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Finishing Basements to Usable Living Space

Finishing basements is one of the larger home projects on an owner’s list.  However, a finished basement can add usable space, equity, and function.  It is a job that pays off!   So even when you have other projects on your DIY list, an improved basement brings your home to a new level.

The following is a list of 5 reasons to complete your basement…

Too much storage

Unfinished basements collect old things.  Old possessions have a way of accumulating in an unfinished basement.  Boxes of books, unused tools, out of season clothing all can pile up.  Do yourself a favor and have a garage sale, or donate these items and make use of freed up space.

Unwanted Visitors

Basements that have not been finished oftentimes have a good amount of spiders, bugs, and possibly mice.  Not only do these critters have the potential to bring about illness but no one wants to live with them!  A finished basement actually deters them.  Animals and insects like a dark damp environment not a place with activity.

Finishing Basements Increased Home Value

You may live in your home forever.  However, situations change.  You may change jobs or wish to be closer to relatives.  Regardless of the reason, a home with a finished basement increases the value of your home.  Your basement may provide an extra bathroom, a spare bedroom, or a place for home entertainment.  Hence, it may be just what a buyer is looking for in a new home.

A Retreat or Mancave

Everybody needs time to themselves.  You may need time to relax, enjoy a hobby, or watch a show.  No one likes to do this in a concrete damp basement.  A completed basement is enjoyed every season of the year and provides just the relaxation you seek.


Picture an amazing finished basement.  This can also be the place to urge your children to invite their friends over.  Furthermore, nice tv with video games and a game table allows youngsters to have their space as well.  Instead of being away, your children are spending more time at home where you can supervise.

Altogether these 5 reasons are great for considering finishing your basement.  Don’t hesitate to get started.  A professional can help you with the plans and design of an amazing space.

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Basement Remodeling Success

Basement Remodeling: Need more living space but think it is an unreachable luxury?  Let’s reconsider.  Remodeling or finishing a basement space is a great option. You can make effective use of the space you currently have in an economical way.  Maybe a larger home is out of budget but let’s consider making use of space you already have.

Before jumping right into the house renovation bandwagon, there are crucial points that you need to know. Though rewarding and helpful in many ways it can be a disaster as well.  Here are the secrets to success…

Hiring a Contractor

A basement remodel is not your ordinary project.  Some basements were not originally designed to be lived in.  Therefore, building codes need to be considered.  In addition, one must consider structural foundations.  It is in this that you need the expertise of a qualified contractor. If cost is a concern, discuss with the contractor areas of the project you can do yourself.  Your sweat equity in painting walls will certainly pay off.

Have a Plan

To be successful in your renovation have a plan.  You should never be without a design plan strategy when remodeling a basement.  Again, a basement renovation poses different obstacles such as ductwork, and support beams to work around.  In addition, adequate heating and cooling and enough lighting are also key components to a renovation.  Developing a plan will answer these problem areas before interior design begins.  No one wants to have completed this type of investment only to find out it’s too warm or cold to enjoy the space.  Also, the lack of a complete plan often is a budget buster.

Suggestions for Your Space

What you design for your basement space will depend on the needs of your family.  Consider the current and future needs of your family.  Whatever ideas you choose for the space be certain to discuss with your family so you can decide what will be best.  A basement often provides soundproofing since it is underground.  Would this be a great theater room for you?  Maybe you have decided on a home office or just extra living space.  To add property value you may consider adding a kitchenette or an extra bathroom.  Plumbing and electrical are readily available in a cellar space.  There are many possibilities to consider.


Being prone to water and moisture issues, waterproofing will certainly make sure the family appreciates the project for a long time.   surface in the lengthiest feasible time. When waterproofing, choose options that will last.  It may cost a bit more but your investment here will be worth it.  Never use a temporary repair for a waterproofing problem.  A dry basement is paramount to any remodeling project.

Remember, it is best to hire a contractor to help design and implement a basement renovation.  Always have a plan and be sure it is waterproofed.  These points will ensure you will get your money’s worth and enjoy your project.

Basement Remodel Strategies

Typically basements are the last rooms of a home that people choose to remodel.  There are many considerations when choosing a purpose for your basement space.  Are you hoping to use it for entertainment?  How about a playroom?  Who will be using the room most often?  Perhaps you need storage or workout space.  After determining your answers to these questions you can begin to plan for space.  The fundamental considerations for a Basement Remodel will be flooring and lighting.  Therefore, we will consider those here. Strategies for a game room If a recreation room is in order there are a few pleasant choices to select. There are endless designs that will make a fantastic basement. The floor covering will be a huge one if you are trying to create a specific feel and look for the basement redesign. Maybe a checkered board type looks for the floor.  You may decorate with oversized game pieces on the wall.  How about a tile path laid out that makes a toy car racetrack?  Indoor/ outdoor carpet can give the feel of being on the gridiron.  Options are only left to your imagination. Home Theater If a miniature movie theater is what you are considering then an oversized TV may be your priority.  In addition, you will want to consider a top-quality sound system.  The carpet may be your flooring choice for noise quality in this room.  Similarly, lighting could be a more vital element in your remodeling plans.  The right lighting will make the room more enjoyable when watching a romantic movie or a big game.  No one wants shadows across the TV screen. Fitness area A workout area may be in your design for your basement.  Undoubtedly you will want to have the correct type of flooring to support any machines or weights.  Choose lighting and flooring that creates a motivating environment.  Consequently, it may look like the actual local health club. The considerations for remodeling a basement are unending.  Imagination is endless when considering the options for a basement transformation.  A local home improvement center can help with design and concept.

The Right Foundation for Your Shed

Laying The Right Foundation is an initial step in constructing a storage shed. From a foundation standpoint it is irrelevant whether you want a plastic, metal, or some form of a wooden shed, it is vital to choose a foundation that supports the weight of the structure as well as protecting it against bending, fracturing, and moisture damage.

Base your choice of foundation on the type of shed you want and your budget.

First, determine the type of shed you intend to build.  What are you going to use it for? A small shed for light storage does not need a concrete base. A large shed meant for heavy storage, on the other hand, can not be built on a hardwood foundation.

Dirt Flooring

An easy post design barn shed, for instance, can be built on a dirt floor. This sort of foundation, however, is not the best selection if you are framing your shed’s walls.

Crushed Gravel

A  gravel foundation is a good selection if the ground is dry and water drainage is not an issue. Therefore, a layer of smashed pea gravel – usually five or 6 inches – on the ground is perfect for little storage sheds. Adding blocks can provide additional stability.


A treated timber foundation is likewise a good selection for a storage shed. The floor area within the frame can be filled with many different types of material. for example,  rock slabs, slate, or gravel. Or, attach a wood floor to the frame structure. Consequently, this kind of shed structure is extremely simple to construct.   It is suitable for tiny to medium sheds that do not need a huge concrete base.


A plastic base, made of a collection of strengthened plastic grids, is also a popular selection nowadays.  You then fill the flooring area within the grid with crushed rock.  Hence, this kind of foundation is durable and extremely simple to set up.


Concrete is easily the most effective option if you are aiming to have a structure that truly lasts a long time. Depending upon your preference, you can choose cinder blocks, slabs, or piers.

Concrete piers are a wonderful choice if the surface area is unequal or sloped. Furthermore, a pier structure is not an irreversible structure. So, if you ever require relocating your shed,  the structure can be removed and moved quickly. It is extremely easy to set up and more economical than laying a concrete slab base.

A concrete slab based structure is a great option for a huge shed.  Maybe you are building a workshop. Laying a concrete piece base, nevertheless, is a task that calls for some competence and experience. If you can not do it on your own, you could hire professionals, which can increase your budget.

A cinder block based foundation is an additional choice. It is solid, resilient, and ideal for sheds meant for heavy storage. When compared to a piece base, it is less complicated to set up and cheaper.

The Right Foundation

Among the alternatives above, concrete is the most costly, and crushed gravel is the least costly. Similarly, the concrete slab option requires more time.  Other choices can be installed more quickly and conveniently. No matter what sort of foundation you select, never lay it in an area where water can damage it. Contact us to discover The Right Foundation.

Foundation Repair

A Detailed Guide to Basement Completing

How do you get going with a cellar improvement job? Our team of experts at Stonik Services has actually prepared a detailed overview to basement ending up. We’re based in Macomb, Oakland, as well as Wayne areas in Michigan. Consequently, we’re more than happy to offer assistance for our customers who need to wage cellar finishing in Macomb and also around.The guide is

made as a Do It Yourself source for positive residence crafters. We strongly advise delegating professional remodelers with several of the cellar completing steps for finest results. Not sure if you can do it alone? Feel free to contact our Stonik Solutions team if you favor to let an expert specialist do the job.How long

should you plan for a cellar ending up project?Our basement

finishing clients in Macomb Municipality recognize that it is a time-demanding remodeling project. The entire task can take 4 to 8 weeks, relying on the dimension and also condition of the room. This likewise consists of the required management steps you need to take in the past starting the process and all required waiting times. We can not emphasize it enough: Completing a cellar isn’t a redesigning task that you can hurry. If you miss actions to speed up conclusion, you are likely to make errors or place yourself in a place of trouble.Obtain a permit You ought to never ever complete your cellar without getting a building authorization. Failure to get a permit can make points incredibly unpleasant and even tough when you try to sell your house down the line. You are most likely to encounter expensive fees if you attempt to obtain an authorization once the job is done!To get a permit ahead of your basement renovating task, you require

to use directly by the Macomb Region, MI federal government site. If you are not based in Macomb Town or environments, the structure license is typically downloadable from your local government site. The cellar ending up authorization application comes at a charge and needs technical specifications concerning the residence renovation goals and also flow. If you are collaborating with Stonik Services for the remodeling job, our contractor can fill up and sign the application on your behalf.Manage cellar moisture The majority of basements have some level of air humidity. If you’re going to change your basement, you need to

get the wetness

in control. The last point you desire is to need to figure out water concerns in your cellar once the task is completed. Waterproofing the area is a non-negotiable action ahead of basement finishing.Different techniques could be used relying on the severity of your wetness concern. In small situations, the addition of a dehumidifier can do the trick. A lot of significant dampness concerns can call for complete cellar waterproofing at minimum, which is something that can only be done by a professional.Understand the products you need There is no one-solution-fits-all scenario. The products you utilize for the wall surfaces, ceiling, and floor covering depend totally on the design

you select. A normal checklist requires to refer to the

insulation option, the products for the walls, the ceiling design, the flooring, the paint shades, trim design, as well as the place of your utilities.Basement completing action 1: Wall surfaces At this point: you have actually got a permit, your cellar is water resistant, you’ve got your tools and also products ready.You prepare to begin with the work!Insulation installation Determining the best insulation option depends on numerous factors: Your ecological choice, the ease of installation, the expenses, and safety protocol. Some insulation services are dangerous to take care of without expert devices and also professional training

. For DIY insulation, polystyrene foam is the best solution.Frame the wall surfaces This lengthy step can be challenging if you’re not experienced. Even if you wish to DIY your basement completing in Macomb MI, it can be a good suggestion to connect to a basic service provider for this step.The actions are attended to one wall and need to be duplicated to cover the entire basement: Draw a line on the flooring, 4″ far from the wall surfaces. The line should converge any kind of walls at a 90 ° angle.Measure your wall as well as reduce your 2 × 4 appropriately. Do this twice for each and every wall surface as these are your leading as well as lower plates that will hold your studs.Mark home plates every 16″ for stud positioning.

Ensure to prolong the line to the sides as it will certainly be concealed as soon as the stud is placed on top of

it.Place your base plate to ensure that it aligns with the line attracted from # 1. Protect with stonework drill and also nails. Utilize your 16″ marks for sustaining nails.Lay the leading plate similarly. For the top plate, you require a nail gun as you’re not drilling through cement.Check if plates

are degree and include shims if required.Measure the space in between your bottom and leading plates and also cut studs accordingly.Install the studs (you will certainly make use of the 16″ marks for this ).

This step requires a nail gun to protect the stud on each side with a 45 ° angle nail.Utility installation Installing plumbing, air ductwork, and electric systems needs to be done by a certified expert. It isn’t an action that you can DIY, both for your safety and security as well as insurance coverage purposes.Close up your frameworks Now, you can include your drywall.

They can hang either up and down or flat, based upon preference.You will certainly need to measure as well as reduce each drywall section so it ends on a stud.Secure your drywall panels to the stubs with drywall screws. The area that covers the energies requires to be significant and got rid of ahead

of installation.Once the drywall is put

on each side of the room, you can complete the joints and cover the screw head with drywall mud.Apply drywall tape to cover the seams.Paint the walls Lastly, this is the most simple action.

You just need to sand the areas with drywall mud for a smooth finish. Remember to use a guide layer before painting.Basement finishing action 2: Ceiling At this moment, you require to make a decision which type of ceiling you want: Open up ceiling for an industrial look Drop-ceiling for functional access Drywalled ceiling, a prominent choice Cellar finishing action 3: Flooring One of the most popular floor covering solutions for an ended up basement include laminate and also rug. But you can select anything that fits your project.Install your subflooring The subflooring deals insulation from the piece of concrete.

It is a needed action to stop a chilly and also

wet flooring from making the room uncomfortable.Use a self-leveling compound to produce a flat surface by loading dips deeper than 3/16-inch. As soon as the surface is completely dry, examine that your dips are degree. You will require to repeat

the process up until they are. Safeguard your

insulation sheet to the cement with sticky. Plywood sheets are

added on top of the insulation and also safeguarded with masonry drills as well as concrete screws.Flooring Adhere to the directions for your particular flooring. It can be a good idea to connect to expert contractors for that action for a smooth surface.

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Alba Home Services – Ottawa Renovations Services

Alba Home Services – Ottawa Renovations Services

Home improvement is both liberating and challenging at times. That’s why Alba Home Services offers a comprehensive renovation service that can support you and your household through every step of the restoration and recreation that you have envisioned. Our team has years of experience and an innovative mindset to transform both the interior and exterior of you home, giving new life to old homes by revitalizing windows, kitchens, bathrooms, exterior siding, roofing, and more. From custom-built homes to historic preservations, our skills will exceed your expectations.

On the other side of renovations are the ones that have to be done because of poor construction or design. A poorly implemented feature in the architecture of your home can cause a plethora of issues overtime. Because the professionals of Alba Home Services are not only knowledgeable in construction and repairs but in architectural elements, we can draft up plans to fortify the weak structural elements and make modifications to solve the problem.

Our construction and renovation services include the following:

Additions – windows, rooms, extensions


Exterior and Interior Redesigns

Repairs – we can find structural vulnerabilities within the current design and fix the issue

Kitchen renovations – new counters, sinks, backsplashes, cabinets

Bathroom renovations – customizing cabinets, tubs, toilets, sinks, and vanities

Living room renovations

Ensuites and in-law suites


Sun and media rooms

Stairs and steps






Basement renovations and furnishing

Door and window installation and repair

If your home is showing signs of structural vulnerability or has flaws you would like taken care of, Alba Home Services would be delighted to create, renovate, and improve upon the design of your residence. We can recreate your home to match exactly what you have envisioned. Contact us today to learn more about our renovation services or receive a free estimation. We look forward to hearing from you.

Renovations Services in Ottawa