God Loves Messed Up People

Secrets to Forgiveness


Minister Geil Heil learned to heal from trauma in his life and provides secrets to forgiveness. “You can learn to forgive,” says Heil. In his book God Loves Messed Up People, Heil discusses the importance of learning to forgive. Here are three secrets to forgiveness that can help you move forward in life.


Secret 1 Love Yourself

When you learn to love yourself, you want the best for yourself. In order to have the best, you learn to put aside everything that makes you feel bad. It’s a process that takes practice, but each day you put bad thoughts and feelings aside, you take one step toward loving yourself. You mentally begin to recognize bad thoughts and dismiss them. Think positive about yourself and watch how negative thoughts get smaller.


Secret 2 Understand that Hurt People, Hurt People

Often people that are hurt, end up hurting others. It doesn’t make it easier to forgive them but it does give you an opportunity to put your pain in a different perspective. A shift in perspective can develop empathy and help you to forgive. As you release them you open a door to personal healing.


Secret 3 Unconditional Forgiveness brings Freedom

When we don’t forgive others the wound stays open and we find ourselves rehearsing the pain over and over again. “It took years for me to put aside the pain,” says Heil. “But when I allowed myself to release the situation through forgiveness, things changed. I didn’t want to be angry or hurt anymore.” forgiveness is a decision that can bring freedom. It releases you to move on.


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