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Matthew Kocel – the Cosmic Throat Singer & Sonic Alchemist

Matthew Kocel is an incredible Musician and all around outstanding human. Known as the Cosmic Throat Singer and Sonic Alchemist, he specializes in Sound Healing and Medicine Music. 

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Sound Healing/Meditation Music by Cosmic Throat Singer Matthew Kocel

“Matthew Kocel’s music is so primal, so rich and brilliantly soulful… It touches us on a profoundly deep level and opens our hearts…” ~ Dr Joe Dispenza

There is a living presence encoded in this music, calling us to center
in our heart, connect with the heart of Mother Earth and the Universal
Heart/Source of All That Is. When your heart opens and connects in this
way you enter the quantum field where all possibilities exist.

use this opportunity to co-create a more loving, compassionate and
abundant world.

If this music moves you, please share it and connect with Matthew Kocel on Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, Spotify or Apple Music.

Your support helps Matthew continue
to channel and record this sonic medicine for the Earth and Humanity.

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“Song of the Ancients” is Medicine for the Earth and Humanity

“Cosmic Throat Singer” Matthew Kocel has done it again….

His latest release “Song of the Ancients” will transport you to wisdom and memories of ancient times.

The energy emanating from this music and video is so strong it seems the ancestors are communicating with us from a place beyond time.

Use your best headphones or speakers, and prepare a space that is free of distractions.

You can thank me later!

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