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Facade Tarot – Discover your hidden talents and discover the purpose behind everything around you using facade tarot cards

Facade Tarot Cards is the sole guide you’ll need when utilizing tarot reading. This book contains the complete description of each card, their meaning , and how to use it in your readings. Professionally designed illustrations assist readers in understanding the description instantly and utilize the cards precisely. I’m Anna Torrey – a correspondent for Life Path Tv and an internationally well-known skilled tarot readers who’s shared her knowledge with thousands of people around the globe!

Tarot cards are used for centuries and provide guidance in many aspects of daily life. The deck, called that is called the facade tarot, is based on our hometown Chicago. It not only provides insight into what lies ahead but takes you along for a ride through the time-honored classics thus far untouched by modern interpretations. Take us with you from Chicago’s postindustrial district and its bustling city centre and tell fascinating tales of legend and history at every turn. See our iconic landmarks with an imaginative new lens!

Facade Tarot – Discover your hidden talents and discover the meaning behind everything around you with facade tarot cards