 seated guests, a meeting room that can set 50 guests.

In addition, bridal shower visitors will not have to stress over discovering a restroom, as the grand lobby offers 2 sets of bathrooms and a coat check area!There is a 50 guest minimum at MCC, and catering and decors are readily available. Catering ranges from$ 34 to$ 40 per individual. There are add ons to meal alternatives available.Italian American Cultural Center The Italian American Cultural Society was established in 1957 as a method to bring Italian Americans together. The point of this center was to have a meeting place where Italian Americans

might congregate and preserve their customs, values, and custom-mades.( Don’t worry, you don’t have to be Italian to lease the area!) The IACS Banquet and Conference Center is located on Romeo Plank in Clinton Municipality, Michigan.This occasion area area can be a great suitable for any bride to be for their bridal shower.So, why stop with a bridal shower? IACS would make a perfect area for any child showers, birthday celebrations, or other occasions you are preparing and need a location to accommodate.Banquet Halls As far as locations go, banquet halls are another outstanding choice for bridal showers. Still, depending on the size of your celebration, you require to think about a few aspects before

scheduling. Initially, ensure that the hall is large enough and accommodates the number of guests you want to welcome. Likewise, ensure that the place offers everything that you are trying to find for your

bridal shower.

Lastly, you will want to make sure that the place is roomy enough for all of your visitors while also seeing that the style of the place is staying with your bridal shower theme.Vintage Home Vintage House has been an elegant piece of the community for over 50 years now. They have banquet rooms that can accommodate anywhere from 50 to 400 people in their Fraser, MI location.For bridal shower choices, Vintage Home provides a garden celebration that will access a 6,000 square foot patio area to explore. What could offer a bride-to-be more inspiration for embellishing than a space in the middle of the city that supplies adequate outdoor space?Vintage House

has remarkable caterers to look after all of the food. In addition, your occasion will have a host so that the bridal celebration can relax at a table and enjoy the fun while the bride-to-be opens the gifts!Shelby Gardens Shelby Gardens is

an excellent space to hold a bridal shower, infant shower, or any other shower or event you might have on your agenda. With 6 different event areas, this location can accommodate parties ranging from 50-500 guests.In front of the Shelby Gardens area, there is a great garden with a waterfall! This area has a rustic style that is best for photos of your bridal shower! Picture all of the charming images your shower visitors can take!Premier Events Center Premier Events Center is a 10,000 square foot banquet hall that hosts

250 events and celebrations annually. The place is ideal to host whatever from a child shower or bridal shower to a birthday, anniversary or a wedding event. They even have plans that will take all of the work out of preparing your wedding!There is a great food menu that

will leave guests speaking about the occasion you hosted. Even if you decide not to keep Premier on your list of shower locations, to-go catering is available for those that end up choosing other places, like a hotel or their own backyard.Local Dining establishments If you decide that hosting your bridal shower in a banquet hall or venue is not

for you, there are still options. A local restaurant offers the menu you are looking for, an environment you can lounge in and unwind, and adorable areas that do not require a booking simply to get a table or a month-long search for a space.Having your shower at a dining establishment is an exceptional idea if you have a small

wedding and do not believe leasing an entire room is necessary.J Baldwin’s Skip the banquet hall locations entirely. Instead of renting a space, head over to J Baldwins on 18 Mile Roadway in Clinton Twp. with your closest and dearest to delight in a night of enjoyable prior to your big day!J Baldwin’s has a little bit of whatever on their menu, from beer and hamburgers to mixed drinks and steaks; there’s sure to be something for everyone.A fast search on the history of this dining establishment will inform you that it’s a regional, family-owned organization that started since the owner wanted to offer a more casual feel to fine dining. Scheduling tables isn’t a need, but it is recommended.Treat yourself prior to your huge day!Tavern at Tina’s Countryhouse The Tavern at Tina’s

Countryhouse is an outstanding location for any little to medium-sized occasion for a more easygoing style. With a rustic appearance, indoor and outdoor

seating, and

a menu created with fresh products, this area is excellent for your special event.Why You Must Select Premier Events Center for Your Upcoming Bridal Shower Premier Events Center is among the most popular places in

Macomb County, and it’s not difficult to see why. We stay at hand for the whole process to ensure that your day is perfect.The location uses numerous services, from planning to the

huge day.Premier has a substantial menu on-site or can cater somewhere else. Premier’s wedding event planner can assist you prepare your most important day.Menus and meals can be tailored. You can serve plated supper, buffet stations, family-style, cocktail reception, or dessert.

Bartenders serve a range of drinks at a money or open bar. Alternatives range from champagne, beer, alcohol,

red wine, and signature drinks.Premier’s creative group can create special focal points and other unique design items. Aisle runners, an altar/arch, and other decor pieces are offered. On the shower day, they will set up and clean up.Additional event options include chairs, tie-ups, tables, linens, drape, furnishings, lighting,

china, tableware, glasses, barware, chocolate fountain, picture booth.Call Premier Occasions Center for All of

Your Shower Requirements Premier Event Center will not only make your wedding ideal, however they can help you prepare numerous events for other occasions as well. With preset plans offered, and 70

years of banquet service, Premier will go the extra mile to make sure that your event is one you and all of your visitors can cherish forever.

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Planning an Event? Check out Nona’s Catering Menu

If you are planning an event, then you will want to make sure that you give your guests the best possible food. After all, an event with poor quality food will only leave your guests with a poor taste in their mouth and this may work against you. If you want to stop this from being the case, then why not check out our menu at Nona’s?

An Insight into our Catering Menu


Some of the pizza options we have include Hawaiian, the Nona’s Special, the New Margherita, and even the Chicken Parm as well. We work tirelessly to make sure that we provide you with a huge range of pizza options so that you can make sure that everyone at your event goes home with a smile on their face. We even have the BLT special as well, which includes cheese, lettuce, bacon, tomatoes, oregano and mayonnaise.  Take a look below to see some of the options that are available when it comes to our pizzas.

Hand tossed rounds

Square deep dish

Specialty square pizza

And more


Want to serve a little something for your guests but don’t want to host a full catered event? Then our munchies are ideal. We have a huge range of options available for our customers and we always make a special effort to make sure that we cater to any dietary restrictions our customers may have. Take a look below to see what we could offer you:

Feta Stix

Cheese Stix

Garlic Stix

And more

Our Stix all come with the option of pizza sauce or ranch dressing, not to mention that we also have a huge range of sides as well. Want something a little different? Our pizza rolls are always baked fresh and they are a huge hit with those who are hosting events. Our pepperoni rolls come with the option of extra cheese or a huge range of stuffing. We even offer premium items as well, including feta cheese, spicy pepperoni, breaded chicken and steak. So if you’ve been searching for terms like “food near me that deliver” or “pizza near me” then look no further than Nona’s.


Our chicken is known for being some of the best in town, and we have everything from wings to chicken by the piece. If you want to serve sandwich-style items, then we have chicken ciabatta as well. We can cook very large quantities of wings, so if you want to host a Super Bowl party or if you want something that will bring everyone together then look no further than Nona’s. Some of the chicken wing dips we have to offer includes:

Ranch dressing

Blue cheese


Hot sauce

And more

We also have boxes of 50 wings available as well.

Italian Dinners

If you want to provide your guests with something that will really knock their socks off then why not check out our Italian Dinner section? Our Italian dinners include:





And more

We can provide a spaghetti bucket which feeds 3 people, with the option of meat sauce, mushrooms and meatballs. We also serve our spaghetti buckets with dinner rolls and Romano cheese as well.

Dinner Menu

Our dinner menu is ideal if you want to serve something a little earlier on in the day. We have:

Fish and Chips Dinner

Jumbo Butterfly Shrimp

Chicken Tender Dinner

Chicken Wing Dinner

Our fish and chip dinner is very popular and is served with a 3-piece cod. It’s served with French fries, coleslaw and a dinner roll. We always make sure that we put a lot of effort in to get our fish and chips nice and crispy, making for a satisfying meal suited for anyone.

Baked Subs

Our baked subs are also very popular. We personally make sure that our subs are made by only using the freshest bread and that we also include a range of options as well. We have meatball subs, steak and cheese subs, vegetable subs and even ham and cheese options too. The pizza subs we have can be made using any of the ingredients you see on our site, not to mention that we are always happy to cater to any dietary requirements you have. Our gyros can be made using chicken with the option to add French fries on top.

Why Choose Nona’s

We always put a special effort in to make sure that you are happy with the food options that you have chosen, and the service we have provided. We use the freshest bread and we also focus on using prime ingredients. We don’t cut corners and we go the extra mile to ensure that our vendors are reputable as well. It’s this standard of service that really helps us to stand apart from the crowd and it is also the reason that we continue to excel at being one of the best pizza places in town.

Want to find out more? Order online or give us a call on 586-977-0805.

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Is your menu safe – NoTear Synthetic Paper – hygienic, washable with soap and water or antiseptic solution

If you are in Hospitality you really need to watch this – it solves a big problem…

Restaurants, Cafes, Bars, and Hotels

NoTear Synthetic Paper

Hygienic and virtually un-tearable 

This paper does not absorb bacteria germs or viruses…

Washable in soap and water or antibacterial solutions, these papers are very safe to use under the current Covid 19 measures.

Virtually untearable

Washable (soap & water)

Cleansable (antibacterial solution)


Writable with most pens, crayons, and pencil

Weatherproof & waterproof

Synthetic paper at its best

We specialise in high quality, virtually untearable, anti-virus cleanable synthetic paper

Not only do we sell the naked media, but we also produce products that utilise the media in many different niche requirements. 

These media’s and products are very hygienic and solve many different problems where standard papers are not fully fit for use… Standard papers absorb moisture, dirt, bacteria and viruses. Synthetic papers don’t absorb these, in fact they are easily cleanable with soap and water or mild anti-bacterial cleansers…

What can these be used for…?


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