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Can Chickens Eat Oranges – what do you think?

Here is another question on what chickens can eat,can chickens eat oranges?

You might think right from the start that eating oranges is just not on when feeding your backyard chickens.

So let’s find out, shall we?

Can Chickens Eat Oranges or Not

has been a bit of a debatable question for a while and it was rumoured
that oranges were not to be fed to chickens because of their acidity.


Oranges do have acidity, but that does not mean that it is poisonous to chickens.

In fact, oranges are alright to give to your chickens…

They have no side effects on your chicken if they eat them.

But I am not saying that they would be the first piece of fruit they would go for if they had the choice.

So why do people think that orange, because of its taste is not enjoyed by chickens?

Maybe it is thought that chicken will not enjoy oranges.

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can chickens eat orange peelings


Owning Chickens in the City Nest Egg

If you live in the suburbs, owning chickens in the city is not the worst idea you could have.

In fact, it’s a great idea.

So if you’re thinking about getting into poultry production in your
backyard there’s some good reasons to do it and there’s some bad reasons
to do it.

Owning Chickens in the City

Why get Chickens?

  • They provide you with manure for your vegetable garden
  • They eat household food scraps
  • They help in controlling insect in your garden
  • You reduce the demand for the inhumane treatment of battery and barn raised chickens
  • Chickens have great personalities

The first thing I want you to consider is make sure that if you are especially within city limits.

You should check your own city or municipal code to know that it’s allowed.

Fund out from your local council what number of chickens you can have in your back yard.

And whether or not you can have roosters because of the noise factor.

Secondly check with your neighbors make sure they’re all right with it.

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Sneak Peek how to get Chickens to Lay Eggs in Winter

The winter is coming…

Egg production is grinding to a halt.

So how to get chickens to lay eggs in winter?

Let’s talk about it.

So you don’t have to go running to the store to buy a lot of store-bought eggs ok.

So your hens have stopped laying completely …

Don’t PANIC!

Why do Chickens stop Laying Eggs in Winter?

It is actually the short days that are affecting your hens egg production and not the cold weather.

Hens actually stop their egg production because there are food
shortages, now this can go back to the day dot when their natural
instincts come in.

It is telling the hens that they have to conserve their energy to stay warm when there is not much food for them to eat.

And also less daylight hours for them to go out and eat.

As chickens know, going out in the dark is not the time for any
chicken to be out, there are just too many preditors out there roaming

That’s why, when wild, they have always gone to roost in the trees to keep safe.

Away from the ground where preditors are roaming on the hunt.

Whereas during the spring and summer time you get more light than dark times.


It’s all about where the earth is at that time, how close we are to the sun and all that.

But I won’t go into all that as this site is for chickens!

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Looking for a friend? the Best Chickens for Pets

If you have ever thought about having pets, or do have pets but want something different.

Have you ever thought about chickens as pets?

No really!

Not only that but the best chickens for pets.

If you do have chickens in your backyard for eggs, have you actually spent time with them to see just how friendly they are?

There are many people out there even today that have not thought of a chicken as a pet.

They might have thought of other exotic pets they could have, yet
they have never really considered a pet chicken as an actual pet.

Or ever thought that a chicken can be a pet.

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Storing Chicken Eggs what You Need to Know

Most of us love chicken eggs but do we really know that storing chicken eggs the right way will make them last longer.

chicken eggs have been eaten throughout history so what have we learned and how can we benefit from this knowledge.

Lets have a look…

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The Frenzy over Can Chickens Fly

can chickens fly?

Really, you’re going to ask me this..

Well I better answer…

Can Chickens Fly the Real Truth

Can chickens fly hmmm.

Let’s have a look at some history to give you the low-down on our not so tame chickens.

Our backyard hens are of the noble descendants of a wild breed of
chook called the grey or red Jungle Fowl, they have also been connected
to dinosaurs, but I am a bit skeptical about this.

I am sure that they have some connection to some dinosaurs but the majority I cannot see it.


These birds are still found in the wild in countries such as:

  • Laos
  • Myanmar
  • Thailand
  • Laos
  • Far East

In the wild, these jungle fowl not only perch in trees, but they also
roost in trees. They have to be very adept at flying in the air to
escape predators around them in the wild.

In fact, I had the opportunity to see some in their wild state when I
went over to Santoza island off Singapore when I lived there for a

And they are of the lighter body weight designed to fly in order to escape predators, so are still in their natural state.

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What the Elders Never Told You About the Brahma Chickens

That’s right…

The brahma chickens had many attributes that you probably didn’t know about.

One consideration that a prospective chicken owner may want to contemplate is what do you want?

I mean what sort of breeds of chickens do you want to own?

And there are many breeds of chickens out there, so I need to start to tell you all about them.

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