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Learn how to create NFT in Blender for FREE 2022

You may now learn how to create NFT using Blender for FREE. 

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NFT Video Tutorial 2022

Learn how to create NFT in Blender for FREE

Learn how to create NFT. Free video tutorial. Visit 



Free NFT Tutorial 2022

✔Learn how to create NFT

👍Learn the simple process of how to create a beautiful and attractive NFT in 10 steps video tutorials.

The adverse of Metaverse give rise to the birth of NFT where anyone can create his own NFT and sell them for a huge profit. 

💥You may buy NFT but you’ll earn more if you’re going to make your own.

This video tutorial will guide you through the creation details using the free Blender 3D app. You’ll surely learn everything in less than 2 hours of intensive training. 

You’ll learn the following:

✔Blender 3D

✔3D Modeling

✔3D Basic Texturing

✔3D Rendering

✔3D Cameras

✔3D Lightning

In this class, we will create a very simple, yet very cool-looking low-poly character.

You will go to learn the basics of Blender – 3D Modeling, Basic Texturing, Cameras, and Rendering.

There is no need to have any serious previous knowledge of Blender.

The course is perfect for beginners but also for more advanced 3D Artists. 

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✔Learn how to create NFT in 2022

👍Learn the simple process of how to create a beautiful and attractive NFT in 10 steps video tutorials.

The adverse of Metaverse give rise to the birth of NFT where anyone can create his own NFT and sell them for a huge profit. 

💥You may buy NFT but you’ll earn more if you’re going to make your own.

This video tutorial will guide you through the creation details using the free Blender 3D app. You’ll surely learn everything in less than 2 hours of intensive training. 

You’ll learn the following:

✔Blender 3D

✔3D Modeling

✔3D Basic Texturing

✔3D Rendering

✔3D Cameras

✔3D Lightning

In this class, we will create a very simple, yet very cool-looking low-poly character.

You will go to learn the basics of Blender – 3D Modeling, Basic Texturing, Cameras, and Rendering.

There is no need to have any serious previous knowledge of Blender.

The course is perfect for beginners but also for more advanced 3D Artists. 

Buy this course for $10.99 only. Hurry up until this course will be removed from circulation. Hurry up and buy through this Paypal link: https://www.paypal.com/cgi-bin/webscr?cmd=_s-xclick&hosted_button_id=5MDBSZ7HHYLZ4

New Social Media Marketing for Artists 2022

Are you an artist looking to sell your work? If so, you’ll want to explore the best social media platforms for artists. When it comes to selling art, social media platforms are a great way to reach a wider audience. Social media is vital for artists because it allows them to connect with new audiences, sell their work, and gain exposure for their art. Additionally, social media can help artists learn new techniques and stay up-to-date on the latest art trends. If you’re an artist looking to promote your artwork, it’s essential to know the best practices for each social media platform. Different social media platforms cater to different types of artists, with some being better for promoting visual art and others being more beneficial for those in the music industry. 

We’ve highlighted some best practices when using social media to promote your art:

– Post exciting content that is engaging and not just promotional.

– Use hashtags to help people find your work.

– Follow other artists on these different networks for inspiration or ideas about using them successfully.

– Schedule posts during peak hours with high engagement rates (around noon). Remember to post 1-2 times per week if you want quality interactions without being too overwhelming for followers.

Each social media platform has its advantages and disadvantages, so choose the best fit for your art business. Experiment with different platforms and see which ones work best for you.

Leveraging social media can be a challenge for most creatives. The standard practice for artists to get started is to create one social media channel and learn everything about marketing your artwork on that social media site. Once you become a pro at marketing on that site, try sharing your creative work on a different social media platform. This is extremely time consuming and prevents you from actually focusing on your creative passion. Hiring a marketing agency on your behalf is very expensive, without any guarantees. Most artist do not have the financial backing to launch a marketing campaign that will yield desired results. Of course, using free ad offers from Facebook, Google etc. could help but in truth it just isn’t enough to drive the type of traffic you need to your content. What if you could have the power and force of a marketing agency without the fees, and with free global traffic targeted at your content? I would like to introduce to you SyndBuddy!

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What is a Sandbox Game? Create a Metaverse NFT Game like Roblox.

What is a Sandbox Game?

Create a Metaverse NFT Game like Roblox

What is a sandbox game? What is Roblox? How to create a NFT Metaverse? How to make Roblox Games in the Sandbox NFT Metaverse.

Roblox is ushering in the next generation of the Metaverse thru user-generated 3D NFT Game Worlds. Imagine, create, and play together with millions of people across an infinite variety of immersive, user-generated 3D worlds. Roblox is a global platform that brings people together through play. The Sandbox Game is a virtual 3D Metaverse where players can play, build, own, and monetize their virtual experiences. They empower artists, creators, and Game players to create NFT items and Land which is has Monetary Real World Value thru Cryptocurrencies.

What is a Sandbox Game?

With the Sandbox Game Maker Alpha upgrade tool. This tool will allow you to take NFT assets that you’ve created in VoxEdit or bought in the opensea marketplace and create games that can be published in The Sandbox metaverse. If you don’t already have a crypto wallet and a plug-in like Meta Mask installed in your browser, you can create a new wallet with MetaMask. Follow the on-screen prompts to create your Meta Mask account.

Once you have a Meta Mask Crypto Wallet/Ethereum Wallet you can create a Sandbox Game account. Go to the dashboard at sandbox.game and press the sign-up button.

Create Metaverse NFT Sandbox Games like Roblox

Now to create your NFT Sandbox Game Metaverse like Roblox; any  LAND, ASSET or SAND coins you purchase will be stored safely in your Meta Mask wallet. To find the SandBox Game Maker download for Windows and Mac OS, visit the dashboards play tab. When you launch the Roblox Game Maker,  it will ask you for the same username and password you just created for the sandbox dashboard.

Note that this is not asking for your wallet login. Once the home screen loads you can create a META Metaverse world. The Templates tab has a library of pre-built experiences. The natural lakeshores, Exotic desert adventure in the bazaar, Bustling city of the block or The behavior tutorial training grounds. Click on one to make a new copy, name it and have fun modifying and exploring these maps.



What is a Sandbox Game? What is Roblox Metaverse Game

Roblox Creator Account

Create a Meta Metaverse

The Sandbox Meta Metaverse templates will occasionally be updated with new features and more are on their way. If you’d like to create a new blank map, press the “Create new” button, name the file, and select the default Grassy theme or the Sandy desert. Select a map size up to four by four lands, Each land is 96 by 96 meters and 128 meters from top to bottom. In the game editor, you control the camera by panning with middle-click, orbiting with ALT left click, rotating with ALT right click, and zooming with the scroll wheel.


Left click will place assets and blocks, and right click will remove them.

More detailed controls are displayed in the hint menu, which is toggled with the H key.  To play the game, press the TAB key or click the play button at the top. If you haven’t created  an avatar, one will automatically appear. You can move with the WASD keys, sprint by holding shift,  Jump with the spacebar, interact with E, punch with the left click and move the camera with  your mouse. Pressing TAB will return you to the editor.

After you’re done editing and playing  your experience remember to press the Save button before returning to the home screen.  All of your saved maps will appear in the My Games tab and recently opened files will be  listed on the left side above the quit button. If you’re having difficulty with the dashboard, have questions about setting up a wallet, or need support for the Game Maker, we have a very helpful  community and active staff on our Discord channel that you can find from the bottom right corner of  the dashboard.

I hope you’re getting excited to begin crafting lands like Roblox metaverse with the Sandbox game Meta Metaverse Creator!

Roblox Metaverse Coin Market

Roblox Metaverse

Coin Market Cap

It was a huge day for you David the CEO of Roblox Meta Verse. What are the key takeaways for Roblox stock investors today about where Roblox coin is going. Reaching out to our Roblox metaverse community and our meta shareholders of Roblox crypto. We talk a lot today about crypto innovation.

We had over twenty one blockchain executives from META companies sharing different areas of the Roblox Metaverse community.

 Roblox Metaverse 3D games are the foundation of the metaverse. Safety and civility run throughout the blockchain community of game developers. The entire metaverse of blockchain development of everything we do.

Coin Market

We talked about our amazing coin market cryptocurrency community that powers everything on Roblox everything the millions of experiences all built by this amazing crypto community. Now Roblox just overtook Activision as the world’s most valuable gaming company.

 Are we seeing a changing of the guard here in terms of the kinds of Crypto games people want to play now to secure their financial future.

We we shared a vision today of this future category sometimes called the Roblox metaverse coin market.

Meta metaverse Game

Roblox envisions a human co experience crypto game category that supports people coming together to socialize, to learn, to play, and work to experience entertainment and amazing brands. One amazing brand similar to Roblox is The Sandbox Game. So we don’t usually think of ourselves as a videogame company. That said are millions of creators and make amazing games and experiences on the platform that sometimes their games and sometimes our music concerts. So I don’t know if it’s as much changing as the guard as maybe the emergence of a new category but the Meta of Metaverse works well.

How far away is this metaverse actually and how is roblox going to get us there. We believe that The SandBox Game will be our close metaverse competitor.

Roblox Metaverse

There’s been a dialogue around this over the last 30 to 40 years. And we’re we’re actually in the middle of it right now.

There’s over 200 million roughly monthly people that visit on the Roblox platform every month. They do a lot of things. They have an identity they have an avatar.

 They do stuff together. Sometimes when they can’t be together in person they’ll go to a birthday party together or graduate from high school together.

So we’re actually in the middle of it. But it’s such an amazing big new potential category that there’s a lot of opportunity ahead as well. Facebook just take changed its name to Meta and seems to want to own the metaverse.

 Will they on the Metaverse Game community? Will any one company own this new world called META?

Yes Roblox was really early in this metaverse game community. This amazing opportunity. Game Creators have a huge opportunity with the Sandbox Metaverse.

The Metaverse

We think it’s going to change the way people both communicate the way we share stories. I think ultimately it’s going to allow people to learn together in interesting new ways.

 As more people are working remotely it’s going to power that as well.

We’re very optimistic about a really big civil society emerging on these types of platforms but we think we’re still actually really early. There’s a keyword you just said there and that is Civil Facebook. Own CTO has warned about harassment as an existential threat in this new world. And of course there is a concern that you know the worst of society could get replicated in this new world.

 You were really early to this in the thinking about this.

How what have you learned about creating norms and healthy behavior in the metaverse and making sure that other companies do the same. It’s super important. Within a month of launching Roblox over 16 years ago my co-founder Erik and I we built our first civil and safety system and we manned the moderation queues.

Now it’s really our top priority.

 We have thousands of people 24/7 keeping Roblox civil and safe.

We build it into everything we do. We have an amazing group of creative people on the roblox game platform many of them young. We’re very proud of how much we’ve worked to make this a place where people can come together to be with their friends to do things. It’s the foundation of our company and we really have no tolerance for things like bullying for example.

 You see big potential for education in the roblox metaverse and I know you’re trying to get 100 hundred million students engaged there by 2030.

What is Roblox?

Can you give me some examples like; What is Roblox? Can we visit foreign countries or you know landmarks on the other side of the world? Without having to look at or read about them online.

 Well in addition to the millions of people that are learning computer science for example on Roblox there’s also this vision that side by side with books and side by side with the game video. As you mentioned if we wanted to go to ancient Rome we might actually go there together in our class experience it interact with the environment and actually see what it’s like. So we think there’s three pillars of education computer science co experience but we’re also optimistic even further off in the future for some people that don’t have access to education.

They may be able to use these 3D Meta Game platforms to join a class and dissect a frog even when they’re not near that school.

Now you’ve been expanding in China but you’re coming up against the government crackdown there on metaverse gaming. How is that impacting you and are you reconsidering any of your plans.

 We have a super long term view in China and we think this type of technology is going to really connect people all around the world. We’re very conservative financially with you know our forecasts. We don’t roll China Gaming Platforms into that.

And of course as you mentioned it is a changing political landscape. But we take the long view in everything we do as well as respect to our metaverse community.


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The Metaverse Land Rush ╽META NFT Digital Assets

The Metaverse Land Rush

META NFT Digital Assets

– In the year 1854, you could purchase 1000 acres of land in the United States for about $125, which in today’s currency evaluates at about 3,300 bucks. And although that’s a nice chunk of change, if presented to anyone today, they would gladly jump at the opportunity. And if you fast forward today, I believe there’s an opportunity with similar potential, and that is purchasing land in the metaverse. Like land in the 1800s, they couldn’t foresee what was possible with the land that they were purchasing at the time, and I think the same can be said here about the METAverse, but we’re already getting a taste of what’s to come. Travis Scott, a musician, did a concert over $20 million in revenue inside of Fortnite in 2020.


The CEO of Zoom in an interview has already said he’s excited about the metaverse, and Facebook has completely rebranded their name to Meta, so I think big things are on the horizon. And that’s why I went ahead and I purchased a metaverse property. And in this video, I’m going to be disclosing what strategies I use, ways you can make passive income in the metaverse, and which metaverse project I invested in and at what price. And if I would’ve seen a video like this before starting my journey, I would have saved tens of hours of research doing so. And be sure to stick around to the end of the video, because I’ll be sharing with you some tips and secrets on how you can get land in the metaverse absolutely free.

Now, when it comes to the metaverse, this is something that’s been around for quite some time, but as of late, it’s been really exploding. And there are plots of land that you could have purchased for a few hundred dollars in 2019 that are now being sold for tens, if not hundreds of thousands of dollars. Now, if you aren’t familiar with the metaverse, it’s just a virtual reality where people can go to play games and experience things.

And the most common example people reference when talking about the metaverse is the movie done in 2018 by Steven Spielberg called “Ready Player One.” And if you aren’t familiar with that movie, another movie you might be familiar with is “WALL-E.” And it takes a different spin on the virtual reality as well. Although I necessarily don’t agree with the premise in those movies, I think it’s undeniable to say that that’s not the direction we’re headed in one capacity or another. And I think one of the biggest arguments against the metaverse is not if it’ll happen, is when it’ll happen, and how long something like this will take to unfold.

Now, one of the main drawbacks I see with these land parcels that are being sold as NFTs, although they do have a finite supply of land within that metaverse, it doesn’t mean that there’s a finite amount of metaverses to choose from. And not only do these metaverses have to compete against one another, but they also have to compete against other traditional avenues on why people spend their time, such as watching TV, spending time with friends and family, and the list goes on and on.

And all that being said, I went ahead and I still decided to invest in the metaverse, but where do I start? It was kind of overwhelming. Now when I was looking at different land in metaverses to buy, I broke this up into a few different categories.

The first one was just comparing all of the metaverses against one another, comparing the prices of their lands, as well as their use cases and ways you can make passive income inside of that metaverse. Now you can see a list of metaverses on Open Sea, and I’ll leave a link in the description below, but you can see quickly by volume, which ones are the most popular.

Now this does not include all of the metaverses with land out there, but it does include a decent size amount of them. And after doing all my research on the different metaverses out there, I decided I was going to purchase a piece of land in one of these four areas. One was Sandbox, Axie Infinity, Decentraland and Somnium Space. And these four projects are really divided into two categories.

Two are more NFT gaming related and the other two are more experience-based, VR related.

Now some runner up projects that I still think are great candidates for people to look into that I did not go for for one reason or another are CityDAO, Aetheria, Wilder World and DeFi Land. So be sure to check those out as well. Now let’s start with my runner up candidate, the one that I almost purchased, but didn’t, and that is Sandbox. At the time of me filming this, the cheapest plot of land is about $12,000, and the market cap of the Sandbox token is about four billion. Now this is an NFT gaming experience, and players with land can monetize that land for players of the game, or you can rent that land out for people to create experiences on that land for people.

SandBox Game

The Metaverse Land Rush

The other ways you can make passive income with Sandbox land is you can stake the Sandbox token for a 25% APR, however, you cannot rent the land to be staked. And if you are holding the sandbox token long-term, I think this is a great way to earn interest on your investent that’s already probably appreciating in value. So definitely check that one out. Next up is Axie Infinity, and Axie Infinity is a metaverse where users play games to earn real-life money. And at this time, it has the largest gaming crypto market cap at around $8 billion.

And as of right now, I could not find these on OpenSea, but if you go to the Axie Infinity website, you can see land for sale there. Now NFT gaming is great, and I think it’s probably one of the best areas of crypto right now, but I’m already invested in a few NFT gaming projects. And when it came to the metaverse, I wanted to invest in the actual reality connection experience, which is why I went ahead and I looked at these other two.

This leads me into Decentraland, which I did not purchase a plot of land on Decentraland, but it is the oldest crypto metaverse out there. It started around 2018 or 2019.

And the MANA token in which the metaverse runs on is ranked 31 on CoinMarketCap with a market cap of a little over $4 billion. And this project is centered around the user experience. It has communities of people that have been inside of Decentraland for years at this point. And you can have jobs, you can open up shops. There are people who have jobs inside of the Decentraland getting paid in MANA token.

And you can build a house, there all of these things you can do. And the main reason why I did not invest in Decentraland is because of the price. The cheapest plot of land is around $15,000, and it’s this tiny little plot of land on the outskirts of everything. And you can see the location of your land. Whenever you try and go to buy it, you can zoom in and go to that particular place.

And that leads me into another key factor that I’ve not yet talked about when wanting to buy metaverse land is the location. The saying in real estate is location, location, location, and the same applies here. When I was looking to purchase a piece of metaverse property in whatever land I ended up going in, it needed to be next to something that was really popular or already had something established. So when I was researching, it needs to be on a main road or near a town center, or possibly next to a teleporter, because once everybody kind of gets done exploring, they’re gonna have very popular places that they wanna go.

And they’re not going to just walk from point A to point B, they’re either going to teleport there or travel to that spot.

And I have a friend who Airbnb’s in New York, and you can see this happen there, where he always tries to get a place next to a subway. So I’m thinking of this from the same perspective. And that leads me to the final place where I ended up purchasing my plot of land, and that is Somnium Space. And there are a bunch of reasons why I ended up choosing Somnium Space over the said three projects I just mentioned. Now at the time of me filming this, Somnium Space is the fourth highest traded crypto metaverse project on OpenSea.

However, the Somnium Space project only has a 300 million market cap, which is about 1/20 that the size of Decentraland. And you pair that with the low number of plots that are being offered, I think that the real estate in this space has much room to go up, especially in the next one to two years.

Now as of right now, this is the only metaverse with virtual reality capabilities where you can log in with your Oculus. And I’ve heard of other metaverse worlds have this in the pipeline down the road. And I think it’s a matter of time before they all get there.

But I think having first mover advantage, especially with something like this in this space, is incredibly important. They’re also partnering up with Tesla with this Tesla suit where people can actually feel things inside of the metaverse. And although I don’t know the timeline for that project, I love the aggressive approach and the steps they’re taking to get there.

And the Winklevoss twins have also been announced as advisors. And if you aren’t familiar with them, they are one of the first people who came up with the idea for Facebook, and they are also the founders of my favorite crypto exchange Gemini.

Now I ended up purchasing a medium-sized parcel for just under four Ethereum, which came out to be just under $17,000 at the time of me filming this video. And this was the floor price for that parcel. And I think it’s really important when buying an NFTs to buy the floor price because it will mitigate that risk as much as possible if you’re buying at the lowest possible price that’s being offered at that time. Now this is off of the main road and it’s not too far from the main island, so I think that this is a great location. I tried to find something next to a teleporter, but teleporters cost about $141,000, and they’re not as readily available as you may think.

And my medium-sized parcel is about three times the size that of a small parcel.

And small plots of land rent out for about $900 a year. And medium-sized parcels will rent out from about $1400 to $1600 a year, which is nice passive income. In terms of other ways you can make passive income inside of Somnium Space, that’s really about the only way other than just selling an NFT collection. This is really a long-term hold for me, something that I plan on holding for at least a year, probably a couple of years timeframe.

Now, what do I plan on doing with this land now that I have it, other than just holding it to make money? Well, I have some meetings with some builders inside of the Somnium Space Discord next week, where you can talk with them about building something on your lands, and they will give you quotes on that based on any design that you like. So I’m going to be doing that, and ideally, what I would like to do is for the YouTube community is have meetups maybe once a month for people that are not only excited about the metaverse, but also about making money online.

And I think this could be something that content creators use to even further connect with their audience. I don’t know if that’ll pan out or not, but I think it would be really cool.

Now, if you are interested in investing in the metaverse, I think a great place to start is nonfungible.com/market. And you can see so many stats on these different metaverse NFTs, such as highest prices that have sold in the last 30, 60, 90 days. You can see average sale points, community sizes, and so much more information. And that was a stable of a place I really started at.

And as I promised I would answer, how do you get land in the metaverse for free? And this can be done by finding new projects that will be selling land soon and infiltrating that community, whether it be on Twitter or Discord. And many times, these community members will be given land for free, and if not given land for free, they’ll be offered it for sale first, usually at a discount.

And this could make you tens if not hundreds of thousands of dollars in the future. So it’s one of those things where it might be worth sacrificing the time for.

And this makes so much sense because what’s a better way to get people that are already excited about a project even more invested to stay for life, because that’s what they’re looking for. And that’s to give them land, give them a reason to stay. And even if you can’t afford something right now, I would not be surprised if you see these joint NFT ventures, if they don’t exist already, where people can invest into a real estate fund and their funds collectively go to a couple of properties and then the investors of that NFT reap those passive rewards. So I would definitely consider researching that as well.

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What is Discord App? Discord Blockchain for Web 3.0 Gaming

What is Discord App?

When playing video games on PC, players often need to solve two problems: How to talk to one another, and how to organize people long enough to actually get a game going.

Discord is the latest in a long line of Web 3.0 Gaming Apps designed to solve that problem. The free platform, which blends the approachable chat UI found in apps like Slack with video and voice chat, a la Skype, has quickly become one of the most popular, reporting 250 million users, with millions using these Discord Web 3.

0 gaming Apps. Discord is great to use to talk with your friends across the gaming Metaverse while playing games. Discord Servers are also a useful Social Media Platform for creating places where people can congregate, meet up to find other players, and socialize.

Here’s everything you need to know about Discord, including where to get it, what it costs, and why you might want to check it out — especially before firing up your next multiplayer game.

Discord gives you one place that helps everyone stay in touch and talk easily.

Everything on Discord is organized into servers. Discord Servers are places where everyone in your group can meet, talk and be with each other. I’m starting the server for my local community pickleball team, so I’m going to come up with a unique and creative name like pickleball.

I’m even going to add our super pickleball logo, which is someone holding a pickle. Now I’m going to invite the whole crew, and for people not currently on Discord, I can easily send them a link by email, text, or tiny rolled ups scrolls delivered by foxes.

(crowd gasping) With everyone joining, I want to start creating different text channels for all our pickleball-related messages. I’ll also create a tournament channel where we can track our upcoming pickleball games, and a private channel just for the pickleball coaches.

Now we can talk about specific stuff in designated channels without having to worry about interrupting other conversations.

We can also have a private space for people with the coach role, which we’ll talk about more in our next video. For those times when we just want to talk, see each other’s faces, or just enjoy some company, there’s voice channels.

Think of these as open phone and video conversations that you can casually drop in and out of, or use to host bigger things like a meeting.

See someone in a voice channel, just pop in, hang out for as long as you like and leave when you want. It’s like joining a friend on the couch and chatting. Talk about your day, talk about pickleball, have a two hour debate about why deep dish pizza is an abomination to the culinary world and end entire friendships. And voice channels aren’t just voice channels.

They’re for voice, video and screen sharing, too. So whether we’re talking through strategies or showing off the team’s new logo, we can do it together live.

Leaving a voice channel is easy, just disconnect.

 Discord has many uses. From a casual club to an organized community to something more small and personal.

You can customize Discord to fit your crypto coin group so you can stay in touch.

Discord App

Discord Blockchain for Web 3.0 Gaming

Discord is already the de facto home for blockchain web 3.0 NFT communities, but the company could be planning to deepen those connections in a big way.

Recently CEO Jason Citron tweeted a screenshot depicting Discord integrated with popular crypto wallet service MetaMask and WalletConnect, an open protocol that many mobile crypto wallets are built on. Citron employed the NFT Twitterverse phrase “probably nothing,” shorthand for this will be a huge deal. Could Discord be the Metaverse of Web 3.0 gaming?

The crypto wallet support looks exploratory for now.

Citron didn’t offer any details on how a crypto integration would work or how serious Discord is about exploring crypto integrations.

“We’re always exploring and hacking away at things we think will improve Discord for all the communities we serve,” a Discord spokesperson told TechCrunch, adding that the screenshot was from a recent Discord hackathon.

Discord’s interest in adding crypto features into the social chat app might be hypothetical, but if the company was to build in support for Ethereum those plans could go well beyond payments. Discord also recently polled users on their thoughts about NFTs; non-fungible tokens.

Discord became a natural home for thousands of NFT and Crypto Token projects this past year. Many of those crypto token projects keep in touch with followers, send updates and track sales and market movement through dedicated Discord servers. It’s also the Web 3.0 app of choice for coordinating distribution events, where NFTs are “minted” and sold or given out to supporters before eventually making their way onto trading platforms like OpenSea the NFT Marketplace; often at huge markups (yes, usually for JPEGs).

While Discord 3.0 Apps could just have transactions in Ethereum and other digital currencies in mind, it’s also possible that Citron’s hint about MetaMask support suggests a more ambitious plan centered on NFTs. A coin like Ethereum can be used for basic payments and transactions, but the cryptocurrency also serves as the technical backbone for most NFTs, which are tracked and traded through smart contracts on Ethereum’s blockchain.

Discord is a savvy company that likely has a good idea of how people are already using NFTs to express their digital identities. Discord is a text and voice chat app where the main expression of user identity is through what avatar you pick — something that NFTs are all about right now. On Twitter and Discord, NFT-savvy users already pick their rarest — and often priciest — NFT to use as their PFP (profile picture). With MetaMask support, Discord could become a place where people display their NFTs in galleries linked to user profiles or choose “verified” avatar images, with ownership backed up through the blockchain.

The company is particularly well positioned to leverage its foothold in the burgeoning Web3 space — the next phase of the internet that many people predict will be defined by a wave of decentralization, digital goods and ownership-based virtual identity.

But Discord’s also got a good thing going as it stands now.

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How NFTs Have Become a Gateway Into the Metaverse

Only a few months ago, the term NFT was exploding all over the internet. Now to the latest trend, the skyrocketing prices for digital arts sold as NFTs- The Christie’s auction for digital artist, Beeple, coming to a close a few moments ago, the final bid, $69 million. $69 million. I think it probably means digital artists here to stay. Anybody in this sector has to admit that they were shocked by the size and the ferocity and speed that the industry evolved so quickly.

The number of wallets that were purchasing NFTs skyrocketed the number of transactions of NFTs, across the board skyrocketed. And the prices for many NFT artists also went up, but that came down very, very fast. Once red hot NFTs are now cooling off a bit. The secondary market for the majority of Beeple’s paintings today is down 90-95% from the peak, as is most NFT art.

But even more recently, NFTs had been on the rise once again.

And even with significant value volatility in NFT artwork, NFT collectibles like NBA top shot and NFT-based video games like “Axie infinity” have surged in popularity. The correction that kinda happened with the NFT art side is healthy. And what we’re gonna see come out of that now are projects that actually have utility, that will be able to affect a much wider amount of people. I think that’s where the excitement is. And many companies are betting that NFTs will enter the video game world in a big way, which if successful, could open NFTs to a massive new audience, and forever change the way we value digital objects.

We are in the process of an exodus from the physical world to these digital worlds that have been created over the last 20 years. And that continue to be created and where people are spending an increasing amount of their conscious time. You may have heard by now that NFTs stands for non-fungible token. But explaining exactly what that means can get complicated. So for our purposes, what you need to know is that through blockchain technology, digital objects, like a JPEG file or a virtual sneaker, or even a meme that you’d normally think about as being infinitely reproducible can now be made scarce.

So for example, if you’re resourceful, the video you’re watching right now could be downloaded from YouTube, and you could copy and paste it as much as you’d like. In theory, it is infinitely reproducible. Tokenizing or minting is the process you can go through via blockchain, where you can create a record of scarcity. In the blockchain, you can enter into a ledger that there are only 1,000 versions of this video or 100, or even just one. Taking something that was infinitely replicatable and giving it artificial scarcity.

And if you’re rushing out to try and download this video now, thinking you’ll make a quick buck, that’s not exactly how it works. Only the holder of the NFT and what are known as digital wallets can actually own the item. And they can choose to resell them in exchange for cryptocurrencies. But while we have seen some high sale prices, are buying these NFTs actually a good investment? I would hesitate to call NFTs an asset class, they are an asset.

In the same way that I would hesitate to call art an asset class, art is an asset. But for it to achieve an asset class, it really needs to be something that you can buy and sell, and buy and sell. This is Bloomberg’s art reporter, James Tarmy. So all you have to do when you think about the art market, and you think about the prices that are paid for these $10 million paintings, $20 million paintings, $30 million paintings, is thinking about what kind of liquidity you need to have to spend $30 million on something that you cannot resell anytime soon.


There is not a line of people waiting to spend $30 million on the painting that you just bought. There might be one other person or maybe two other people, but that’s no guarantee that those two other people wanna buy that painting when you wanna sell that painting. And this is similar in the NFT space. The number of people able to spend large sums of cryptocurrency on NFTs is relatively small. And a lot of people became very interested in jumping on the bandwagon.

There was a world that was opened up to a general public that they didn’t know about. And that seems like a world of infinite possibilities. And so corporations suddenly started releasing NFTs. Charmin toilet paper released an NFT. I just got an email about Campbell’s soups first NFT.

And this isn’t just about artworks. This is also about the various NFTs that are connected to games and virtual worlds, and so forth. People are connecting houses to NFTs, they’re connecting physical artworks to NFTs, they’re connecting portions of an entire soccer team in a Mexican soccer league to NFTs. And then something weird started to happen, right? More people were making NFTs than buying NFTs.

So you had a lot of people trying to jump on a bandwagon that might not really have existed in the first place. And while the initial boom of interest did drive more people to participate in the NFT marketplace than before, those numbers are still relatively small. According to a 2021 report by nonfungible.com, weekly active wallets, in theory, the number of people who bought and sold NFTs in a given week peaked at only 40,000. And if NFTs are going to become the asset class of the digital future, the number of buyers and sellers in the market must increase by a lot.

There’s still a tremendous amount of friction. To get a Metamask wallet, to understand the idea of holding private keys, to engage with this world, it’s a process. This is Sam Englebardt. He’s the general partner at a venture business called Galaxy Interactive. They currently manage a $500 million fund investing in technology and content aimed towards the future of digital worlds.

I spend a lot of time these days, first, trying to just define what the metaverse is. And then make sure we’re all talking about the same thing, because I think we’re still quite a ways away from an immersive world like “Ready Player One,” being something that we all inhabit. Except for eating, sleeping, and bathroom breaks, whatever people wanna do, they do it in the Oasis. I think we are very, very close, and witnessing every day though, the exodus from a purely physical world to an increasingly immersive synthetic digital world that doesn’t look like one place we all go to, but it’s actually just the amalgamation of the different digital worlds that we experience on our various devices. And a lot of players are investing in this future digital world.

A recent Bloomberg intelligence report believes that the market opportunity for the metaverse could be $800 billion by 2024. And for Galaxy Interactive, one of their biggest investments has been in gaming. I don’t believe long-term that just by making something an NFT, it’s gonna be interesting enough to be all that meaningful unless you build some sort of a game or metagame into the process of collecting itself.

Merging NFTs with games has already seen some great success. One of the earliest breakout NFTs was “CryptoKitties,” cartoon cats that users can buy, sell, and even breed.

The NFT became so popular at one point that it clogged the entire Ethereum network back in 2017. And it continues to have an active community today. And one of the drivers of increased digital wallets post the NFT boom in early 2021 has been a game called “Axie Infinity.” These pokemon-like creatures are all unique NFTs that a user can buy into and level up by playing in a new business model known as play-to-earn. What could be better than a free game?

Well, how about a game that pays you to play it. So far, it’s allowed people in developing economies like the Philippines and Vietnam to earn real money through playing.

And now a team of veteran video game developers at Mythical Games are working on their first NFT based game, “Blankos Block Party.” With real toys in real life, the way to keep their value is you put them in a box, you put them on a shelf, you leave them there, but with “Blankos,” as you play with them, they get better. Most games, if you bought Spider-Man character or you bought a “League of Legends” skin, they’re virtual items.

They stay within that ecosystem. Once you buy them, you bought them, right? There’s nothing else you could really do with them at that point. And what we’re doing in a kind of experimentation with Blankos is players own them. They can sell these assets, they can level them up, and mash them up to create new ones and all that.

So it really gives the players a lot of freedom to build, play, and earn. This is Mythical Games CEO, John Linden. He sees games as a great means to introduce more people into the NFT and crypto world.

So one of the goals in Mythical was we really wanted to bring this concept of blockchain and NFT assets to the mainstream gamer, right? So maybe someone that doesn’t fully understand crypto and is not an investor in Ethereum, we really wanted to make sure that they could partake in this economy.

And his success in this space isn’t necessarily about having big headline grabbing single asset sales, but rather having a much larger volume of sales overall. We’re not thinking about it in terms of a $10 item is worth $1 million the next day. We’re thinking about it terms of a $10 item that becomes worth $25. And a $25 item that becomes worth $40. And a $40 item that becomes worth $75.

And those are still, if you think about it, those are amazing. They don’t sound sexy, but they’re amazing returns on investments, right? So we’re definitely thinking about it in terms of something that’s attainable. Something that the average consumer can actually partake in. Latest trades, $55, $20.

Not kind of a new fine art to were only a very few select people can actually see that appreciation because the numbers are just so ridiculous that you can’t can’t participate.

But growing the market for NFTs currently can come at some pretty large costs. Each transaction requires a ton of energy from computers all around the world, potentially resulting in increased carbon emissions. And although the Ethereum network is hard at work to reduce this overall energy consumption, it does remain to this day, too high to support a scaled version of this model. What we’re starting to see technologically now is the need to advance the underlying tech so that you can have a business around the purchase, and sale, and trading of objects that are $1, $5, $20, $50.

That’s partly why Mythical Games is using their own blockchain technology within their Mythical economic engine. But it’s also because they believe that creating and selling an NFT game engine will help create more NFT games in the future. What we set out to do at the very beginning was to build this economic engine to where we could ultimately have a lot of the top games in the world be able to access this type of technology, have the regulatory side covered, have access to marketplace tech. Things that normal game studios wouldn’t be building themselves.

We think that this type of economy will really permeate through every game type.

And honestly, I can see almost every game out there could have some version of this. But building the technology is only the first step to building value. Gaming also offers another important step in this process, community. Blockchain doesn’t make a game better. We kinda joke here that if your game sucks without blockchain, it’s gonna suck with blockchain, right?

What makes this technology powerful and interesting is the ability to ignite a community. And if you build the right community, then the things you own, digital objects in a lot of cases, will be valuable within that community and people are gonna wanna own them, and they’re gonna wanna trade them amongst each other.

We seen an amazing community formed around Blankos. And even before the game came out, we’ve had about $1 million of Blankos sold because players saw that value, and they collaborated with each other. And were excited by the outcome of where that can go.

For someone outside of the Blankos community, It might seem outrageous to spend $5,000 on a virtual doll. Just like for many, it’s outrageous to spend $69 million on this Beeple’s piece. Or for spending $120,000 on a banana duct taped to a wall. Value for things that have no use value is entirely the result of perception. A Picasso is just oil paint on canvas.

It’s worth nothing, it does nothing. It is valuable because we as a society have decided that it’s valuable. Could NFTs become a brief, weird piece of history? Absolutely.

Could they become an integral part of the way that we engage with each other and companies online?


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