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French Synth-pop Single Released

Los Angeles-based French American artist Noisegun just released his new Synth-pop single “Pulsation” on October 8th. The semi-autobiographical song is based on his experience traveling abroad and meeting lovers.

The song is a throwback to 80’s Synth Pop and New Wave with a modern Dark Wave feel. It is 100% made with machines, including synthesizers, drum machines and a sequencer. The lyrics are in French with an English chorus, which is the title of the track. “Pulsation” is available on all major streaming platforms such as Spotify, Amazon Music, Itunes, Deezer and more. An official video was also released and has passed 50,000 views on Youtube.

More releases will follow, including songs in English and French showcasing NoiseGun’s international identity.

Born in Marseille, France and now based in Los Angeles County’s Long Beach, California, NoiseGun crosses musical and cultural borders, from Dark Wave to Synth-Pop, Post-Punk, Shoegaze, Industrial and Electronica.

French Synth-pop artist