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Biofuel Jet Fuel and SAF News Roundup

There is solid momentum happening behind
the scenes for Northwest Advanced Bio-Fuels LLC, as we move ever closer to the
construction of a facility to produce and supply Delta Air Lines with 60+
million gallons of biofuel jet fuel annually.

As we continue to forge new partnerships with
world-class engineering firms to fill the role of Owner’s Engineer, Project
Manager, and eventually Construction Manager, the SAF and biofuels world
continues to grow. Here are a few recent news stories that are indicative of
the future growth we will all see in this sector.

& Biofuels Industry Group Pushes for SAF Tax Credit

A group of biofuel and agriculture industry
associations teamed up recently to send a letter to the U.S. Senate members to
outline their recommendations for the SAF tax credit.

The undersigned groups are:

  • American Farm
    Bureau Federation

  • Growth Energy

  • National
    Biodiesel Board

  • National Corn
    Growers Association

  • National Farmers

  • Renewable Fuels

The letter comes at a time when the U.S. Senate and
House of Representatives are considering legislation to establish a tax credit
to promote and develop sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) this year.

Partnerships in SAF

The SAF biofuel jet fuel industry has notched
another high-profile partnership, helping its credibility to grow. In late
July, Boeing, SkyNRG, and SkyNRG Americas announced a partnership to help grow
the use and availability of sustainable aviation fuels (SAF) globally. Boeing
will also invest in SkyNRG Americas’ SAF production project.

White House targeting 2050 for all jet
fuel to be from renewable sources

The White House administration is said to be
targeting 2050 as the year for all U.S. airlines to fly on 100% jet fuel from
renewable sources. To do this, CNBC reports that

“The Biden
administration is contemplating incentives to support private-sector production
of sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) as it searches for ways to eliminate
greenhouse gas emissions in the hard-to-electrify aviation industry.”

The article continues to note that “Global
demand for jet fuel currently totals roughly 200 billion liters a year, but
airline trade group IATA estimates just 100 million to 120 million liters of
SAF will be produced in 2021 – just 0.05% of overall fuel.”

19 Impact on Biodiesel Demand

A new market research study predicts that
the global biodiesel market could hit $50.1 billion by 2027. This is despite
the devastating COVID-19 pandemic has had on our economy in the past 18 months.

The report notes that manufacturing activities and
logistic operations have seen a dip in the biodiesel market due to COVID.
However, once the pandemic subsides and the economy recovers, demand for
biodiesel products is expected to stabilize.

These are some of the biofuel jet fuel stories
that caught our eye in recent weeks. Learn more about the NWABF SAF
Project, which when completed, will produce and supply 60+ million gallons of biofuel
jet fuel annually for Delta Air
Lines. We are a committed team that’s excited for the future of sustainable
aviation fuel.

The need for renewable biofuel jet fuel
sources for airlines certainly won’t be resolved in the near future, but a
project like Northwest Advanced Bio-Fuels LLC is developing will certainly go a
long way to meet that need for the airline industry now and well into the

To learn more about Northwest Advanced Bio-Fuels, LLC
on our website.

NWABF Selects Black and Veatch as its EPC of Record For Aviation BioFuel Initiatives

Northwest Advanced Bio-Fuels (NWABF), known for its expertise
to produce sustainable jet fuel capacity for the financial marketplace and
lender communities, announced that it has selected Black & Veatch, the
global engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) firm as its EPC of
record for its sustainable aviation fuel project. Black & Veatch is also
being hired to complete the FEL2 and Front-end Engineering and Design Study,
(“FEED”), for the Project, prior to the Construction phase. During the FEED,
B&V will assemble the Technologies to process up to 3,000 dry tons per day
of woody biomass into approximately sixty million, (60,000,000) gallons of
Sustainable Aviation Fuel annually.

“We are excited to move forward with Black & Veatch as
we progress on our sustainable aviation fuel project,” says Dave Smoot, Manager
of Northwest Advanced Bio-Fuels. “Black & Veatch is a well-respected
company with great experience for these types of projects, and we look forward
to combining our expertise with theirs on our sustainable aviation fuel

Black & Veatch will be an integral part of the project,
working as the technology and engineering quarterback to vet and validate all
milestones and benchmarks for productivity, efficiency and scalability in the aviation
biofuel project.

“We are excited to work with Northwest Advanced Bio-Fuels
throughout the entire project,” said Gary Martin, Associate Vice President,
Black & Veatch. “As one of the most diversified contractors in the
industry, Black & Veatch offers seamless integration of its project engineering,
design, procurement, and construction teams, Black & Veatch is uniquely
positioned to offer NWABF a thorough and comprehensive project approach on the
sustainable aviation fuel project.”

Project Background

NWABF will be the primary provider of sustainable aviation
fuel to help Delta Air Lines become carbon neutral in the years ahead. The
sustainable aviation fuel Offtake Agreement and partnership with Delta Air
Lines involved the airline investing into NWABF’s Project in 2019 to develop
sustainable aviation fuel, (SAF), as well as making carbon offsets.

For more information on the NWABF aviation biofuel project,
please contact us at Chris Whitworth, Project General Manager Northwest
Advanced Bio-Fuels, LLC at http://www.nwabiofuels.com