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watch free Godzilla vs. Kong

godzilla vs kong delivers exactly what the title promises the fourth in warner brothers and legendary’s monster verse of kaiju movies that began with 2014’s godzilla and moved through kong skull island and godzilla king of the monsters the movie pits the two giant monsters against each other for the first time since the japanese produced king kong vs godzilla in 1962.

of course 49 years was probably long enough for the two icons to chill in their respective corners so the timing couldn’t be more right for this long incoming rematch one afforded the blockbuster budget and razzle dazzle we’d expect in 2021 as directed by adam wingard godzilla vs kong not only lives up to the bone crunching building smashing promise of its title it also brings together numerous plot threads laid out over the three monsterverse chapters thus far does that mean godzilla vs kong is particularly deep or introspective no does it need to be also no eschewing both the satirical edge of skull island and the slow burn approach of the 2014 godzilla

this is a saturday afternoon matinee gussied up with elaborate effects and it’s made all the better for wholeheartedly embracing that the story picks up broadly from where things left off at the end of 2019’s godzilla king of the monsters giant titans populate the globe with godzilla the top banana among the top bananas but life has gone on and the monsters pretty much leave people alone but when the big g attacks a facility run by shady corporation apex cybernetics that fragile data is shattered meanwhile kong who’s now considerably bigger than he was during the 1970s set skull island is being shipped to an entire ecosystem called the hollow earth before he can attract the attention of that certain other alpha creature who may wish to take him down there can’t be two alpha titans whoops too late so why do godzilla and kong fight the various developments leading to it are best discovered on their own

but fight they do probably the smartest thing godzilla vs kong does is not delaying the fisticuffs yes there’s a cursory effort to ground the proceedings in a way that hangs together narratively while feeling like a natural progression but nothing to get in the way of the hot monster on monster action everyone shows up for even more of a challenge given their huge respective fan bases was ensuring each of the title monsters got their moment to shine while also making their bouts enough of a contest to keep us engaged it’s a tricky balance admittedly but wingard manages it well ultimately godzilla is godzilla a force of nature he’s neither good…

watch Godzilla vs Kong online

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