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Looking for a friend? the Best Chickens for Pets

If you have ever thought about having pets, or do have pets but want something different.

Have you ever thought about chickens as pets?

No really!

Not only that but the best chickens for pets.

If you do have chickens in your backyard for eggs, have you actually spent time with them to see just how friendly they are?

There are many people out there even today that have not thought of a chicken as a pet.

They might have thought of other exotic pets they could have, yet
they have never really considered a pet chicken as an actual pet.

Or ever thought that a chicken can be a pet.

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Storing Chicken Eggs what You Need to Know

Most of us love chicken eggs but do we really know that storing chicken eggs the right way will make them last longer.

chicken eggs have been eaten throughout history so what have we learned and how can we benefit from this knowledge.

Lets have a look…

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