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Beautiful Waterfalls Videos In The World

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New Year Skincare Resolutions You Should Stick To

We’re nearing the end of the year and in a few more days, we’ll be entering 2021. This means a blank canvas and an opportunity to make things better and upgrade this version of ourselves.

Creating a New Year’s resolution can be quite tricky, knowing that you have to stick with it

throughout the year. A great way to stick to a resolution is by actually creating one that is

sustainable and one that has noticeable improvements over time. We’re talking about creating a substantial skincare resolution for the next year!

Some people will vow to eat healthier to nourish their skin the natural way. Meanwhile, others will invest in facial treatments, like acne light therapy, for smoother and clearer skin because who doesn’t want bright, healthier and glowing skin, right?

If you want to have a better skincare habit next year, keep reading. Below are our five skincare secrets you should stick to!

Fix your sleeping habits and get more rest

One of the factors that affect the health and appearance of your skin is sleep. When you lack beauty rest, it won’t only affect your skin but your overall well-being as well.

When you get enough sleep, you reduce the dark circles under your eyes, you help your skin

retain its moisture, you promote blood and oxygen circulation in your skin and you reduce

stress, which is the common cause of acne.

Apply sunscreen daily

Sun exposure is one of the reasons your skin is experiencing damage and premature aging.

Whether you’re going to the beach or running a few errands outside, as long as you’ll be

outdoors, you should protect your skin with SPF.

Adding sunscreen to your morning routine right after cleansing and moisturising will ensure that your skin will drink up the product and stay protected throughout the day.

Avoid picking your skin and popping acne

Popping and picking on your skin is incredibly tempting, especially when you find a lone zit right smack in the middle of your face. However, the next year, you need to break this bad habit!

When you pick your face and pop acne, you actually make blemishes worse and it will take

them much longer to heal. So if you start seeing zits emerging on your skin, be more strict about your skincare routine, mind what you’re eating and visit a laser clinic to get acne light therapy.

Visit your laser clinic regularly

Some people think it’s such a chore to visit your laser clinic regularly; however, doing so

will give your skin and appearance excellent benefits.

Next year, make it a priority to take care of your skin and book regular consultations and

treatments to prevent terrible skin issues from happening. Prevention is always better than cure and with the help of a reliable clinic, you’ll have clean and clear skin throughout the year.


Now that we’re heading towards the last stretch of the year, now is the best time to modify your New Year’s resolution for 2021 and focus on getting healthier, brighter and glowing skin. By incorporating our tips in your new skincare routine, visiting your laser clinic regularly and getting treatments like acne light therapy, you’ll see significant improvements in your skin right away and you’ll look better than ever before!

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