Every Season is Ant Control Season!

You might think that most household pests die off in the winter. Unfortunately, that’s not always true- and especially for ants. It turns out that winter is just as much a time for ant infestations as every other season is- and if you want to keep yourself, your property, and your family safe, it’s time to look for some ant control, prevention and removal specialists.

Noticing Ants

In the US, ants are a relatively common insect. There are several different varieties, but all of them can be boiled down to one description. Ants are typically small insects, getting about 1/4th of an inch long at most. They have black or brown bodies divided into three segments, six legs, and antennae. Some types have pincers, as well, and can bite. When there are ants about, you’ll typically notice their small, pyramidal burrows and disturbed dirt in driveways or sidewalks. Ants are known for spreading diseases like dysentery, so they’re definitely not a pest you want in your home.

Ant Prevention

There are plenty of good ways to prevent ants in your kitchen, though. The easiest way to start is to seal up any cracks in your foundation or siding and make sure that your windows and doors are sitting as tight as possible in their frames. Even the smallest cracks can ensure that bugs can get into your home. 

Furthermore, make sure to fix any leaky pipes and wipe up any spills, to prevent ants from getting a water source inside your home. Make sure all of your food is sealed and put away, as well as your trash cans. If you’re looking to get rid of a colony already in your home, try using a slow-acting insecticide that can be placed inside of bait. Be warned, though- you might have kids or pets that also fall for the bait.

How To Keep Ants Out- For Good

The easiest- and simplest- way to go about ant control and removal is to call the professionals at ScorpionTech. Don’t hassle around with DIY solutions that never really work quite right- get it over with, and with significantly less risk to your family and your home. With ScorpionTech’s courteous service and competent practices, your home is all ready to be ant-free- for as long as you need it to be.

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