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What I Eat On A Low Carb Diet

Low Carb

Good morning it is Monday, the 5th of March and it’s. Sunny I’m, not snowy, yay. It’s. Finally, spring time. I could hear birds tweeting this morning. It really feels like springtime. The winter is over.

Winter is no longer coming, so I’m up. I weighed myself this morning and I’ve had to higher carb days over the weekend, and this morning I weighed in at 114 point 2 pounds, so that is 1.4 pounds up from my lowest weigh-in last week and that’s, because I have more carbs.

I also did a big quad and calf session in a new gym, which I feel like when you use new equipment, you can kind of trigger new muscles because it’s just it is. It is a different exercise when it’s a slightly different machine, and I definitely feel that spark some things I can feel my calves are burning today and so are my quads.

So I feel a bit inflamed around the muscle and that usually also adds up to up on the scales. So I’m, not too worried because I’m sure it’ll drop down tomorrow. Today is arm day cuz. It’s Monday. I also want to do a head training session Lex is going to London.

ultra-keto-x-burn-reviews-1024x682.Ultra Keto X Burn Reviews Final Verdict

I’ve, made a load of treats for him to bring with him, and we’re just going to get done. It’s. Monday start the week get motivated, get out of my grumpy funk cuz, I’ve just been super grumpy because of my low carbs, and I’m aware of it, which makes even worse.

Then I’m kind of like trying to stop myself being grumpy, but I’m over it. Now I’m gonna get through it. So my breakfast red velvet muffin is looking a bit worse for wear cuz. It fell over in its little casing, but I have my decaf coffee.

I have my Roxy yay with Bailey, really outside still yeah a good time got red, onion and sun-dried tomatoes, and I’ve got it in some of the apple cider vinegar. We’ve got some bell peppers, some mushroom, some bacon got me my egg, whites, spinach, cheese and more cheese.

Low Carb Foods

This cheese is not the light one which I thought it was so I have to add in a bit of extra fat, but that’s, not a problem, as today is a low-carb day. I am going to volumize the out of my food. What volumizing means is getting the best bang for your buck really, so you want to get as much food in volume as possible to his lower macros so make you feel fuller or give you the illusion of being horrible with less calories.

So that is my aim of the day today. That is my aim on the low carb days is to feel full technically, I could eat a couple of sweet potatoes, but I want to have bigger more volumous meals, so I’m, going to have things like squash: lots of peppers, onions, green veggies Loads of fiber and it’ll, make me feel a lot fuller, a lot more satiated and I’m, getting a lot of micronutrients in there to compensate for the lack of calories, Omega egg white omelet, topped with my go-to of this Prep the sweet chilli blend Rose sauce per 15 ml.

It is only 0.3 grams of fat and point 6 grams of carbs just go back. [ Music, ], [, Music, ], [, Music, ], [, Music ]. My hair is literally going curly. I’m. Sweat it’s time for coffee, [, Music ], my coffee, I had a pre-workout one, and now I’m, not gonna poke strike out cuz that’s.

The way I roll keep going. I made you tea. Oh thanks and their treats for Sean. I’m Sophie. No try not to eat them all. These are pre pre bin examples. Are there it’s, fun having fun? Okay. If Sean Stafford is watching this video, this is what was meant to make it to you.

Sauce girls, yeah girls, night, Oh smoking, apparently his noggin. Are we Louie’s? Noggin, like you reckon rocks girls night. I’m, making dinner for one, yes, Lex is away, and I’m gonna enjoy it because, usually I have to cook dinner for two and today it’s only one meal – and this is what I’m having a nice big prawn stir-fry got all my veggies here.

I’m starting off with some diced up chili garlic ginger. I’m gonna add in some of this lemongrass paste, some red onion, we’ve, got some peppers, some mushrooms, some asparagus. I also have some samphire, which is lovely and salty flavoring to it.

We have some pre-prepared Brussels sprouts. I’ve got some spiralized butternut squash. We have the prawns already just the frozen problems are gonna throw in. At the end. For my sauce I’m, going to be using some of this apple cider vinegar.

I’ve got some fish sauce, some reduced sodium soy sauce, some maple walnut syrup from Walden’s farm. This is gonna, add some sweetness and some of this powdered peanut butter about 8 grams. I created this sauce myself.

Just for surprise – and it works really well – it’s kind of a sweet, sour kind of tastes. If you start off with the garlic, the ginger, the onion and some of the lemongrass in the pan. First, that kind of sets off the flavors and then you add in all the sauces gradually throughout the cooking process.

I usually top up with some boiling water and that kind of evaporates off and it gets quite a thick sauce to be honest without much effort at all and very minimal macros. Again, all about volumizing, my food, making a huge big veggie protein packed meal for myself.

Low Carb Meals

Tonight it has literally taken me like max seven minutes to make this meal and it’s, full of color full of flavor and so easy to make, because you could have all the vegetables all chopped up and ready to go.

You can portion them out at the start of the week, so you can just throw these in the pan, then into a bowl and it’s. Just simple and easy: there’s, no excuse for not having an amazing flavorful meal.

Even when you’re dieting or either, even if you are short on time, this is something that you could share with anyone in your family and they’d. Enjoy you can add noodles to it, you can add some rice to it.

Whatever you want, and it’s, just a simple syrup fry that you can whip up really quickly getting those nutrients into you and you can just adjusts it for what kind of things you like. If you want to add in broccoli, if you want to take out something add in things just make it to your own specific tastes, I, like it spicy Lex, does not there’s, a real kick in this because I put some chili in so I’m, probably going to have a big snotty, nose and runny eyes in a couple of minutes, but I’m gonna enjoy it.

food_1599585669-1024x623.jpegBuenosia Carol / Pexels

Now. I promise you. I do not spend my whole time in this kitchen. I sometimes go into that room too and enjoy the fire and the candles and some TV time. But right now I’m. Just gonna eat this Bank, it on with editing some stuff writing up some recipes, getting some good content for you, guys finishing off my macros for the day with a smoothie, so I’ve got my new Schillinger with some ice in it.

I have some frozen raspberries because they offer less macro, so you can have more of them: 400 grams. It’s. 4.6 grams of carbs. I’m gonna have some peanut butter, the Meridian one, because it’s all-natural there’s, no added sugar or anything in it, and then I’m just gonna add some peanut butter protein powder.

I have Sasha here so kind of handy and add some water and then I just blitz it all up, but I don’t, add a lot of water because I wanted to be quite thick, so I can eat it with spoon here. We have it my big protein smoothie, it’s, practically ice cream.

Yeah today is Tuesday. I didn’t really finish up my vlog properly last night because I had to put the dogs to bed and do the usual things that Lex does so. I’m checking you at you guys again just to say goodbye really forever.

No not forever. I just have gotten a muscle food delivery. I’ve, gotten loads of other stuff, too, never cars. I am organizing my pantry right now, so I’ve, gotten all like new storage, jars and stuff.

snacks_1603637185-1024x638.jpgRitaE / Pixabay

So if you’d, like to see a little tour of my pantry when I have it finished comment below today, I weighed in at 113 point 6, so that’s. Point 6 pounds down from yesterday. That was after one low-carb day.

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