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Mindfulness in Your Business

Mindfulness in Your


Mindfulness is a psychological concept that defines a state
in which it is about paying attention to the present moment, as is, without
concessions or judgments.

More broadly, mindfulness is the practice of being mindful
of the current moment, observing the thoughts, emotions, and sensations of the
present, without any judgments, allowing them to flow freely and avoiding
internal ruminations.


What is mindfulness
based on?

Mindfulness is based on a meditation technique from India,
called Vipassana, which consists of becoming aware of the present moment in
which we find ourselves.

Starting in the 70s, this technique was applied to
psychological and psychiatric treatments, especially aimed at reducing anxiety
and depression.

Jon Kabat-Zinn, professor of medicine, introduced a series
of approaches to the Western world for therapeutic purposes. He is the creator
of the mindfulness-based stress reduction method.


How to start
practicing Mindfulness?


Formal and Informal


Informal practices:

These are those that are carried out by perceiving the
environment and that end up being integrated into daily life. For example, go
out for a walk and carefully see the landscape, the sounds that occur during
the journey, the whispering of the birds.

Formal practices:

 This when a specific
time is set for practice during the day. For example, sitting quietly for half
an hour concentrating on breathing.


Effects of the use of
mindfulness in companies

The practice of mindfulness in companies is one of the uses
that are given today. This technique allows proper stress management, an
improvement in interpersonal relationships and an increase in concentration on
the activities that are carried out daily.

From a scientific point of view, the introduction of the use
of mindfulness at the business, level helps employees to have neurobiological
and mental changes, so to observe their experiences and emotions in a more objective.


Other benefits of mindfulness practice that employees will
obtain are:


  • Increased concentration on tasks.

  • Reduction of stress and anxiety.

  • Increased creativity.

  • Fewer ponderings.

  • Increased empathy.

  • Greater persistence.
  • Emotional self-regulation.







guided meditation


Nature Sounds Sea Waves on the Sandy Beach🙏😍🎧 – M&L Mind & Soul

nature sounds Sea Waves on the Sandy Beach🙏😍🎧 – M&L Mind & Soul
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Meditación Guiada Dichosa Relajación Profunda 🙏😍🎧 – M&L Channel
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