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LCCS Journey With Sameer

How did my journey with Sameer begin?

Sameer*, 22, a youth offender serving his sentence in the Changi Prison, was sitting alone in the
room. Tattoos covered almost his entire body. He was waiting to meet me, his
‘My Journey’
facilitator. Upon entering the room, I smiled and shook his hand. After ten minutes into our
conversation, he suddenly asked
, “What do you think of me?He paused, concerned if I was affected
by his tattoos.

Sensing his discomfort, I replied in a light-hearted tone, Hey Sameer, I am fine with your tattoos. I
am happy to
see you today. I’d like to introduce to you this new program called My Journey.” He
then nodded his head and began to feel more at ease with me. At that time, I had no inkling that his
tattoos were not just merely modern decorative body art, but its designs and symbols were indicative
of his past journey with a secret society indulging in drugs and perpetrating violence.

Why was Sameer incarcerated?

Sameer was incarcerated for about two years for drug offences and violence. Early in his life at the
age of 17, he was hooked on drugs and soon became a drug addict. He also got himself involved in
gang related activities. One day while he was at home, he became violent after consuming some drugs
and ended up beating his mother, who later called the police. He also hit one of the police officers
when he came to arrest him.

How did Sameer repair harm and restore relationships?

By participating in the My Journey program, Sameer was given the space to talk about his feelings of
sadness, anger and shame for causing harm to his loved ones, particularly his mother. As the journey
progressed, he began to reflect on how he could restore his relationship and to rebuild trust with them.
After Sameer journeyed with me in this program for about two months, a restorative
conference/support circle was convened inside the prison.

On this important day of restitution, Sameer had the opportunity to have meaningful engagements
with his family members and people who had cared for him over the years. They included his
biological and adoptive families, a former school teacher, a befriender, a counsellor and prison staff.
As Sameer knelt before his loved ones and apologised to them, participants began to tear as they
could feel the sincerity expressed by Sameer to repair harm and restore relationships. The sight of
both mothers, biological and adoptive, hugging their son, forgiving and loving one other brought so
much comfort and encouragement to the group.

He then began to talk about how he would like to rebuild trust with those affected by his behaviours.
He listed some goals to achieve for the next six months, which included getting a job to support his
family, having a strategy to remain drug-free, taking up a hobby and volunteering in community work.
To help Sameer achieved his goals, participants would act as his community of care and started to
express their support by listing the kind of help they would like to provide him to ensure that he would
succeed in achieving his goals.

What made the My Journey program a meaningful outcome?

The My Journey program allowed a series of engagements between Sameer and people in his
community of care to process their feelings, provide closure on the past and provide their support for
Sameer to keep him on track. At LCCS, we advocate administering Restorative Practices (RP) among
inmates through the
My Journey program. The program aims to break the cycle of hurt, restore
relationships and rebuild trust so that every inmate can avoid reoffending and be reintegrated into the
community as a responsible citizen who contributes to society and the nation.

Note: Client has given consent to this article. The name has been changed to protect the confidentiality of the client and family. 

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Parents Of Children With Autism Spectrum

What’s the best way to teach an autistic child to read?

In this video, I will go over what autism is, the numerous ways autistic children learn, and how augmented reality is bridging the gap for autistic children.

Many children with autism have a hard time learning to read and write. Some of the best ways to teach an autistic child to read and recognize the alphabet is augmented reality. But let’s first talk about what is autism.

What is Autism?

Autism is a disorder that brings about irregular behavior. It is in most cases found in youngsters and not always easily identified based on the severity of the disorder.

What are the different ways kids with autism learn?

Kids with autism learn in a different way than other little ones. They learn best by means of visual cues, repetition, and physical activity.

That is where Augmented Reality Technology comes in. It helps to Bridge the gap in teaching an autistic child to read.

Augmented reality is an exciting way to bridge the gap for children with autism because it helps both visual learners and auditory learners.

AR technology uses sound effects and animated characters, creating an entertaining learning experience for kids with autism, which aids with their reading skills and comprehension difficulties.

Augmented reality books can be used as an alternative therapy for helping little ones diagnosed with autism spectrum and who have a hard time reading and writing.

One such book is “Angel’s Awesome Alphabet Book” by author Angelique Marshall. The book utilizes augmented reality to help youngsters learn their alphabet letters.

The Alphabet book pages come alive with sound effects, voice narration, and animated characters when used with our AR app. This allows the user to see what they’re saying while listening to them say it.

The Alphabet book has been created specifically for those individuals who have a hard time understanding language or comprehending written words.

It offers a unique opportunity for children with Autism Spectrum Disorder to interact with the text and images using speech and visuals simultaneously.

FAQ about Teach an Autistic Child to Read

How Does Autism Affect a Young child’s Social Skills?

Children with autism often have a hard time with social skills such as eye contact, understanding facial expressions, and making conversation. They may also be incapable to understand what other individuals are saying, and they may have difficulty expressing themselves. Because of this, children with autism may find it challenging to engage socially with others.

How Does Autism Affect Communication?

Children with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) have difficulty recognizing other people’s inflection and intentions. This makes it complicated for them to interact effectively. They may also have trouble with direct instruction.

How do you teach an autistic child to concentrate?

Teaching autistic children to concentrate is tough because they don’t understand when others say “concentrate.” They may also be unable to tell you how they really feel about something. Having said that, teaching them to concentrate is crucial for their future development. But there is hope, with the help of new modern technology such as augmented reality. With AR, youngsters’s books can help teach your child to concentrate and make reading more entertaining and stimulating.

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Visual Learning: The New Way to Teach

The Power of Visual Learning for Children

Reading is one of the most critical areas that any young child must learn. But what if your youngster struggles to read? They may be a visual learner. This video will examine how augmented reality mixed with visual learning can make reading easier and more entertaining for your son or daughter.

It’s time to get excited because we’re exploring augmented reality and visual learning for children.

The power of visual learning for young children is something that has been proven time and again. Studies have revealed that visual learning results in better retention of information and higher grades and better exam scores.

But how do you know if your child is a visual learner?

If your youngster has difficulty reading, then they may be a visual learner. Visual children tend to learn best by viewing someone else do something.

Now, here are five things to look for:

– They have a vibrant imagination

– They have an interest in drawing, painting, or crafts.

– They have a memory that relays visual information.

– They have curiosity about the world around them

So what is the solution?

Augmented reality is a way to make learning more exciting and engaging for kids with a visual learning style.

Angel’s Awesome Books provide a brand-new way to teach kids to read by utilizing visual learning techniques and animation to assist them to visualize the alphabet and associated sound effects. When combined with augmented reality, our publications are all the more powerful.

FAQ about Visual Learners

What is a visual learner?

Parents need to keep in mind that some children have unique learning styles than others. It’s important to find what works best for each little one. As an example, a little one who is a visual learner is someone who learns best when they see something rather than read about it. This is because the information sticks with them better. Moms and dads need to be conscious of this to include visual content when helping their visual children learn in the early years. While reading children’s beginner books with your youngster is crucial, it is equally important to use visual memory aids such as videos and photos to help reinforce what they have learned.

What are some advantages of using an augmented reality book for children that need visual content:

Auditory Skill

Augmented reality aids visual learners with their auditory skills with voice narration that pronounces each letter of the alphabet.

Moreover, this new technology allows little ones to learn in their own way by scanning the page themselves. They can read along as they go through each letter or word on the page. This offers them more control over what they are reading than traditional picture books allow. It also assists them to develop fine motor skills while using their hands to turn the pages.

Mental Picture and Visual Memory

AR also assist with sophisticated concepts by providing a mental image for your child with animated alphabet characters which assist with their visual memory of the alphabet. Children can see letters as real objects thanks to the use of augmented reality. Those who struggle with learning to read can use it as a visual aid.

mSpy Reviews and also testimonials – watch prior to you acquire mSpy

Many moms and dads today matured throughout the beginning days of the internet. They remember paying attention to cautions from their mother and fathers in addition to instructors concerning sharing images online or dispersing their telephone number in addition to addresses. Many many thanks to Facebook along with similar web sites, young people presently share added details online than they ever did previously. Killers can track their timetables along with not just see when they have football practice or associate their buddies, nonetheless likewise when they’re far from their moms and dads in addition to when no grown-ups are about. Over half of all teens admit to having online discussions with strange people, and an additional 75% of teenagers asserted that they got certain offers as well as likewise messages from grown-ups that they truly did not show their mother and fathers. Include those numbers to the number of awesomes that use dating apps as well as additionally it’s not unexpected that why mother and fathers stress over their youngsters online.Young grownups,

particularly teen girls, can satisfy guys who assert that they correspond age when they’re much older. When those people threaten to share the images on the internet, they could send out sex-related pictures to their on the internet close friends and also really feel blackmailed. With mSpy, you can conserve your child weeks of concern due to the fact that it permits you to see any kind of possible dangers prior to they wind up being serious.How to protect your children with mSpy?You perhaps looked at mobile phone trackers
prior to. If you appear like most moms and dads, you more than likely selected not to make use of one given that you intended to supply your child some freedom as well as wished to make him or her depend on you. No matter just how much you trust your youngster, you can’t regularly rely on those that get in phone call with your kid. Most of youngsters that were sexually over made use of suffered misuse with someone they understood, containing a beloved teacher or a suched as one. mSpy has a valuable background setup that ensures your kid does not recognize it exists or running. It takes about 10 mins to set up and also after that uses remote viewing. You don’t need to have the phone in your hands to see what your young person finishes with it. A few of the important things that you can see with mSpy consist of: The 10 phone calls that your young person messages, shares pictures with or talks to Any type of messages that your child sends out or gets, also if those messages disappear on the phone Both the existing GENERAL PRACTITIONER area of the phone and all places it stayed in the past Any type of media sends minimized or sent from the phone All websites that the child looked into while on the phone Specifically How Can You Use mSpy?Using mSpy is really easy as a result of just exactly how promptly you can download it to a youngster’s phone. As long as you can get that phone much from your teenager for

a couple of minutes, you can include the tracker to the phone without him or her understanding it. When made use of with more youthful young people, it’s useful to permit them acknowledge that it exists due to the SOS attribute. If your kid is ever in a harmful condition, they can strike this switch. It sends an alert to the parent as well as consistently keeps an eye on the area of the phone. Young adults can use this button also.With mSpy, you obtain full accessibility to another person’s phone. Not just can you see images along with sms message decreased that phone, however you can view internet material that the consumer got rid of too. You can see where that young adult

is along with any messages they sent if you have a teen dating an individual without your authorization. mSpy is also best for the parents of young kids with their initial cellular phone. You can check their activities and additionally ensure that you approve of every little thing they do internet. mSpy can also make mother and fathers aware of any type of type of intimidation that their children experience as well.With many monitoring applications as well as items easily offered today, no individual would absolutely condemn you for questioning what sets mSpy in addition to the pack. One reason that a great deal of favor it is that it utilizes even more help as well as assistance for moms and dads. Both the website as well as additionally the application can educate mother and fathers concerning the risks of intimidation. You’ll see videos online that include several of your children’ preferred social media stars talking about the harassing they experienced in addition to what kids need to do if they experience bullying.The manufacturers of this application trusted education and learning professionals for help making it. Those professionals spoke about specifically how young people today bully others as well as the issues gotten in touch with cyberbullying. When guarding their young people, the manufacturers made use of that suggestions as well as responses to produce a new application that allowed mother and fathers to make use of

contemporary modern technology. A few of the functions found in this application especially look for indications of bullying as well as send cautions to moms and dads that allow them understand when to act. Unlike comparable apps that simply watch on mobile phone along with sms message, mSpy goes a step beyond to watch on the preferred applications that youngsters utilize also. From WhatsApp along with Viber to Snapchat as well as likewise Facebook, it permits you watch on all the top apps.mSpy is a tracking application that you can take advantage of on an apple iphone or Android phone, though some users discovered that the Apple version lacks several of the features located on the Android version. It works with jailbreak phones in addition to typical phones that you bought from a particular company. We’ll look at precisely just how to mount it later on in our mSpy testimonial, we intended to make sure that you understand where you can utilize this app. You can utilize this app on any kind of phone belonging to someone in your household in addition to all your family members phones when you go with the family plan.Allow’s state that you as well as also your partner separated and also share safekeeping. While you trust your previous partner to take care of your youngsters, you might still have some uncertainty in your mind worrying what occurs when they spend the evening much from residence. mSpy allows you utilize your phone or computer system to pull up that individual’s phone along with watch what they’re doing at any kind of kind of certain minute along with everything they did thinking about that leaving your house. With this application, you can even make sure that your previous companion took your youngsters to the very same areas they claimed.That’s This For?mSpy is a tracking application established for any sort of mother and fathers that has troubles worrying what their kids do, particularly their on the internet jobs. While it’s natural for youngsters undertaking puberty to see grown-up video along with go to web sites to take into consideration obscene pictures, it’s not all-natural for more youthful children to do the identical point. This can be a sign of sexual offense and also suggest that somebody you trust took advantage of your youngster. Making use of mSpy allows you to see every little thing your youngster viewed and also checked out on the internet along with everything they performed with messages as well as online conversations. mSpy can furthermore assist you: Seek signs that your youngster has a reliance to modern-day innovation See if any person in your relative spends means way too much time online or on their phone Screen jobs for signs of inappropriate connections Make sure that your young people have a healthy and also well balanced internet life When they’re not house, get a tip of where your kids spend time An additional benefit of mSpy is that it allows you limit what your children can do online. If you discover that your children go to specific internet sites that they should not, you can obstruct that website. The phone will never ever enable the individual to see it once more.Though you can do numerous factors with mSpy, you need to have a look at several of
the leading features of this application. Those functions permit you see if it can do everything that you

desire and also how it will definitely help you monitor your
youngsters. With mSpy, you can: Evaluation any type of sms message that your kid sent out
as well as also see the messages they obtained, even if those messages are gone from the phone Block calls from numbers that you do not recognize and likewise those you do not desire calling the phone Track the existing location of the phone along with past locations See any type of type of applications downloaded and install as well as set up to the phone and block any kind of sort of that you do not such as Assess any publication marks that your kid consisted of when looking into brand-new websites See any occasions or details included in the phone’s calendar When they see those areas, establish zones via GENERAL PRACTITIONERS that you don’t want your child to obtain as well as enter informs See any type of kind of messages sent out with the much more prominent messaging apps

such as Facebook Check out any type of kind of e-mails that your kid sent out from the phone as well as the emails got Sight telephone call logs to see every number that called any kind of
type of number and likewise the phone your child called An additional benefit of mSpy is that it permits you
limit what your youngsters can do online. If you situate that your kids go to

details websites that they ought to not, you can obstruct that site. The phone will absolutely never ever permit the specific to

see it again.When you go to that web website, you require to pick the membership strategy

that works finest for you, which you can base upon the selection of people
in your house or the number of phones you mean to watch on. You similarly require to upgrade your settlement details to demonstrate exactly how

you’ll spend for the strategy the extremely first time as well as when it shows up for resurgence. You

‘ll get an email with a web link where you can download and install the app as soon as you complete this activity. The attributes that you can make use of will depend on what sort of phone you have.After consisting of mSpy to a phone, you can afterwards usage your log in info to access the Control Panel. This permits you to watch any kind of type of info you want pertaining to the phone and likewise button between greater than one device. The Control panel enables you to use geofencing and recognized boundaries for your youngster in addition to view the
phone call log of the phone in addition to the messages, photos as well as calls sent from it or acquired. As long as you monitor the email address you made use of as well as likewise your password, you can log right into the mSpy Control board from any type of phone or computer system as well.

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