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What Should We Do About An Aging Population?

Bone density diminishes particularly in women as a natural process of aging. An amino alcohol is present in tiny amount in your brain but has a great impact on the power and function of the brain. That’s right. They are antioxidants that make it one of the best natural anti aging supplements

This is the most important of the effects of wrinkle creams, since when cells are dry, they are easily damaged by sun, wind, heat, and cold. Are not aware of all the options and levels of care available The healthcare delivery system can be overwhelming. Even As there are exceedingly harmful chemical substances that are being used in skin care solutions, likewise there are also a handful of impressive natural substance that reverses skin aging that are being employed in niche selected skin care products lines. Their balanced yield is really pivotal if we desire to look youthful and enjoy well-preserved and pliant skin

Look specifically for hyaluronic acid. Considering this demand, various cosmetic manufacturing companies are working on producing different types of anti-aging products that cater to the need of reducing the aging sign on the skin. It honestly never occurred to me until I read this book that not only could I not dread aging and feel a pang of loss with each passing birthday, but I could actually look forward to my later years! Through Robbins’ discussion of four different cultures around the world who have the highest number of long-living, healthy people – in other words, not just people who live past 100 but who do so with vitality, passion, and joy – my consciousness was turned on its head. Take vitamins that help boost your body’s supply of collagen and elastin naturally

A great variety of herbal teas are available, and you can even make your own herbal in fusions with medicinal benefits. The effects of GOTU-KOLA herb have been studied for thousands of years. A reminder of the factors against aging will be useful. Our population is aging. Keeping the body hydrated to cleanse the body by ensuring the elimination of toxins

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Skin Care – Quit Aging: Reduce Creases

We become part of various worlds and also phases entailing amnesia naturally as we age, however the most up to date research study has revealed that various mind workouts can assist reinforce the mind equally as physical exercise strengthens the body. It is an indispensable component of life. Smoking can create you to age promptly besides the truth that it can bring about fairly a number of lung troubles of which cancer cells is the most severe

Being in a state of denial, they are not open to suggestions that can assist them have a better quality of life that compensates for the aging procedure. Among the usual names of the hedge is the tea tree, but the name is shared by the related Melaleuca. All varieties of honey have actually been made use of for treating skin disease for thousands of years. Lots of medical professionals are now approving and also motivating the setting that supplements, including supplements not in the routine vitamin array, are able to aid us heal and also stay healthy

Poor blood circulation; a typical issue at this stage of life, can aid rob your skin of its glowing glow. Face bones begin to shrink, causing well-rounded sagging. As muscular tissue fibers compromise, the fat that stays under the eyes create bags. to 60 – At age 60, your face is now mature

Loading the body with anti-oxidants through supplements is a wonderful means to turn around the damage done by totally free radicals as well as to prevent additional deterioration of cells. Yearly greater than 100 studies are taken with all the information offered to the public to use as they please. The initial authorities demographics was taken in 1790 of the entire nation as well as was conducted by the after that Assistant of State Thomas Jefferson. Facial fillers, despite whether artificial or normally obtained, are put on the skin by shot to fill traces and give volume for the face. The effectiveness of these supplements lies in the ingredients that are located in them and also the bodys natural response to them

Although it is true, you will certainly mature when the day comes. Can anti aging supplements postpone aging? Anti aging supplement can be found in two types, the solitary compound kind and also the mix of a number of helpful substances. And we are always the ideal age of what we require to discover now. Wait no longer. Though I yearned for more actions, I was thankful for the ones I got, as well as used them in my publication

I don’t recognize what your background is with your parents. If youve determined to “care ” out of some feeling of vindictiveness, stop currently! Your moms and dads are old. And also if you angle – in excellent principles – provide your care freely, without any strings affixed, step away from the physical act of caring

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House Security As Well As Aging In Your Home

Our organs as well as muscular tissues age also. It is unpreventable, as well as it is something we can not quit. It additionally sustainably improved the skin wetness retention and elasticity. You can visit my website for a comprehensive consider the healthiest clinically confirmed natural materials which function effectively as a part of the very best Anti aging skin care systems. Fogg declared that e-mail “lowers our lives” and also urged that preserving close relationships is vital for joy

Jujube fruit, else called ziziphus is an ideal advised natural anti aging herb. Do not depend on relative to be there to aid you. When preparation and also planning for aging, it is necessary to consider how to pay for the services we are gong to require. Will you require assistance with transport, cooking, washing, bathing or clothing? If these scenarios did take place, how would you spend for the services you may require? Did you recognize that today price of having a non Medicare residence healthcare company today standards concerning $20 a hr? That an assisted living facility can cost usually $36,000 a year. It is a fact that with the assistance of natural herbs and also natural remedies procedure of aging gets slow because they are useful in stimulating the blood circulation of the blood

You simply have to turn up for the particular treatment; it is the medical professional that does the effort. It is essential to select a specialist caretaker who has the capability to pay attention to the older person talk and after that mild lead them back to the topic available. Specialists at Dr Marina Gold MD Glendale Californiatake into factor to consider, every relevant aspect as well as plan points out for you. Cosmetics therapies do not involve much difficulty from your component

Age spots, harsh tough skin, crawler capillaries, freckles, great lines, a blotchy skin tone and also skin cancer can all be credited to sunlight direct exposure. Peptides help to promote bovine collagen to plump as well as firm your skin, allowing us to decrease aging process. Aging results in alterations in our bodies that a great deal of us wish to prevent. We frequently search for potions before recognizing the source

Many stars utilize Cynergy Tk because it is stated to contain keratin that revitalize skin cells. Ladies additionally have actually also commonly been even more offered for relationships and creating neighborhoods that are pleasing to the heart. If we are open as well as honest and also make plans when we are healthy, after that although we may have some problems awaiting us, we will certainly be a lot more prepared. Every now and then there can be some failings and also accidents. So, what do we require to do in order to not only endure yet additionally exactly how do we thrieve? I feel it is essential to begin encountering the obstacles of aging way prior to our 80’s

Remember that not every one of these specialists are well-informed and knowledgeable with CARBON DIOXIDE lasers and also careful consideration must be taken when selecting the surgeon you select. Yet, scientific research has actually gone a lot better than this. Think of a lifetime of bad diet plan


Natural Anti Aging Herbs – Herbal Supplements

Certain tests are also being conducted on human volunteers and again, due to the long lifespan of our species, these test are sill underway. The anti aging diet requires that the person restrict their diet on a large degree. Eating a diet that is full of fruits, vegetables, fish, and chicken is one way to start. Avoiding processed foods and certain fats has been shown to improve a persons’ overall health. A specialized diet is required for the calorie restriction diet. It’s not just cutting back on a meal here and there. This brings up the possible danger of not getting the necessary nutrients a person needs to live in a healthy manner. Common Vitamins and over the counter products can help with aging such as Vitamin B, Vitamin C, Vitamin D, Vitamin E, and Antioxidants. Up to one-third of older people can no longer absorb Vitamin B from their food. All of the different Vitamin Bs taken together as B-Complex work together as a team to perform vital biological processes, such as energy production and efficient metabolic function. Vitamin B boost energy levels and help fight fatigue.

A good probiotic and digestive enzymes are also helpful in maintaining proper digestion. And for poor bowel function try using a magnesium supplement alone, not combined with other minerals such as Calcium, to help with bowl function. Or you can try an auyvedic herb combination called Triphala which also proves beneficial for good bowel function. When we age we often begin to feel sluggish a proper detoxification program helps the body function better – sort of like getting and oil change and tune up. To help support brain wellness Phosphatidylcholine and Phosphatidyl Serine, gingko and fish oil are well known for their effects on brain function and memory. As we age we also increase our stress which takes a toll on our mind and body. A good B complex and adrenal support formula which often contain ginseng and licorice may be helpful. Healthy, energized and youthful thinking helps the brain stay young and active. We often see older people who are bitter, worn out and extremely negative. Even younger people who have a negative view on life often age sooner than they should – physically and mentally. Learn to stay mentally active – reading, taking courses, socializing with positive, uplifting people. Try and stay away from the news – most of it is depressing and negative. Norman Cousins – journalist and well known pioneer in positive thinking – diagnosed with heart disease was able to alleviate his pain and subsequently prolonged his life by watching funny movies. Now there’s a thought – can laughing make us healthier? You bet. Much research is also presently being done on the positive effects of prayer on health and healing.

As a result the skin may sag. A well balanced diet with ample supplies of nutrients is though by many experts to produce a glowing, younger look. Zinc, vitamin A, vitamin C are all important for skin. The diet should include greens, seafood, fruits and juices, tomatoes, red and green peppers, broccoli, 6-8 glasses of water for adequate hydrating. 2. Healthy, shining hair is second only to vibrant skin for making one look younger. Unbalanced diet affects hair. Some people in their obsession to lose weight quickly go on a fad diet, high in fiber and bulk, but low in protein. Over a few a few months, they lose a lot of weight but along with this a good ideal of hair is also lost! When diets dont contain enough amino acids (the building blocks of protein) there is a dramatic increase in hair loss as the body breaks down its own protein. How a Balanced Diet Slow Down the Aging Process?

Anti aging supplements like vitamin C, Ginkgo biloba, Vitamin E radiate your skin, helps combat aging, sagging skin, and wrinkles too. However, you need to maintain a balanced lifestyle and diet to age gracefully. Aging is a natural process. Thus, to prevent aging and see the wrinkles disappear from your skin, you should maintain a healthy lifestyle and a balanced diet. Along with lot of skin care techniques, anti aging skin care, you can also rely on anti aging supplements. If you want to maintain your skin radiance and repair your skin, you should consume high levels of vitamin C or add a vitamin C supplement to your daily routine. To age well and look younger Vitamin C is important for the connective tissue. It helps to reduce wrinkles. It is one of the oldest and longest living species. The gingko biloba tree is good for anti aging. The leaves of the ginkgo tree contain falvonoids and turpenoids.

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Skin Care – Stop Aging : Reduce Wrinkles

Many will wait, until an emergency or crisis occurs, then they are ready to take action. Many of the aging population ignore that there will be a need of any kind for assistance in the future. You may find fragrances in various variety in anti aging skin creams. Remedies that provide huperzine A, L-Tyrosine and 5-hydroxytryptophan help the body produce neurotransmitters and various other chemicals the brain needs to function and in the case of huperzine A, keep those neurotransmitters from being destroyed in the body. For many, the lack of planning and preparing means they will not be able to return to their home or their community

What exactly does this mean: aging gracefully? Max Erhmann writes in his famous poem, Desiderata: Take kindly the counsel of the years, gracefully surrendering the things of youth. ” It’s ironic that the strongest proponents of the work ethic are the senior citizens. Whole grains are important as a source of fiber. And take kindly, I believe, means: “be grateful for

Students of American history are introduced each year to the intriguing stories of the “conquistadors”. It has been found that it is best to drink water through a glass rather than straws and bottles as they trigger the same pursing action on the fine lines on skin as smoking a cigarette does. Didn’t discourage him one bit

While creams, serums and supplements promise to erase wrinkles, lighten age spots, and sooth age-related dryness, experts say the simplest (and least expensive) way to keep your skin healthy and younger looking is to stay out of the sun. You will find that some people prefer not to discuss it while others are more than willing to talk about it with you. If you are seriously considering any form of plastic surgery, you should always research the surgery you are interested in and find a derma logical surgeon (plastic surgeon) with considerable experience in the field. Also, ask if they will go back to that surgeon if they decide to have further treatments. Few workers spent any time in retirement

Universal design elements, such as low thresholds, handicapped-accessible sinks and grab bars in the shower, made everyday tasks easier for the senior parents. Lets quickly look ate the 3 most common reasons why this happens. It doesn’t matter how long you’ve smoked; the important thing is to stop — now

Many Asians are well aware of the beneficial effects of using certain “tonics” over the long term. Many individuals don’t contemplate this before the results are really noticeable. A number of herbs have symptom-treating functions as well, but these are used only when preventative measures have failed. We may not feel at ease doing it at first but if we are persistent and determined to destroy that great battle of loneliness and aging within ourselves, then we have to take every opportunity that comes or way for new friends and possible lasting friendships


Are Antioxidants Your Antidote To Aging?

Most beautiful women can vouch that applying extra virgin olive oil on the skin keeps them looking beautiful forever. They may have had a truly difficult time, had important hopes and expectations go unfulfilled. Angela Bridgland (1999) opined that people and positions should be systematically reviewed to ensure that the strategic plan of an organisation is implemented. The primary focus of life’s second half is to let go of all the crap we spent far too much time in the first half accumulating. Do it now

Acute inflammation is what you get when you have an injury. Start a skin rejuvenation regimen of tretinoin and alpha hydroxyacid to reverse some of the changes of aging and to slow down the aging process. An increased level of inflammation in your body correlates directly to an increased state of aging and disease. Cosmetics are a safe way to temporarily lubricate your skin and conceal blemishes and imperfections

Statistics show that a majority of the people will suffer some disability in their lifetime. Transitions group has just released their new line of professional hair care products designed especially for hair loss clients who use hair enhancements or hair systems. Counter this by applying best quality bees honey around the skin of your eyes

They provide excellent state and county ratings based upon an analysis using more than a few dozen separate indicators. Race and ethnicity have been seen as extremely important by the World Health Organization, U. This increased neurogenesis is associated with improved learning

If you are in the store and you see those ingredients in any product, just put the skin care product down and continue looking because collagen and elastin in products are worthless. You see collagen is actually to big to be absorbed by the body, in fact even if you were able to absorb the collagen the complexity is such that you wouldn’t reap any of the benefits. Collagen and Elastin production is also reduced causing loss of support, elasticity and eventually leading to sagging! Without the fatty content of the subcutaneous layer the overall effect is flatter, thinner, dry and tending to wrinkles

Because of this, more and more people opt to go under the knife or needle as they head into – or out of – middle-age. If we only consider the face-related plastic surgery options, there are still several types of “freshening up” one can do, and with a great surgeon, no one will be the wiser about the procedures you’ve had done. Alas, everybody ages and so anti aging treatments are the best shot that a person has at remaining young and beautiful. Experts actually suggest that antioxidants can help slow the aging process by reducing the daily cell damage done by environmental pollution and time. Even if you have decided you are going to try aging gracefully, no one actually wants to look like they’re aging

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Regain Youthful Energy – How To Delay Ageing Process Naturally And Regain Youthful Energy?

Regain youthfulness and slow down ageing in men and women.

One of the wisest things anyone ever said to me was, “It takes energy to make energy.” In other words, if you spend almost all of your days sitting around with minimal physical task, your body will adjust to that inactive lifestyle. Your energy level will decline.

On the other hand, if you use a lot of energy being engaged, your body will adapt by making the energy you need for your tasks. You’ll have more energy – just like you did when you were younger.

Far too many folks age 55 and older simply accept a loss of vibrant energy as part of the ageing procedure. That’s not true. Medical studies have shown that individuals can build muscle mass and enhance their fitness at any age.

Discovering youthful zest for life at any age. Delay the ageing process and regain energy levels and sexual stamina naturally.

You’ve lived a busy productive life in Australia and now you want to reap your reward and enjoy something for you.

You want to enjoy your Grandkids and friends and still have time to slow down without having a Nana nap.

There is a way that you can naturally regrow your body’s youthful healing abilities just like when you were 30 and live a full life again.

regain youthful energy naturally and improve youthful vitality and vigour in a natural manner.

It is time to make a PlanB for your health. Start here:-

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How to Look Younger

Would you like to look younger than your actual age?

Do you want to have more energy?

As we age the body produces less Human Growth Hormones.

This is the cause of us developing wrinkles,

body and belly fat and other undesirables.                      

There is now a supplement available that will help

your body to grow more Human Growth Hormones.

This can reverse the aging process.


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Skin layer Aging Protection – Do Bovine Collagen And Elastin Creams Job?

So, the trick to re-start this inbuilt spring of youthful vigor is actually to use such organic elements that assist this all-natural return of these essential skin layer healthy proteins once more. A Couple of Of clinically verified herbal substances that help in organic skin renewal are Cynergy TK, Phytessence Wakame as well as Nano-Lipobelle H EQ10. The greatest anti getting older skin care treatment is useless without their presence. Effectively rehydrating your skin layer: Typical skin layer moisture is actually incredibly essential for a glowing, youthful as well as pliable skin. A completely dry skin is actually even more prone to rashes, allergic reactions, cracks and precipitate skin aging. Sidelining the end results of premature skin layer getting older: Skin getting older leaves behind indicators like furrows, pleasant lines and also darker irregular skin layer complexion in the form of pigment inconsistencies. A Great anti aging skin layer care treatment need to have the capacity to mildly and also typically eliminate the end results of early skin growing old by boosting the organic skin properly being and vitality. You can easily see plainly exactly how easy it is to perform and preserve the younger and also lively skin that you invited your mid-twenties. Straight Scientific knowledge sets you besides the ignorant masses. Explore my website for comprehensive explore the active ingredients that form portion of the absolute most helpful anti aging skin layer care manual.

Specialists actually suggest that antioxidants can easily aid reduce the getting older procedure through reducing the everyday tissue damage done through ecological pollution and also time. Vitamin E has actually been actually related to a reduced risk of cardiovascular disease. Niacin a B vitamin can easily help in decreasing the amount of cholesterol in the body. While some other nutrients that are actually valuable in guarding against grow older associated ailments are actually selenium, cartenoids, flavinoids as well as some Amino acids. Effective nourishment by means of the diet plan may actually be actually fairly a task for some who have never ever diet plan in their entire lives, as hard as it may seem to be to be at first, a well-balanced diet regimen is actually definitely manageable. Although folks often function a lot longer and also harder while moms and dads often tend to each work doggedly in order to offer their loved ones, it is actually certainly not a reason for individuals to be ignoring their health and wellness through packing their physical bodies with all type of scrap An additional difficulty is available in being actually bordered through a bunch of refined meals that do not truly cram in the nutritional market value that a person requires to stay healthy and balanced. This issue goes as far as the shortage of minerals from the soil, which in turn creates our food items to be a lot much less healthy and balanced that it ought to be actually. Even vegetables nowadays can easily certainly not be relied upon to fill out the needed nutritional criteria that a person requirements in order to be healthy. This is the reason nutritional supplements substantially are all around in examination out counters and drugstores nowadays. Certainly not only are they inexpensive but they can easily also show to be a good resource of the added vitamins, minerals and also various other nutrients that a person requires if you want to keep well-balanced and also fit. Consult with a certified diet professional or your family doctor to be able to select the best type of nutritional supplement for you.

Personally, I do not believe most of our company will mind growing old if our team didn’t look it. If, in our forties, our team looked and felt like our team carried out in our twenties, the fact that we were forty perhaps would not bother the majority of our company in any way. They dazzle, they have one thing enduring regarding them, as well as a youthfulness. If the majority of our team are actually sincere, our team would accept we ‘d like to resemble that at their age. Likewise we possess all encountered people who appear much as well outdated for their grow older. What is it that is actually happening with these two groups that leads to one to continue to be much younger than their years as well as the various other to end up being more mature than their years? Like the society our team live in, for most of us, our understanding of growing old is actually mostly at a surface area and also shallow level. A lot of our company don’t understand what is going on naturally, psychologically, or mentally when we grow old. Our team put it to grow older and we appoint the title of oddity to those who oppose this obvious rule of nature.

We all know that growing old is actually a natural process. It is unavoidable, as well as it is something our team may not cease. Some individuals accept the improvements in their physical bodies, while some refuse to accept that their bodies are growing old. Regardless, there would be nothing at all to shed if you might postpone growing old, or even grow older with dignity. Numerous girls go through cosmetic surgery, botox, skin layer peelings and also other treatments just to delay the indications of aging. But you additionally need to take into consideration, when our physical bodies grow older, our skins or even necks are certainly not the a single to alter. Our organs as well as muscle mass age as well. There is definitely, more than complies with the eye. As your body system ages, you become more susceptible to illness. You conveniently burn out, feeling weaker and also less enthusiastic. You may likewise believe discomfort in your junctions and if you don’t acquire sufficient exercise, your blood may certainly not also move around effectively. If you don’t watch your diet, you will definitely be at a much higher threat of negative cholesterol, hypertension and also various other soul issues.

Resveratrol and eco-friendly tea have actually produced very a rouse in the medical community for the numerous health and wellness increasing perks they seem to be to provide. Barbara Walters interviewed Dr David Sinclair, that has uncovered the various feasible anti – growing old properties of Resveratrol. While Dr Oz as well as Oprah have ensured the detoxifying impacts of green herbal tea. The question becomes, which of these anti – oxidant “titans” give you the best possibility of seeing your 100th birthday party? Environment-friendly herbal tea has actually been actually utilized for centuries to handle a wide array of conditions and also disorders. It has been actually found to be successful at managing blood sugar, dealing with digestive problems, also moderating blood pressure. It includes the household of anti – oxidants called polyphenols. Study on polyphenols advises a web link between cancer cells protection as well as this highly effective anti oxidant household. Polyphenols additionally possess anti inflammatory residential or commercial properties, which may be reliable in fighting arthritis as well as heart problem. Within the polyphenol household of anti oxidants, is actually a team referred to as catechins. The catechin epigallocatechin( EGCG), has been actually proven to enhance metabolism, which represents green tea’s attraction in several effective weight loss courses. Resveratrol( additionally named Rez-V) is a mini nutrient discovered in the exterior skin layer of red grapes. Rez-V was found while scientists were actually studying wine. Dr David Sinclair and also his co-workers started vigorously examining Rez-V, inflicting a wide array of laboratory creatures. The results of the experiments disclosed that computer mice, for example, lived 30% longer while getting Resveratrol. They likewise had FAR greater endurance as well as endurance than mice that were actually certainly not muscled building supplement along with Rez-V. The enhanced mice were given virtually a constant supply of food items, and did not gain weight! The most ideal decision for a person would certainly be actually to feature each Rez-V AND ALSO environment-friendly herbal tea in their wellness routine. Typically, it is actually consistently a really good idea to seek advice from a doctor prior to incorporating supplements to your regimen.

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What Happens To The Physical Body During The Course Of The Aging Process?

It also works to prevent early aging of the male organ cells and stave off the dreaded male organ wrinkles. L-Arginine – Is an important enzyme that actually improves the health of the tiny blood vessels in the male organ and helps them to expand and allow for a greater blood flow. This important ingredient combats loss of circulation and a soft male organ. By improving circulation and oxygenation, L-Arginine also helps to prevent the buildup of scar tissue, which can lead to male organ curvature. When it comes to the male organ, one can never be too careful. Prevention is key; that is why using a daily male organ vitamin creme that combines male organ specific ingredients can help keep the male organ healthy and youthful (health professionals recommend Man 1 Man Oil). All natural male organ health ingredients can help slow the natural aging process, and even reverse some of the signs of early aging. Simply apply the lotion daily and enjoy a healthier male organ.

However, methylation of certain part of DNA can in fact turn off unnecessary or harmful genes and can block division of abnormal cells thereby prevent aging caused by these abnormal cells. How does our body balance methylation? There are three groups of molecules in our body regulate to balance methylation. They are vitamin B (B6 and B12), TMG (Tri-Methyl-Glycine, also known as Betaine), and SAMe (S-Adenosyl-Methionine). As aging progresses, Vitamin B functioning as a cofactor in methylation reaction tend to become less efficient. SAMe formed in the body by combining methionion and ATP (adenosine triphosphate) is one of the most effective methylating agent. 4. It is proposed that Chronic Inflammation is the cause of many age related damage, because excessive inflammation also produces excessive toxic chemicals which not only fight bacteria, but also damage normal body tissues. One example component in excess inflammation is excitotoxicity in which brain cells get over-excited. Another chemical factor in inflammation is tumor necrosis factor(TNF), excess TNF causes the degeneration of brain and nerves. Omega-s fish oil has been used for anti-inflammatory purposes, however it only handle one of the many inflammation components.

Many people do not get enough rest and maybe they will be able to overcome some of their bad habits if they are rested. A good sleep every night will help people slow or reverse the aging process. People should try to get at least eight hours of sleep every night. A great lifestyle can make a significant difference for people as they age. Hopefully, all people begin with good habits when they are very young, but it is never too late to change. A healthy, nutritious diet can make people feel and look younger. People should avoid fatty foods and include whole grains, fruits, vegetables and fish. It is probably a great idea to take some vitamin supplements just in case they do not get all of the important nutrients on a daily basis. People should also try to maintain a healthy weight. There is plenty of information on appropriate weight for each person, and they should check and use these figures. Exercise is important to slow or reverse the aging process. People should try to exercise for thirty minutes at least three or four days a week. More exercise would be even better if possible. Stress can take a toll on the human psyche and the physical well being of each person. People should work to eliminate stress from their lives, and they will probably look and feel better. Eliminating stress should produce a positive outlook on life which will mean a better quality of life.

In humans, aging is invariably connoted by graying hair, wrinkled skin, poor stamina, declining mobility, deteriorating limbs & slow comprehension. Aging is almost equated to uselessness. On the other, in the context of inanimate things like knowledge gained or the history of a place, culture or thing, the vintage factor makes it only more valuable and exquisite. Be it wine, jewelry, architecture or art, older the better. Psychological aging is perhaps the most important factor governing the lives of individuals. Experiences impress upon and mould one’s sate of mind and attitude towards life. You may find an eighty year old to be robust in health and mental agility while an eighteen year old may well seem depleted of all energy and enthusiasm, having lost the will to live. In both cases the resultant behaviour is to a larger extent shaped by circumstances and the individual’s reaction to them. A positive approach to life, with a never- say – die attitude is perhaps the elixir of youthfulness. A defeatist attitude never does any good and only hastens the process of aging. No amount of cosmetic revolution can bring life to a tired or dull physique. But an enthusiastic and charged mind could make all the difference in the fitness factor. A simple shift in attitude could well stall aging by leaps and bounds.

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