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Job Scam Alert: How to Spot A Fake Job Offer

There’s a growing trend in job (and internship) scams targeting remote workers. Fake job offers appear most as unsolicited emails, online job postings and malicious links on social media. Employment scams can attempt to steal money, steal your personal information or identity.


Some job scams are easy to notice and give off red flags because they appear “too good to be true” while others seem legit. They promise large salaries with little to no effort or job experience. Unfortunately, scammers have gotten savvy online and are able to pose as legitimate companies. They purchase business names, websites, email addresses and more to conduct fraud. Most scammers use “spoof” email addresses so that their emails “appear” to be coming from a valid email account when in fact, they are actually coming from the scammer’s email account. 


If your goal is to work-from-home, fake job offers can be especially hard to identify but there are simple ways to avoid them. Below you’ll find a list of basic do’s and don’ts to help you identify and avoid job scams. 



  • Don’t share personal information like your social security or bank account number with anyone until you have verified it with the government.

  • Don’t send money for background checks or as a condition of employment.Traditional jobs do not require staff to pay upfront for uniforms, background checks etc.

  • Don’t accept paychecks in the form of cashier’s checks or money orders. Fake checks are common with scammers which means you may get into trouble by the bank or check cashing business where you cash it.

  • Don’t cash a paycheck that comes with “extra” money and do not buy gift cards and send barcodes at an employer’s request. Scammers send checks that require you to make deposits at your bank, withdraw the “extra” money as cash and then deposit that cash elsewhere. When their check bounces you will be held responsible to face penalties and pay fines by the bank.

  • Don’t share personal information like your social security or bank account number on social media even if it’s requested through direct message. This is the newest method for job scams and no social network is immune or perfectly safe. Be cautious on social media, people’s accounts get hacked daily so do your research and verify that the recruiter or employer is legit before you click and apply. 



  • Beware if a job is offering daily pay or big money for very little work or job experience, it could be a scammer trying to steal your personal information.

  • Research the employer. Visit their company website to make sure business information and job advertisements match. Is the phone number or email address the same as what’s listed on their website? Is the job listed on their  career page?

  • Read customer reviews from various sources to find out what others have experienced with the company. Do an internet search for more information and see if they are listed in business directories.

  • Call the potential employer and listen for a professional voice message with company information before submitting your job application.

  • If you think a job offer is suspicious on an online job board let the publishers know! They can do a formal investigation and remove the job posting from their website. Always report a job scam to prevent others from getting scammed. Post your experience on social media or consumer protection websites. To report a scam, file a complaint online with the Federal Trade Commission. 

The Bottom Line on Job Scams

 Millions of people are affected by job scams every year and become victims of identity theft or fraud. Anybody can be tricked into opening a spam email or clicking on a malicious social media link. So it’s best to get familiar with the warning signs and protect yourself during your job search.

Opinion Profit Club strives to provide legitimate work from home job opportunities on our website; however, we make no representations or guarantees about positions from employers or affiliates.  Please review our disclaimer for more information.



3 Best Kept Secrets to Getting A Job

3 Best Kept Secrets to Getting A Job 

By: Kayla McDonald

Contacting an employer after you have applied or interviewed for a job is very important. I’ve heard complaints from both hiring managers and job seekers about not hearing back from someone after showing interest.  In my opinion, follow-up is the responsibility of both job seekers and hiring departments.

In fact,  most people wait to follow up only after a job interview, not knowing it is just as beneficial to follow up on their job application too! While this process can be scary for the job seeker, contacting the recruiter or hiring manager after expressing your interest can really help you Stand Out from other candidates. And knowing how to follow up on a job application may increase your chances of getting hired. 

So if you applied to an open position and haven’t gotten a response back, give the following strategies a try.

Make A Phone Call 

Wait about a week after submitting a job application or being interviewed to take your next step. Then call your main point of contact which should be a recruiter or member of the company’s hiring team. Don’t be discouraged if you’re not able to speak with the right person on the first try. It’s normal to be transferred to other departments. Be willing to leave a voice mail or message with the receptionist if the opportunity presents itself. 

Keep in mind it’s always best to follow the directions from a potential employer’s job posting before calling by phone. Avoid calling if it says Do Not Call or No Phone Calls. During an interview is also a great time to ask for contact information and discuss job expectations. In addition, you can stay organized by keeping a contact list of people to follow-up with from each company.

Send an Email 

While a phone call would be my first recommendation for the initial method of following up, others claim that email is the best method because job seekers can show interest in the role while also respecting  their contact’s time. In my opinion, email is a great secondary option to take in circumstances where the company does not accept phone inquiries. Email is a great method to use if you have not heard back from your contact after leaving a voicemail. Patience will be helpful as I suggest waiting 48-72 hours for an email response.  Especially hiring departments because they are busier than ever due to limitations the pandemic has caused in the job market. 


One of my favorite ways to follow-up is dropping by the physical location. Now obviously this applies to companies that have brick and mortar locations. Just a side note…These follow-up processes do not have to be done in any particular order. You can try each method as it fits your situation. Once you arrive at the job site or corporate office, stop at the front desk or ask a staff member who you can speak with about hiring. They may ask you for more detail and refer you to the correct department. 

Walk-ins can be a win-win situation for both job seekers and employers. A major benefit for those seeking employment is the ability to experience the culture of the organization and see if you like the vibe. In addition, job seekers can also gather information about their staff who to contact in regards to the hiring process. Most importantly walk-ins allow hiring managers to get more familiar with you as a candidate. 

In summary, I have listed three of the most effective job search strategies. These simple actions have landed me countless interviews with hiring managers and job opportunities! Companies are looking for ways to filter out candidates. By applying the strategies above, you’re more likely to move to the next steps.

Opinion Profit Club is an online career resource to help you find jobs in the Gig Economy. We remove the confusion from working from home. We hope you liked this info. Feel free to post your questions and comments below.  Have a great day!


How to Find a Part time Job

As your side gig advisor job I have worked for some of America’s top companies doing customer service, marketing and student advisor positions which makes me the perfect person to help you find that dream job! 

Reading this article and watching the video below is great for you if you’re someone who… 

  • Doesn’t want to work 40-plus hours a week,
  •  Is looking for gigs that will fit your schedule,
  • Loves their full-time job but needs extra money or 
  • Maybe you’ve submitted your application but feel confused about what to do next.

If so, my goal is to help you change that because, I believe anyone is talented enough to develop skills, earn money and start a meaningful career!   After watching the webinar you’ll be more confident in getting hired for a job with flexible schedules, ideal working conditions and great pay.

During this 27 minute video presentation, I’ll discuss:

  • How to set career goals
  • Tips for getting organized
  • Best practices for Interview preparation
  • Where to look for help with Resume writing & Interview skills
  • Leveraging your personal and professional network 
  • When to follow-up with recruiters and more!

This webinar is full of career strategies I use to find legit jobs, prepare for interviews and get hired. Comment below or send us an email if you need some extra help. Opinion Profit Club is an online career resource to help you find jobs in the Gig Economy. We remove the confusion out of working from home. We hope you liked this info. Feel free to post your questions and comments below.  Have a great day!