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Original Sacred Geometry Jewelry

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flower of life


A cutting-edge fully illuminated volume – Understanding Sacred Geometry and the Flower of Life – a Higher Dimensional Perspective on an Ancient Wisdom Stream. Read through it online or purchase paper copies.

Sacred Geometry and the Flower of Life

This sacred geometry work discusses a fabulous number of engaging topics associated with sacred geometry and the flower of life. Incorporating the insights of sages as well as researchers and mystics, it offers a fresh view at the hermetic tradition of the importance of the fundamental forms to expanding the human consciousness and character.

Beautifully illustrated, every single section is beautifully crafted, and a first browse through just delighting in the artistry and designs will likely already inspire with significant foundation concepts. There is no advanced maths necessitated in any way, and a twelfth grade degree of understanding is the only thing that is necessary to grasp the important glimpses into the structure of reality that are made effortlessly within reach within this unique book.

The book starts with some history, and foundation ideas like clarity and the relevance of spheres. It then explains the work of Buckminster Fuller in regard to the importance of trigonal forms to understanding energy patterns of systems of all types. From there the themes traversed are as diverse as earth science, culture, artistry, modern technology, nutrition, mind training, archetypal symbols, higher dimensional geometry, and much more.

At the website one can browse through the whole book online as it is nicely presented in a digital flip book format. In case you would prefer to hold the book in your hands then it is rather moderately priced at $24 including worldwide postage and handling.

During the course of the composing of this book the author has asked himself several times as to what he actually believes about Sacred Geometry, and how it can be a force for upliftment in this increasingly distressed planet. What he imagined in his dreams, is that Sacred Geometry could end up being the proverbial biggest thing since rock ‘n’ roll. That mankind might just find in it a secret to accelerating the maturation of the human spirit and soul.