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Equine Massage Gun – Best Way To Release Muscular Pain

An equine massage gun is one of the best ways to release muscular pain in a horse.  One of
the essential therapies is equine massage therapy, another is doing Common Sense Stretches before and after activity. Horses are incredible animals with many
extraordinary abilities that require more physical activity than most
animals; therefore, they need more health care and pain management
techniques to keep moving.

Horses benefit from massage because their physical activity makes
their muscles strain and often over worked and sometimes injured. To
relax the muscle tension and quicker supply of blood oxygen to the
injured or stiff muscle, horses need massage regularly.

Equine massage, especially percussion massage techniques, has been
used for relaxation, advanced joint movements, pulled muscle, and severe
pain management.

Equine massage can have a profound effect on the nervous system of
the horse. Some of the benefits of equine massage therapy, to name just a
few, are pain relief, stimulation of the motor nerves, relief from
restlessness and sleep disturbance, and improved proprioception. Equine
massage is also thought to help calm nervous horses or horses in
unfamiliar surroundings and/or stressful conditions.

Troy Brandenburg states, “Equine massage can make your horse more comfortable; it can make your horse live longer and get that winning edge too!”

According to Troy, “Massage is a mind game you need to connect your
mind to your horse”. 10 to 15 minutes of good common sense stretches are
more than enough daily.

massage gun for horses


Percussion Massage Gun Techniques for Horses | Arch Attachment | Brandenburg Equine

Watch Troy Brandenburg demonstrate how to use the arch attachment on the
percussion massage gun to massage and loosen equine hamstrings.

Relax stiff muscles with this powerful cordless percussion vibration
massager. Quiet technology keeps the rotating heads moving smoothly
across your skin, and the lightweight ergonomic design makes it easy to
use for myofascial release. Improve your range of motion and promote
good circulation with this our cordless vibration massager.

This is an amazing and powerful percussion massage gun.  The deep muscle fascia massage gun is a portable rechargeable vibration device with large torque and long adjustments.

A percussion massage gun is a hand-held deep tissue tool that uses rapid strokes to stimulate blood flow to the muscles. the massage gun delivers strong pulses and vibrations into the muscle tissue, promoting better circulation, relaxing the muscles, and easing pain and soreness.

Our massage gun comes with 6 different attachment heads, all intended for different uses. But what do they each do? Take a look at our massage gun attachment guide to find out how to use massage gun heads

Warning: Never use the massage gun directly on the joints or bones.

Long battery Life: Approximately 5 hours per charge

*Includes: percussion massage gun, 6 attachments, charging cord, basic instruction manual and heavy-duty carrying case.


Round: Round spherical design produces a power
output of propagating and diffusing type between receiving and pushing.
Strength is even and soft. It is suitable for massage and relaxation of
waist, abdomen, buttocks and legs. As well as muscle relaxation before
and after exercise for fitness enthusiasts like running, dancing, yoga,
aerobics, swimming, etc.

U-Shape: The force path between the two points is
even, the stimulation is in place and powerful, which can effectively
carry out a simple acupressure massage. The dual-pronged head allows you
to target areas such as the spine, and could be helpful for back pain.
It can also be used for other places like the calf muscles or along the
achilles too.

Flat head: This particular massage gun attachment is
perfect for shoulder blades and IT bands, as it is great for full body
massage and relaxation. Precisely engineered for smaller surface area
and it is also perfect for use on more dense muscle groups.

Bullet Head: Used for pinpoint muscle treatment and
smaller muscle groups like hands and feet. It’s great for trigger point
massage but shouldn’t be used for longer than 15 seconds per muscle

Wedge: For use in narrow areas

Arch Shape: Use on large muscle groups