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Natural remedies for arthritis and joint pain

Winter is here, and with it comes the usual round of colds and flu. While these illnesses are common, they can also be quite debilitating, leaving us feeling run down and miserable. However, there are natural remedies that can help alleviate cold and flu symptoms, allowing you to get back to your normal routine faster.

One of the most important things you can do when you have a cold or flu is to stay hydrated. Drinking plenty of water and electrolyte-rich beverages such as coconut water and herbal teas can help to replace fluids lost due to fever and respiratory congestion. Additionally, eating fruits and vegetables that are high in water content like cucumber, watermelon, and citrus can help to boost hydration.

Ginger is another great natural remedy for colds and flu. It has antiviral and anti-inflammatory properties that can help reduce sore throat pain and congestion. You can drink ginger tea or chew on raw ginger slices to get its benefits. Another herbs that can help is Echinacea, often used to boost the immune system and reduce cold and flu symptoms, also available in supplement form or in tea.

Honey is a natural cough suppressant and can also help soothe a sore throat. Mix a spoonful of honey with some warm water or add it to your tea. Also, Vitamin C is essential for a healthy immune system and can also help reduce cold and flu symptoms. You can get your daily dose of vitamin C by eating citrus fruits, bell peppers, and broccoli, or by taking a vitamin C supplement.

Getting plenty of rest and sleep is also important, as it allows your body to heal and recover. So, try to avoid overloading your schedule during this time and make sure to get plenty of rest.

It’s also important to mention that, as much as natural remedies can help, if you’re experiencing severe symptoms or your condition seems to be worsen, you should see a healthcare professional.

In conclusion, there are many Natural remedies that can help alleviate cold and flu symptoms. From staying hydrated and incorporating immune-boosting herbs to getting enough rest and sleep, there are several natural options to consider. Remember to always consult with a healthcare professional before trying any new remedies, especially if you are pregnant or have a pre-existing health condition. Take care of yourself and stay healthy this cold and flu season.



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mon guide pratique de medecine

Passionate about Integrative Medicine

Because 1985, Dr. Robban Sica has actually been exercising integrative medication with extensive training as well as experience in bio-identical hormone balancing, endocrine troubles, environmental medication, chelation/detoxification and also IV therapies, nourishment, mind-body medication, as well as many all-natural and also alternative approaches of testing as well as treatment.By getting to the underlying reasons and adding variables, the objective is to bring back wellness, not just diminish illness. This strategy succeeds in improving lots of persistent illness by, initially, figuring out the underlying factors shortages are reducing the person’s general gets and what stress factors are overwhelming those gets, bring about illness, and, second, by using natural therapies in an integrative style to create a customized therapy plan.Raising recognition about alternatives to standard disease oriented therapies of medicines as well as surgical treatment has long been her interest, in addition to the wish to additional cooperation as well as innovation of the integrative medicine and also all-natural wellness neighborhood. This has prompted Dr. Sica to offer plenty of hrs of time to a number of integrative, natural health and wellness organizations.For years of promoting natural health organizations at the local degree. After that, in 1998, Dr. Sica was elected to the board of American University for Development in Medicine( ACAM http://www.acam.org), after that the largest integrative medication association for physicians. She subsequently served as a director and also office for the American Board of Clinical Steel Toxicology( http://www.abcmt.org), previously the American Board of Chelation Therapy.

natural health

iMosaic Success and Honors Ceremony – Robban Sica MD

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:=” “word-spacing:=””- webkit-text-stroke-width:=”” background-color:=”” rgb (255,=”” 255,=” “255 );=”” text-decoration-style: =” “initial;=” “text-decoration-color:=”” display screen:=”” inline=””! crucial;=”” float:=”” none;”=”” > The name iMosaic mean Integrative Medication Offering Science-based Alternatives in Partnership. The meeting was assembled by the American Academy of Environmental Medication( AAEM), American University for Development in Medicine( ACAM), American Holistic Medical Association( AHMA), as well as the International College of Integrative Medicine( ICIM).< span design=” shade: rgb( 68, 68, 68); font-family:” open=”” sans”, =”” helvetica, =”” arial, =”” sans-serif;= “” font-size:= “” 14px;=” “font-style:=”” typical ;=” “font-variant-ligatures:=”” font-variant-caps:=”” font-weight:=”” 400;=”” letter-spacing:=” “orphans:=”” 2;=”” text-align: =” “start;=” “text-indent:=”” 0px; =”” text-transform:=”” none;=”” white-space:=”” widows:= “” word-spacing:=””- webkit-text-stroke-width: =”” background-color:= “” rgb( 255,= “” 255, =”” 255);=”” text-decoration-style:= “” initial;=”” text-decoration-color:= “” display screen:=”” inline=””! important;=”” float:=” “none;” =”” > Dr. Sica’s integrative technique which is an effective design for assessing as well as addressing the individual’s health problems by determining underlying stress factors originating from all elements: spiritual, emotional, physical, and also social

. Dr. Sica effectively integrates her background research consisting of all natural medication, anti-aging, all-natural hormonal agent substitute as well as endocrine problems, nutrition/vitamin supplementation including natural choices to drug, allergic reactions and also environmental medication, hefty steel poisoning, chelation therapy, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, and treatment of persistent diseases. Dr. Sica has actually obtained accreditations in Integrative, Holistic Medication, Longevity Medication and also Medical Steel Toxicology. She is President of the International College of Integrative Medicine and Assistant of the American Association for Health Freedom, and Vice Head Of State of the Connecticut Wellness Flexibility Coalition. She was previously the secretary of the American Board of Scientific Metal Toxicology and a member of the Board of Supervisors of the American University for Innovation in Medication. < span style=”color: rgb( 68, 68, 68); font-family:” open =”” sans”, =” “helvetica, =”” arial, =” “sans-serif; =”” font-size: =”” 14px; =” “font-style: =”” normal;=”” font-variant-ligatures: =”” font-variant-caps: =”” font-weight: =”” 400;=”” letter-spacing: =”” orphans: =”” 2; =”” text-align: =” “start; =”” text-indent: =”” 0px;=”” text-transform: =” “none; =”” white-space: =” “widows: =”” word-spacing: =”” – webkit-text-stroke-width:=”” background-color:=”” rgb( 255, =”” 255, =”” 255);=”” text-decoration-style: =”” preliminary; =”” text-decoration-color: =” “display: =”” inline=””! vital; =”” float: =”” none;” =”” >

International College of Integrative Medicine (ICIM)

What Would a Reformed Health Care System Look Like?

As natural health supporters, we experience a broad spectrum of health choices. That spectrum extends well beyond allopathic medicine. Our challenge lies in balancing this spectrum, and building a framework to guide the attendant rights and responsibilities.  Such a framework must embrace this concept quoted from both Antonovsky and the WHCCAMP Report.  In other words, we must create a health care system that recognizes that human beings have the resource to “create their own sense†of health and “find in themselves the ability to function.â€

The WHCCAMP explicitly supports this goal:
Based on its mission and responsibilities, the Commission endorses the following [4 of 10] guiding principles:
3. The healing capacity of the person. People have a remarkable capacity for recovery and self-healing, and a major focus of health care is to support and promote this capacity.
4. Respect for individuality. Each person is unique and has the right to health care that is appropriately responsive to him or her, respecting preferences and preserving dignity.
5. The right to choose treatment. Each person has the right to choose freely among safe and effective care or approaches, as well as among qualified practitioners who are accountable for their claims and actions and responsive to the person’s needs.
6. An emphasis on health promotion and self-care. Good health care emphasizes self-care and early intervention for maintaining and promoting health.
In these words, from a Presidential Commission no less, we see an increasing emphasis on the value of responsible, autonomous health choice – an absolutely fundamental part of the self-healing process.   As philosopher and social scientist Ivan Illich wrote,  “Progress should mean growing competence in self-care rather than growing dependence [on an allopathic system].â€

Rejection of allopathic medicine is certainly not called for here.  At the same time, recognition of our autonomous healing resource is alone not enough.  To complete an effective balancing of an ever-broader health care system, we must give more than recognition.  We must develop the tools that will provide overt support for the self-healing resource at every level.

We need new tools to balance and guide the full spectrum of health choices that are emerging.

Integrative Medicine

The Best Functional Medicine Doctor In Johns Creek GA

Conscious Medicine, an integrative functional medicine practice, has announced the launch of their Investigative Medicine program in Alpharetta, Georgia and Johns Creek, Georgia.

The launch of the Investigative Medicine program, known as I-Med for short, will help patients in Alpharetta and Johns Creek, Georgia access personalized and holistic functional medical services.

Functional medical care is a type of alternative medicine that takes a holistic approach to health and recognizes the body as a single, integrated system. Functional medical practitioners aim to identify and address the root cause of disease and other health problems in their patients.

Conscious Medicine combines the benefits of functional medicine with conventional medical practices ensuring patients receive the highest quality of care. The practice’s 3-month I-Med program uses functional medical practices to help treat patients experiencing lingering health problems by identifying the causes at the core of their issues.

As part of the program, all patients are given an initial consultation and a series of personalized tests to find the root cause of their health concerns. Conscious Medicine’s doctors will then work with their patients to find the causes behind their health concerns, creating a tailored, holistic plan based on the patient’s unique biochemistry data.

Conscious Medicine’s bespoke plans can include a variety of therapeutic treatments, including nutrition planning, activity recommendations, supplements, detoxification, lifestyle management and prescriptions if needed.

Patients enrolled in the I-Med program have access to a supportive doctor-led team throughout the whole healing process. The program also includes a health coaching call, re-care consultation, unlimited text and email communication with the team and access to a supportive private Facebook group.

This latest announcement is consistent with Conscious Medicine’s commitment to providing patients with holistic and personalized functional health care. Moreover, the practice has earned a solid reputation for its high-quality functional medicine services.

One satisfied client wrote: “I thought Doctors just gave out pills, and those pills had trade-offs. I didn’t expect to purchase complete freedom when I signed up for Investigative Medicine but that’s what I got.”

How To Exercise For Lower Back Pain Relief

You remember how you would catch yourself standing for a few minutes; having to stop your work while you stretch, only to have to sit back down again because you have so much to do? That wasn’t enough time to stretch. With a sit to stand work station, you can be sure to continue on with your work whether you’re sitting or standing. Another reason that herbs are becoming more popular for pain treatment are because they are non-addictive. The reason for this pain causing nerve can be an injury

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If you are suffering from back pain, you probably have a very tough time in the morning when you get up from bed. A PNF stretch uses a rebound relaxation of the muscle. Thus your legs should not be straight when pushing the throttle or clutch all the way down. You have to do this while your still lying on your back

At times it really is exactly that effortless. Some of them are household names! But mostly, they are just temporary measures- the stop gap arrangements! The helping hand, for a very short time! Because it is believed that these over the counter medicines, do not treat but suppress the disease. Exercise removes some of the tension from the low back muscles, and the stretches that accompany an exercise program helps to loosen up the muscles. And henceforth it is very difficult to prepare a merit-list in the order of seniority of these treatments. Every time you have a back pain, you can not rush to your physician

These are commonly tight in all forms of backpain. A few seconds will help relieve back pain and then if pain occurs rub them again. The beauty of Acupressure is that you can’t do these wrong. This is a great technique for back relief, it does not remove the causes of your pain. There are a few key items to remember about alternative sitting chairs

There is a way to heal back pain and all kinds of things. Click the links in this article and learn what you can do.

J manipulative Physiol Ther. You should design the exercises such that these will strengthen the back muscles and would allow you to achieve better posture of sitting. The above lower back pain relief methods are quite obvious and can be practiced from the comfort of your home

For example, if you have neck pain, it can be caused by your lower back being tight. This could take a lot of time. Knowing how, what and when to stretch is an essential part of this process. Bulging discs are normal as they tend to bulge during the day in view of the body weight they are burdened with and automatically become normal when asleep. Core muscles should be balanced — equal in length, strength and flexibility

There is a way to heal back pain and all kinds of things. Click the links in this article and learn what you can do.


Acupuncture: How Acupuncture Works And What Conditions It Can Treat

If you are interested in trying acupuncture for yourself, you should try to find a place that is experienced and has a good reputation in the community. Metal needles are a relatively modern invention. It’s important to know that acupuncture is not an alternative to medical treatment for serious illnesses

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Generally, specialists treat various health conditions or illnesses as isolated symptoms, but acupuncture takes a different approach. It was also one of the well-known treatment programs, which where practiced in ancient China. There are many people who do not have any knowledge on acupuncture. It stimulates release of gastric hormones and other intestinal hormones

Is this form of alternative medicine truly safe? There is only one place in this world that we can directly associate acupuncture with – China. Some believe and refer it to a magical sort of thing because of its after effects. However, the treatment should be relatively painless and comfortable for the duration that could extend to an hour or more. The root is found in China but now, is a popular treatment for many problems and diseases all around the world

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The points involved are usually found on the forearms, hands, feet and lower legs. The above gives you information on how acupuncture is designed to treat illnesses but it can also be used for anti-aging. Acupuncture is a therapy that comes from traditional Chinese medicine and involves the process of inserting fine needles into certain points around the body. To treat imbalances the acupuncturist will stimulate the pressure points that occur along the meridians

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spiritual healing

Passionate about Integrative Medication

Since 1985, Dr. Robban Sica has actually been exercising integrative medicine with comprehensive training and experience in bio-identical hormonal agent harmonizing, endocrine troubles, ecological medication, chelation/detoxification and IV therapies, nourishment, mind-body medication, and numerous all-natural as well as alternative approaches of testing and also treatment.By getting to the underlying causes as well as adding aspects, the goal is to bring back health, not just soften illness. This technique is successful in enhancing many chronic health problems by, first, determining the hidden factors deficiencies are decreasing the individual’s overall books and also what stressors are overwhelming those reserves, causing health problem, and also, second, by making use of natural therapies in an integrative fashion to produce a customized therapy plan.Raising awareness concerning alternatives to traditional illness oriented treatments of medicines as well as surgical treatment has long been her enthusiasm, in addition to the need to additional participation and also innovation of the integrative medication and all-natural wellness area. This has triggered Dr. Sica to offer many hours of time to a number of integrative, all-natural health organizations.For years of promoting natural health organizations at the local degree. Then, in 1998, Dr. Sica was elected to the board of American University for Advancement in Medicine( ACAM http://www.acam.org), after that the biggest integrative medicine association for physicians. She ultimately acted as a supervisor and workplace for the American Board of Medical Metal Toxicology( http://www.abcmt.org), formerly the American Board of Chelation Treatment.

American College for Advancement in Medicine