Addressing the Causes of Unpleasant Odors in Ketosis

Ketosis is an elevated metabolism of calories in the body. This happens because the body uses fat instead of glucose to produce energy. This leads to rapid weight loss. Additionally to this, toxins are released through urine and the feces. It is possible to experience an unusual body odor when you are in this phase.

Ketosis is a natural reaction to rapid weight loss. It produces ketones, substances that the body uses to break down fat. They are also absorbed by sweat. Acetone is the most important ketone. Body odors can be caused by a number of these compounds.

One way to combat the problem is to use a lemon. Cut off the slices and wrap them around your armpits. This will remove the smell. If you don’t have a lemon in your fridge, try a slice or two of half of a lemon. It could last for three to five days.

Another trick for combating ketosis-related body odor is to drink plenty of water. This can remove toxins from your mouth and stop bacteria from developing. To help in this process, you can also bathe with hot water.

Incorporating high fiber vegetables to your diet is also a good idea. These vegetables can alter your body’s pH. They also contain sulfur, which is also present in the cruciferous veggies. This will also help improve your breath.

If you’re still struggling with your body odor, you may want to consult with your healthcare provider. This might be an indication of an undiagnosed problem.

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