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If You Don’t Slow Down Now, Then When?


Everything happens in the Now.

Time is ultimately not linear but in our current existence we do have the illusion of time which is there for learning purposes.

The past, we can look back on, to see the mistakes we have made, so we can adapt and learn as to not repeat them again.

The future only ever happens in the present moment but most of the time is projected from our past repetitive behaviors.

Most of us are living in the past.

We live consciously 5% of the time and operating or living in repetitive patterns or programs 95% of the time, which is subconscious.

The below is a link to a quirky video and some insight by Bruce Lipton, PHD, on the subject.
He is well known for his works in Epigenetic’s, amongst various other amazing work including of course conscious and subconscious behaviours.


And we wonder why we keep repeating the same things in life…
Actually, most of us don’t realise this based on the above.

One may ask why this is so…

Spiritual Answer

I would like to answer this spiritually, as this is ultimately the greatest calling or beyond anything the world of science could perhaps answer. Science being a great tool but a tool, nonetheless. Side Note: Bridging of Science and Spirituality is key.

So back to the question of why do we operate in 5% consciousness.?

Again, answering this from a spiritual perspective, which will automatically take into account –  science –  for instance, biologically or evolutionary speaking, we subconsciously/unconsciously(using these interchangeably in this instance) take our hand off a burning stove to protect us, as opposed to consciously contemplating if we should or shouldn’t’. Point being that our conscious mind in this particular example would slow us down.

Spiritually I would say, it is because we are called or perhaps, we could say, drawn to higher states of experience & awareness beyond the material, transient world we live in.

And that it takes some “effort”, shift or awakening to tap into a higher level of consciousness and therefore not being subject to our surroundings or going along with the world.

So, with this as the backdrop and back to the title of this Vlog/Blog, “If you don’t slow down now, then when?” And are we living by these repetitive subconscious patterns or are we going to consciously tap into our higher selves…

Conscious Effort

A good example of this is in my own life.

Much of my life especially my working life, I had spent most mornings in a state of acute anxiety and a high level of energy. And not a healthy level of energy.

Still to this day, sometimes I have to consciously take a breath and remind myself to slow down NOW as that is how I choose to live my life NOW and in the future.

And this is after many years of meditation, introspection, learning, experiencing etc.

So, the point is, it takes conscious effort and to develop habits that eventually do become part of our core being.

Having said that, there is nothing “wrong” with a little “healthy” stress or pressure, which gets us all going in the morning and able to get things done. When I say “healthy” I mean “healthy” in terms of a bit of heightened energy to get us moving.

BUT if you are rushing out your house in a flat spin, your energy all over the place, not thinking clearly and you do not have some sort of relative peace, then something has to give.

And something will give – either burnout or something more perhaps “negative”, which is life signally to slow down.

Before that happens, one needs to make a conscious shift before life intervenes and does it for you.

Some of us, however, have become so accustomed to a relatively high level of stress, anxiety or unconsciousness that we don’t even realise what it is to operate from a relative state of peace.

You will know when you are NOT living in relative peace and harmony, when you get home after work or if you work from home or whatever the case may be and you feel drained.

This is not normal.

And when it nears the end of the week and you are really struggling, then you know this is not how you should be living life.

This is generalizing and there are many variables of course but peace and harmony should nonetheless be “Normal”.

If for short bursts of time and you are pushing yourself to get a specific project done or whatever the case may be, that’s fine.
But if this is all the time, then you are subject to the world and running around unconsciously, almost like a robot on autopilot.

And this is a key point. Our current life and how the world is functioning is not how it should be. People are getting squeezed for every little bit, not to mention the general fast pace of society and technology. You cannot be subject to this and need to take back your creative power.

And that Starts NOW.

Don’t wait for a raise; a new job/change in career, a new project or opportunity; whatever the case may be.

Start NOW. Start the next time you wake up. Breathe, slow down and let your next step be in relative peace and harmony.
This is what will dictate how the rest of your day and life is going to unfold.

Try this and witness life mold to your relative will or reflect this back to you. Don’t make excuses that something needs to be done first, or something else is more important and then you can relax. That is creating the future from the NOW.

Easier said than done perhaps but the most rewarding feeling and experience of your life is when you witness life change according to how you perceive and decide to live.

You actually have to let go certain things. It may be hard at first, especially if you have developed a fast pace, high work ethic or “negative” habits that are not serving you.

You have to ask yourself how in the first place did you reach this point of stress and/or anxiety or disharmony in your life?

Ponder that, without judgment.

Changing habits is not easy but not hard either.
That is where the conscious choice needs to be practiced and becoming part of your being.

What’s key or perhaps beneficial to those out there that operate with high levels of stress, is that you will perform your work or whatever it is in life you are doing more effectively and efficiently, from the state of relative peace and harmony.

Again, nothing “wrong” with a healthy form of energy to get things done.
But not when it is draining your energy.

When you have relative peace & harmony and you will see things more clearly, operating in another field of existence, so to speak.

Life may also just take a different course of action/timeline and that is great and exciting.

Novel and rejuvenating being key words. Not repetitive and energy draining.

You will also be adding this “positive” energy into other people’s lives and the world.

The future will echo what is then done in the present.

If you are waiting on something else to bring you peace, joy or whatever it is you want, you are giving power to the world and not claiming your creative power.
That, which you have within yourself right now, through choice and awareness.

Only through practicing this and experiencing will you see this evident.

As in my other Vlogs/BLogs, Meditation is a great tool that will help you to gain conscious control and bring peace and harmony into your life.

If you don’t slow down now, then when?

I hope this adds great value to your life.

See below for the video: