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Survivalcraft 2 & The Walking Dead: ON THE WAY TO TERMINUS – gameplay

Survivalcraft 2.2 – “Walking Dead World 4” map. Issue 1.
The prison is destroyed by the brutal Governor’s gang. Rick Grimes and his friends set out in small groups to seek new refuge. In the hope of meeting, they all go to Terminus, where they are promised protection. This story is about a group of Rick, Karl and Michonne.
The map was made for the TV show The Walking Dead. The gameplay of this video is made for season 4 of this show.


Survivalcraft 2: map TWD. Finding Sophie, church

Gameplay on the “Walking Dead 4” map in Survivalcraft 2.2. Episode #31.
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After the night attack of the walking dead, the heroes of the TV show decided to look for a safer place. Little Sophie, frightened by the walking dead, ran into the forest and got lost. Almost the entire team went in search of her. During the search, a village church was found. But Sophie was not there. Where can I find you, Sophie?