Watch Out Carpenter Ants Are Swarming Ants!

Ant season is back in full swing, and they’re bound to be
all over your home and lawn. Ants are one problem, but carpenter ants are
a very different issue. They can do thousands of dollars in
property damage, and if you’re not crazy about the idea of your property
being infested by thousands of little pests, here are some tips that can help
you eliminate the swarms you might see this spring.

Identifying a Carpenter Ant

Carpenter ants are one of the larger species of ants. They
can grow up to half an inch long, and their segmented bodies have three
distinct sections. They’re usually dark red or black in color, and queen
carpenter ants have wings. They like to make their homes in moist or decayed
wood, and you can often find them behind bathroom tiles, in your insulation,
or even under your roofing. The easiest way to tell if you have a carpenter ant
nest in your home is if you start to notice small divots or notches in the wood
of your home or furniture. Carpenter ants eat and build their nests out of
small wood shavings, and any areas they have eaten will have a smooth,
well-sanded appearance.

Dealing with Carpenter Ants

If you’re looking into DIY carpenter
ant control & removal, you have a tough problem on your hands. Off-the-shelf products
aren’t going to cut it here. What you can do, though, is prevent the problem
before it begins.  Start by sealing up any cracks around your windows,
doors, siding, or roofing, as it’s one of the easiest ways for carpenter ants
to find their way inside. Make sure that all of the leaky pipes in your home
are sealed up, and any trees or bushes outside your home are kept trimmed and
away from the walls. 

carpenter ant control

The easy answer to an existing carpenter ant problem in home
spaces like yours is to call the professionals at ScorpionTech. With our
courteous and quick service, we will get rid of carpenter
ants in no time. When you’ve got a problem with bugs, you know who to
call to deal with your carpenter ant control issues – great team at ScorpionTech.

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