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Cheap travel destinations to visit in 2019

We went on so many trips in 2018 and we aren’t stopping anytime soon.
Especially with our new travel hacking techniques and discovering cheap travel
destinations for the new year.


My parents gave us gift cards to Southwest Airlines for Christmas. I seriously
love my family! That got me researching our trips for the year to get my
creative, travel guide wheels turning.

I could use my new gift cards along with my points racked up from last year
on my Sapphire Reserve Card for a free trip (with some left over).

In my research I found that you could fly to San Jose, Costa Rica from St.
Louis, MO for as low as $199 each way if you book in the middle of the week in
March and April.

Even if you don’t plan to fly there in those months you can still get cheap flights
to Costa Rica. For the least expensive flights, book at least 2 months before
your travel date.

Once you get there, Costa Rica can be more expensive than other Central
American countries. However, I found that budget travelers can
survive on $30 – $50 USD per day.


The “Land of Fire†isn’t the only cheap travel destination possibility
though. There are TONS of countries you can travel to for cheap. Let’s discuss
some of my favorites.

Keep in mind that for airfare, it depends on your distance from the
destination. So someone in Belize can fly to Costa Rica for much cheaper than
someone in the Midwestern United States.



Sagres is the perfect spot to take in the gorgeous natural landscapes of
Portugal. Between the gnarly waves you’ll find on the coast of the Pacific
Ocean and the free hiking trails you can trek in and around the area, you won’t
run out of activities on your budget trip to this European hidden gem.

This destination has many perks for the budget traveler. It is both
affordable and doesn’t tend to get very crowded in the summer.

There are some incredibly nice hostels in the area too. The
Goodfeeling hostel 
is within 10km to Sagres and starts at $17 a night
with free beach transfers.

to Sagres start for as low as $466!

What is not to love about this exciting cheap travel destination?

Verona, Italy

Verona is the setting of Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet and a beautiful
romantic setting for travelers looking to save a buck or two.

I originally found in my research that you can eat for as cheap as $6.75 per
person, per meal. But later found in some forums that if you are in the more
touristy areas of the city, you will need to expect to pay around 15 Euros per

So plan where you will eat before you go, to save money.

There is plenty to do for cheap or free. The churches are breathtaking and
only cost a couple of Euros to enter. If you sight see anything without
entering, it can be for free!

If you are already in Europe, you can fly to
Verona for as low as $109 round trip. If you fly from the U.S. (like us) you
are looking at $1,000+ round trip because let’s face it, it’s far.
But once you’re there, your budget travel dreams are endless.

Groupon as some great travel package deals, especially Europe travel
packages. See
what kind of packages they have for Verona, Italy!

Karlovac, Croatia

I first looked at Dubrovnik, as it is the top destination in
Croatia. But then later found it is probably the most expensive one too, which
is what we don’t want. It probably doesn’t hurt to visit Dubrovnik for a day or
two though while you’re there.