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What’s Sexual Assault Awareness Month?

What Is Sexual Assault Awareness Month?

Sexual Assault Awareness Month is a nationwide effort to increase awareness about sexual intercourse, educate communities and people about how best to avoid sexual intercourse, and supply resources for survivors. It’s normally observed in May. That is the month of the first National Sexual Assault Symposium along with also the very first national sexual assault survey because the Sexual Assault Awareness Act was passed into law in 1990. In this period, organizations across the nation are required to supply one sexual assault awareness program to every school and community complicated that they serve.


Each year, organizations may opt to specialize in sexual assault awareness month. This is excellent because it allows survivors who might not otherwise get out and talk about their experiences to be discovered and supported by many others. Additionally, there are support groups that enable survivors to share their tales freely with like-minded men and women.

The aims of Sexual Assault Awareness Month would be to enable the community, educate community members, and also improve the awareness of violence against women and girls nationwide. Every year, tens of thousands of fresh survivors are assaulted. However, as a result of lack of resources for all these crimes, it is often not possible for survivors to record charges or hold perpetrators accountable. In reaction to this, the Department of Justice is currently dedicating resources to work on raising current data on reported sexual assaults and preventing future crimes from occurring. This will indicate the start of a brand new prevention month.

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