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Do This To Lower Hypertension Today

Weight loss is not the only significant improvement that may be gained through nutrition and lifestyle modifications. Reducing cardiovascular disease risk is also important. In general, vegetarians have lower blood pressure, and a lower incidence of high blood pressure and other cardiovascular diseases than omnivores do.
Celery’s ability to lower blood pressure makes it an interesting recommendation for hypertension. Research has shown that a compound in celery, 3-n-butyl phthalide, can lower blood pressure. In animals, a very small amount of this compound was shown to lower blood pressure by several percentage points, but was also shown to lower cholesterol levels by about 7 percent. About four ribs of celery contribute the equivalent dose in humans. We should certainly try celery!
Garlic and onions, when added to meals regularly, may lower blood pressure after two to four weeks of use. Garlic and onion supplements also help. Garlic may greatly help fight inflammation in the body, which means small reductions in cholesterol. Onions also help diminish cholesterol.
Magnesium is also necessary in the proper functioning of the body. Potassium is needed in multiple bodily processes, and most people need to include sources of potassium in their diets.
Stress can also be a contributing cause to hypertension. Calming techniques, including deep breathing exercises, meditation, hypnosis, and progressive muscle relaxation have proved valuable in reducing a person’s stress level. Other nutrients that are known to lower blood pressure are vitamin C, vitamin B6 and calcium. Supplements of these nutrients might help. Coenzyme Q10, which is used to help lower cholesterol, also helps stabilize the vascular system due its antioxidant properties. Coenzyme Q10 may also help to lower blood sugar levels. It boosts the production of adenosine triphosphate (ATP) and provides additional energy at a cellular level.
Hypertension should not be taken for granted. Maintaining healthy blood pressure not only prolongs your life but also improves its quality. If a natural low blood pressure is feasible, this is better since it helps avoid serious side effects. Some of these may include severe fatigue and frequent headaches.

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