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Protecting your Wealth Today and Beyond with Warner Lewis the Legal Concierge

Do you have a legal question or problem and you just don’t
know where to turn for answers? How do you find the right lawyer? Warner Lewis
is your Legal Concierge, and he addresses a wide range of questions about legal
situations and solutions that may apply to you in this new legal podcast series.

Get answers to all of your legal questions today in
“Protecting your Wealth Today and Beyond” legal podcast.


Hear real answers to the following questions and more:

19:22 Are there new regulations that will impact existing

26:50 I am thinking about getting a trust in place. Can I
get grandfathered in with a step-up in cost basis & capital gains with my
trust in the event the new regulations take effect.

31:11 Or are there other options to consider at this point
for not getting taxed on capital gains?

51:04 If my documentation for my LLC is in place, does this
mean piercing the corporate veil it no longer possible (or likely to happen)?

If you are interested in jumping to a specific segment,
click on the timestamp below for the segment.

10:47 – Protecting your Wealth Today and Beyond

15:12 – Key Components of Estate Planning

27:53 – Why People Plan

31:56 – Why More People Don’t Plan

32:55 – Problems with Planning

39:38 – About Probate

40:28 – Revocable & Irrevocable Trusts

42:43 – Asset Protection for Business Owners

45:06 – Limited Liability Company (LLC)

52:23 – Life Planning Essentials

The information provided in this podcast is for educational
purposes only and is not a substitute for legal, financial, or medical advice
of any kind. Warner Lewis is a trusted, reliable resource to help you find the
answers you need when you’re not sure who to turn to if you have a legal
question or need a lawyer.

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Proposition One Passed! What’s Next? What’s Legal?

Proposition One Passed

On November 6, 2018, Michigan became the tenth state to legislate the leisure use of marihuana by its residents. The vote passed by a considerable margin and makes Michigan the only State in the Midwest that has actually allowed recreational use of marijuana. Now, we need to consider what happens next, and individuals need to be clear about what’s legal today, and what’s changing in the near future.


You must consult with an attorney if you have any questions about how the conflict in between State and Federal law might affect you.

What’s Next?

Now that Proposition One has passed, what occurs now? Well, firstly, the recreational use of cannabis in its variety of usable types will now be allowed, however within limits and legal limitations. Before that can happen, however, the vote from November 6, 2018 will need to be certified by the State. The law does not go into effect until 10 days after the State has actually officially certified the election results. That certification should take place at the latest by November 26, 2018. Presuming that the State takes that long, that indicates that the earliest date wherein recreational use can start would be December 6, 2018.

After December 6, 2018, people can grow up to twelve marijuana plants and have up to 2.5 ounces of usable cannabis on their individual (or as much as an overall of 10 ounces, so long as anything over 2.5 ounces remains in protected and locked container inside a home) without worry of arrest or prosecution. Nevertheless, there will not be any recreational marijuana sellers from which to purchase retail items for some time. The State has up to twelve months after the vote is certified to make guidelines and an application procedure for persons and organisations to begin looking for recreational marihuana facilities licenses. For at least two years after the release of that application and the guidelines for licensing those centers, only individuals who have been authorized for a Medical Marihuana Facilities License under the MMFLA for both a State and City license will be enabled to look for an industrial recreational marihuana license. After 2 years, the State has the option of opening it up for non- MMFLA applicants, or, they could leave that restriction in place.

However, the State might put out an application and rules for making an application for licenses, however where those licensees can operate is up to which towns are going to opt-in to the recreational law. Similar to with the MMFLA, municipalities will need to “opt-in” to the law, and draft regional ordinances that determine where the shops can be located and how many of them each city will permit within its borders. The majority of the folks who have dealt with this, including myself, feel that this procedure is most likely to begin even prior to the real application and guidelines are out at the State level, as a number of the communities that have actually chosen in for medical marihuana are going to wish to be prepared for their correctly operating companies to be ready to use and become certified as soon as possible. Other communities that have not opted-in for Medical Marihuana have been waiting to see what was going to occur with Proposal One before they did something about it with regard to picking which direction to go moving forward.

So, the fundamental “What’s Next” plan looks like this:

Certify Election Results by November 26, 2018

Legal Recreational Usage and Ownership (within the borders set by statute) starts December 6, 2018

By December 6, 2019, State should release Regulations and Application for Recreational Commercial Licenses

Towns (Cities, Municipalities, Towns) Must Vote to Opt-In and pass Zoning and other Regulations

By December 6, 2021, State may act to allow non-MMFLA license holders to make an application for Rec


What’s Legal Now?

Today, no recreational ownership is legalized in Michigan. As noted formerly, having any amount of marihuana remains unlawful under Federal law, and if you are puzzled or require explanation on the impact of the conflict in between Michigan’s position and the Federal Government’s stance, please contact us. Until 10 (10) days AFTER the vote is certified, the possesion of marihuana is still restricted to members of the general public in Michigan. Till that time, you can still be prosecuted and detained for possesion of marihuana. If you are a medical marihuana card holder, and your registration is up to date, nothing has changed for you. You might still have medical marihuana as allowed by the MMMA and the MMFLA. When December 6, 2018 shows up (or earlier, if the vote is certified before November 26, 2018), adults twenty-one (21) and older will be enabled to have on their individual up to 2.5 ounces of usable marihuana without fear of prosecution or arrest. Persons twenty-one years of age and older might also grow up to twelve (12) marijuana plants on residential or commercial property they own, so long as it is kept in an enclosed, locked center on the property that is not available to individuals not lawfully able to possess or access marihuana. If you have questions about those requirements, please contact our office for an assessment. After that, the business side of things will take some time to materialize, as it did after the 2016 passage of the Medical Marihuana Facilities Licensing Act. Anticipate the State to take that maximum amount of time permitted by law to promulgate policies and best the application for these facilities.

The other thing that is entirely legal now, and suggested, is preparing. If you wish to get into the recreational commercial marketplace, you need to start preparing now. Our office is really knowledgeable about the licensing procedure, and the path to success in the current and emerging cannabis marketplace. Give us a call so that we can start dealing with you on a strategy to offer you the very best possible opportunity to obtain an industrial license in the leisure marihuana market.

What To Know When Your Divorce Includes Child Custody

Single parent homes have actually become exceptionally common in America. Today over 23 million children live in a single parent home. Going through a divorce can be challenging, and when a child is involved, it can be much more tough and difficult. If you have a child who is under the age of eighteen, the problem of custody will be a part of your divorce procedures. Considering that Child Custody issues are complicated, it deserves knowing all the problems that you can encounter. That’s what we’re going to look at today.

How Do You Reach A Custody Agreement?

If you’re going through a divorce, there a variety of ways that you can reach a custody arrangement. It is essential to ensure that you look for legal advice before you take any advances here. You need to be sure that you are making the best decision. Once you have actually done this, you can reach an informal arrangement using an arbitrator or with the decision of a judge.

Once an agreement has been reached informally, this will lead to a binding written legal agreement. This can have various names including a parenting agreement. The agreement will be revealed to the court where it then becomes a binding contract. At this moment, the parents should agree to the terms.

It is possible to reach these kinds of agreements with no help from an attorney. But, if you want to make certain that you do get custody of a child, this is not suggested.

If a lawyer is included, this will generally take the kind of a mediation, and that occurs outside the courtroom. These circumstances are less adversarial with a neutral party managing conflicts. Each parent and lawyer will be supplied with a possibility to make their case, and hopefully, the agreement will be formed through teamwork. There is an exchange to the proceedings prior to the arbitrator, or neutral party draws up a strategy that will be settled through court.

What If An Arrangement Can’t Be Reached Through Mediation?

At this point, custody should be handled in court. A family court will identify the custody strategy in this case, and Michigan courts use a ‘best interest of the child’ standard. Eventually, this just indicates that the child’s needs are put first, nevertheless, the aspects that are taken into account can differ from court to court.

A few of the aspects that can be considered consist of:

Living circumstance of individuals parents

Relationship with children

Determination of parent to support their spouse

Abuse or neglect

Some courts will also think about the child’s choice. This usually means that an older child will be enabled to voice their viewpoint on who they want to stay with in court. Other courts will look at whether or not the parent can provide a steady way of life for the child in addition to the age of the child in question. Some judges have leaned on the concept that younger children need to be with their mother.

What Are The Types Of Custody Arrangements?

There are a couple of types of custody arrangements that you can argue for or that a judge can choose:

Physical custody– This means that a child is permitted to live with you after a divorce. This can be a shared agreement with both parents acquiring this right. Generally, this is typically the favored approach by the court. It is necessary to be aware that this does not need to be an equal split and one parent can be granted custody for the majority of the time. If parents are unable to settle on a schedule, the judge will set one up.

Sole physical custody merely indicates that a child will live fulltime with one parent. While this does supply stability for the child, it can be incredibly difficult for children to lose the other parent from their life.

Visitation Rights– In a custody agreement, there will be a visitation schedule that both parents are legally required to follow. This indicates that parents can not take their child away from their partner without their permission. In specific cases nevertheless, visitation rights can be limited for one parent. This is generally the case if there is the threat of harm or a problem with abuse. Visitation rights can be challenging to understand, particularly when it concerns the rights of extended family members. If you are in any doubt about your rights after a custody arrangement, ensure you talk to your attorney.

Legal Custody– Do understand that physical custody does not offer legal rights to make decisions about your child’s upbringing. For this, legal custody should be supplied to an individual parent otherwise it will be shared. This consists of choices on education, spiritual instruction, and healthcare. Usually, shared legal custody is the standard result. Nevertheless, there are cases where one parent will be provided total rights here.

Are There Emotional Concerns?

There will always be psychological concerns to contend with when a child becomes part of divorce procedures. It is necessary that they do not feel like a tool in a legal fight and that they are not used by one parent against the other. There are a few ways you can make your divorce simpler for your child. Make certain that you are always considerate of one another through the proceeding. Children need to not see you yell, verbally attack each other or threaten violence.

Children are emotionally dependent on the concept of their parent’s relationship, particularly when they are younger. You should make sure that they know the separation has not been triggered by them and that you both love them in spite of the divorce. Make sure that they are associated with the divorce proceedings as little as possible. Do not try and motivate them to pick a side as this can cause extreme stress and anxiety for the child. It is very important to select the ideal lawyer who can guide you through all these concerns and ensure that your child is protected from the negative problems of a divorce.

We hope this assists you comprehend the elements of child custody during a divorce case which it enables you to avoid some of the typical problems.

Wet Marijuana Still Prohibited Per MI COA

Previously this month, the Court of Appeals, in a split choice, identified that the Michigan Medical marijuana Act does NOT protect caregivers or patients who are in possession of wet marijuana that is in the drying process, from prosecution. The Courts ruling in the case of People v. Vanessa Mansour determined that because wet marijuana that remained in the drying out procedure was not usable cannabis, possession of wet cannabis was not protected by the MMMA.

The MMMA specifies most of the terms of the act. The term usable marijuana is specifically defined in the MMMA. The act defines usable marijuana to imply the following: “Usable marihuana” means the dried leaves, flowers, plant resin, or extract of the marihuana plant, but does not consist of the seeds, stalks, and roots of the plant. The Court found that since the act chose to use the word “dried” before the remaining components, that implied that wet, undried cannabis was not a component of what the protections of the act were meant to shield. Consequently, anybody in the cannabis business of caregiving, who is growing under the MMMA for themselves or other registered qualifying individuals, is in violation of the legislation, if they have wet cannabis, despite the objective for which you have it. Even you remain in the process of drying out the cannabis, if you are raided and the cannabis is wet, you might be in trouble.

The ruling is rather bothersome for a variety of factors. Initially, any caregiver that is currently growing under the MMMA, will, at some time, have wet marijuana that is drying however not usable. As a result, any caregiver needs to comprehend that if you remain in possession of wet, non-usable cannabis, and the cops show up, you can be jailed as well as the Court of Appeals has actually figured out that you can be prosecuted as well as punished for possession with intent to deliver cannabis, and that the immunity provisions of Section 4 and also Section 8 of the MMMA will certainly not protect you. Second, the issue produces concerns concerning the practicality of the caregiving model, and additionally develops a bothersome circumstance for caregivers applying under the Medical Marijuana Facilities Licensing Act (MMFLA) for a growing or processing license.

Understanding that you are caregiving, which the Courts are indicating that a component of your growing procedure triggers you to commit, at minimum, a misdemeanor, develops potential troubles for the application review process. Better, if having wet cannabis cause for criminal arrest as well as prosecution, how does that impact farmers and also processors who are to be licensed under the MMFLA. Ostensibly, both statutes are not interlinked and so, there shouldn’t be any kind of concerns. Nevertheless, the MMFLA uses the very same “usable” marijuana definition as the MMMA. Especially, subsection (ff) of M.C.L. § 333.27102 defines usable cannabis as follows: (ff) “Usable marihuana” means the dried leaves, flowers, plant resin, or extract of the marihuana plant, but does not include the seeds, stalks, and roots of the plant.

Consequently, it would not be a stretch to see the Judiciaries expand that MMMA definition to the MMFLA. Such a ruling down the road can put a major kink in the medical cannabis industry under the MMFLA, likely as an outcome of a feasible chilling impact. The judgment clearly triggers concerns for registered caregivers, and also, potentially, for MMFLA cultivators, should the Court expand this analysis to cover cannabis growing and also processing under the MMFLA. Essentially, due to the fact that “wet” undried cannabis, according to the Court, does not fulfill the definition of “usable” cannabis, if authorities were to come to the location and also discover wet cannabis, you could be looking at prospective criminal liability. If you are a caregiver and are preparing to proceed growing for your patients under the MMMA, and also you have inquiries concerning the prospective responsibility you have under this new judgment, don’t wait to contact our office for a consultation.

How to Start a Marijuana Business in Michigan

Michigan is a state that now permits certain kinds of marijuana services to operate and sell to clients. This includes both medical and recreational marijuana/cannabis centers, opening a whole world of opportunities for organisations to benefit and begin selling the drug lawfully to a possibly really large audience. If you have an interest in starting a marijuana organisation in Michigan, here’s how you’ll require to do it.

Understand Licensing

First off, you’re going to require to make sure that you comprehend the licensing and laws surrounding services cultivating and offering marijuana. There are lots of regulations in place that you’ll need to follow.

As this was something that was extremely prohibited till just recently, it makes good sense that the licensing and regulations are strong. End up being acquainted with them all as soon as possible, and you can then later work on acquiring them from the pertinent authorities.

Develop business’s Structure

Business’s structure you put in place will determine how you move forward as a company and how safe your service becomes. You want to make certain that your company is built on safe structures, which all starts with the structure you put in place. There are lots of corporate structures that you can select in between, so you should examine them all and consider which will suit your company next.

Complete a Service Strategy

Just like with any other business, you’ll require a company strategy that you can follow and that can assist you in the months and years ahead. Completing this business strategy will not only assist you to make your company effective and profitable, but it can also assist you when it comes to getting those licenses you require too. It’s about showing your organisation is being integrated in an accountable method.

Discover a Location

It makes sense to set up a place from which you can operate. This might be a headquarters for business if you’re concentrating on growing or it could be a place from which to sell marijuana to the general public. Whichever it is, having a place is an important part of the procedure as you work on getting your company off the ground for the first time. It needs to be a spot that makes offering to individuals simpler and easier for everyone.

Set Up Your Supply Chain

There’s constantly some sort of supply chain in place when you’re operating in this market, and you will require to construct yours up and find the best providers and other contacts that will assist your organisation to operate in the method you want it to. A strong and reliable supply chain will keep things running efficiently as you begin and attempt to grow your business.

Starting a cannabis organisation in Michigan could be the opportunity that you have actually been searching for. Numerous entrepreneurs are taking advantage of this opening and making a great deal of cash out of it. If you wish to step into the marijuana/cannabis sector, be sure to move through the actions noted above.

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Many Michigan Communities Planning to Ban Commercial Recreational Marijuana Facilities

It has emerged that some communities within Michigan are trying to ban commercial cannabis facilities concentrated on supplying the drug for recreational abuse within the borders of their neighborhoods. This news comes within weeks of the state of Michigan authorizing laws that would permit marijuana to be cultivated and sold recreationally.

The law is due to go into effect in December, so those neighborhoods will need to act quickly if they wish to utilize their opt-out to block the sale of recreational cannabis in their location. So how can these neighborhoods select to opt out of a law like this? The current opt-out system implies that if they wish to avoid the sale of recreational marijuana, they need to pass an ordinance or encourage citizens to authorize a ballot saying that the neighborhood does not want to take part.

The treatments surrounding such ballots and when they need to occur or when they can take place is really dirty to say the least. Some think that they can’t take place up until the next general election in 2020, however neighborhoods opposing the law aren’t pleased with that delay. It remains to be seen how this plays out as parties on each side make their case.

Potential Restrictions

If a community does manage to pass a local ordinance, there is a range of outcomes of that process. Naturally, as mentioned above, it’s possible that it will lead to these type of services being prohibited and commercial marijuana sales being stopped. Nevertheless, that’s not the only potential result of the local ordinance. It’s likewise possible that rather than banning the sale of marijuana, it’s rather restricting in particular ways that are not unreasonably unwise which don’t obstruct the law itself. This can suggest a host of various things in practice.

For example, one restriction may involve cannabis organisations operating in the city needing to acquire a local license prior to they can start trading, on top of the state license they already have. How businesses market or install signs might also be restricted, and the variety of hours they’re enabled to open for might also be topped. There might likewise be charges and administrative expenses levied against business. All of these conversations need to be had once a local ordinance is passed in the community.

The Towns Seeking To Opt Out & Why They’re Doing So

Monroe was amongst the neighborhoods to first act and voice its opposition to the new cannabis laws. However, the community has stated that they’re only opting out till they have more information, suggesting they have not eliminated on participating in this brand-new market at some point in the future. This underlines how unsure some communities are of the law, even if their opposition isn’t completely based in the facts just yet. The best understanding and more details could be enough to persuade them to get involved moving forward.

The story is comparable in Pinckney, where the local lawyer said that it’s best for the neighborhood to opt out now early in the process and keep the right to decide back in later if the community wished to do so. Troy is another community trying to pass a local ordinance in order to opt out of the recreational cannabis industry in the meantime. In Jackson, views are really divided. A vote on a proposal that would have enabled medical and recreational cannabis to be offered in the community came down to a split vote and failed. There’s not a lot of consensus on this issue in many neighborhoods.

Triggering Increased Costs?

There are some communities and residents that are fretted about a boost to public spending that might have to occur as a result of recreational cannabis sales being legislated in their neighborhoods. In Northville Township, the Public Safety Director is evaluating the capacity for public safety costs to increase. It’s thought that safety spending will increase, and it’s being asked whether the increased tax earnings from the legalization of cannabis sales will cover that rise or not.

There is certainly going to be an advantage to local communities in regards to tax revenues since 15% of the tax collected from cannabis sales can go directly to the neighborhoods in which those marijuana facilities are located, so it has the potential to raise a great deal of cash for each area affected. If it’s discovered that this income goes beyond other costs needs associating with the legalization, communities will be a lot more willing to push ahead with embracing the market.

Property and Asset Division in Divorce Cases

In every divorce case, no matter the circumstance of the parties, there will be a division of assets. Many individuals believe this is a basic “split the baby” determination. Nevertheless, that is not constantly the case. For checking account and joint debts, you might be able to do that. Nevertheless, when it pertains to retirement accounts, real estate, and service payments, the formula is not that basic. Each of these categories has its own distinct set of issues, and you will absolutely require an attorney to help you piece this together.

Retirement Accounts and Pensions

In cases where separating parties have retirement accounts or pensions, those assets are subject to division as part of the divorce as they are considered marital property. Nevertheless, pension and retirement accounts are considered and divided in a different way, and there are methods to make sure that you are getting present day, actualized worth for your granted portion. Determining what the “marital portion” of those accounts can frequently be the very first problem. Where the entirety of the value in the accounts has been earned completely throughout the marriage, the problem is basic. Where the asset existed prior to the marital relationship, but cash was placed into or made by the account during the marriage, determining what makes up the “marital part” can become really complicated. A lawyer will assist to make the very best arguments about what makes up “marital assets” in the account, and will also know the proper experts to consult and evaluate the accounts to help make that determination. In most cases, having a specialist carry out an account assessment to identify exactly what amount of cash is marital, can guarantee that you receive the optimum quantity.

First, you need to know the difference in between what are called “defined contribution plans,” typically called 401ks, Individual retirement accounts, CMAs, 457b, and 403b strategies, and “specified advantage strategies” which are pensions. With specified contributions, today worth of the account is the “actualized” worth. The problem that occurs is identifying the quantity of that worth that accrued throughout the marriage, if the account was in existence prior to the time of the marital relationship, and if the account existed prior to the marital relationship, is it marital property at all, or does it satisfy the requirements for being thought about “different property.” Again, if you have that situation, you must speak to an attorney about these issues.

With defined contribution plans, an expert can determine the worth of the marital and non-marital parts and provide an opinion on the marital part’s worth that undergoes division. With defined benefit plans, or pensions, things can become much more complex. In numerous divorces, the primary payee of the pension has actually not retired, and will not retire for a long time. As a result, you can not merely identify today worth of the strategy. A specialist is needed to figure out the actualized worth of the account at the time the primary payee will get the advantage, and just how much of that value will be awarded to the alternate payee. Any boost in the worth of the specified benefit strategy after the date the divorce judgment can be segregated and not consisted of in the future contributions to the strategy. This is usually done by entry of a Qualified Domestic Relations Order, commonly called a QDRO or EDRO.

In either event, you will wish to work with an attorney who can encourage you, and who can put you in touch with the appropriate professionals to correctly carry out such appraisals. Specialist viewpoints are considered very favorably by most Courts in the family law arena, especially when it comes to account and property valuations. The expense of funds to make these determinations is frequently worth the expenditure, for a number of factors, not the least of which is to guarantee that, if your opposing partner works with a professional, and if they are the party with more assets they likely will, you aren’t the party on the outside searching in.

Real Property Assessments

Another location where people typically make mistakes are with the sale of real property. Whether you only have your marital home, or you own multiple houses or industrial properties, there are too many people who just take what they paid for the property, minus any liabilities on the property, and decide to use that as the existing worth of the property. That mistake can cost you a substantial amount of cash. A lot of great divorce attorneys will tell you that you must not make a decision about the worth of any real estate that becomes part of the marital estate without taking specific actions. Among those would be to get an appraisal of the property. Good family law lawyers will know a number of appraisers and their preferences about property assessments. Depending upon whether you want the property to be valued high, or low, you will want to go over the appraisal of the property with a lawyer prior to deciding.

You may find that the value of the home from ten years ago when it was purchased has actually substantially increased. If your opposing spouse wishes to keep the house, understanding about that substantial increase can net you a significant increase in your equity buyout. If your home is to be sold, an increase in the worth will result in your getting a bigger share upon sale. In some scenarios, divorcing parties own several houses. In those case, understanding the present values of your houses can help make better choices about offering or keeping some or all of those properties as part of the settlement. In those cases, appraisals and appraisal reports documenting the basis of that appraised worth can be substantial.

The very same can be true, and in some cases more so, if the parties own a business building, or a rental property. Oftentimes, industrial property appraisals lead to significant valuations. In many cases, commercial properties can be worth large sums more than home. In a case we litigated recently, the one-sixth valuation of marital interest in an industrial property deserved more than the one-half value received from the sale of the marital house. Having a commercial appraisal done on the property is very important, and your lawyer can counsel you on how to have one done and on who your finest alternative to utilize for that service might be, given your individual truths and circumstances. Business appraisal reports are generally lengthy, detailing the basis for the appraisers identified worth. In the event of lawsuits, having that report together with the expert’s testament can supply a strong basis upon which the Court may rely in making a decision on value. In both situations, it is very important to have a lawyer who can assist you determine the best prepare for protecting your interests and maximizing the value you can get as a result of your property split.

Company Assessments

Numerous divorce litigants do not know that the other partner’s service is actually, oftentimes, a marital asset, to which they are entitled to get one half of the worth. Whether it is a dining establishment, medical practice, law firm, or accounting group, oftentimes, the business may be a marital asset that goes through division. While the parties might merely agree on a value to put on the business, doing so usually results in a substantial loss to among the parties in the property split. In these situations in particular, you will require the help of a lawyer, who can help discover a professional to properly review the business, its assets, its debts, profit and loss statements, tax return filings, expenditures and correctly reach a conclusion about the worth of business.

Having an expert and an attorney to do the essential work to discover a proper value on business is of the utmost significance. In most cases, business itself can be the most considerable asset in a divorce matter, and typically parties don’t even think about the business as a marital asset. Do not make that error. If either party has a service, whether it is you or the other partner, you are most in need of a lawyer to offer you correct guidance, to try and guarantee that you are not cheated out of your share of marital assets.