What is Integrated Pest Management?

When you’re looking for the best pest control service out there, there are a lot of options to pick from. ScorpionTech is one of your best bets to get pests out of your home, though, for one very simple reason- we’re an Integrated Pest Management service. 

What Is Integrated Pest Management?

Integrated pest management (IPM) service is one of the most eco-friendly pest control methods available today. It looks at a pest’s lifespan, their breeding times, and their preferred environments to make the best plan to get pests out of your home. It’s used in commercial, farming, and residential settings to keep the biggest amount of people and pets safe from potentially harmful practices used during pest removal. 

How Do We Use IPM?

At ScorpionTech, we use Integrated Pest Management plans to their fullest advantage. There are four simple steps to every Integrated Pest Management program:

Set Your Pest Goals

Before beginning any pest control services, ScorpionTech ensures that we know exactly what we’re striving for. Seeing one mouse doesn’t mean there’s an infestation; instead, we take the time to watch for any infestations that may be growing, and any that are beginning to die off on their own. When we decide what is a present threat to your home, we spring into action.

Monitor and Identify Infestations

Instead of just looking for every single type of pest at once, we take some time to figure out exactly what kind of pest is giving you trouble, and treat your property for that pest. Insecticide that works for ants doesn’t necessarily get rid of termites, as well, so it’s better for your house and your family if you wait to figure out what’s causing your troubles.

Prevent New Pests

Once you’re ready to get rid of the pests in your home, you need to ensure that no more are coming back. Whether this is weatherproofing your home for winter or setting a few small traps across your lawn, ScorpionTech understands that you need a cost-effective way to prevent new infestations in your property, and strives for the best measures to achieve that.

Control The Pests You’ve Already Got

Once everything is ready to go, it’s time to get rid of the pests that you’ve got. Sometimes, this means that you’ve gone past the preventative measures, and other times, it just means that you’ve found a present and clear infestation. We always use environmentally safe and healthy chemicals as our first line of defense and want to ensure that your family is always safe during our removal process.

Why You Should Use Integrated Pest Management with ScorpionTech

Integrated pest management is the best way to go for both you and the environment. Instead of haphazardly plastering chemicals and toxins across every surface, integrated pest management services use preventative measures and careful control measures to ensure that you, your pets, and your property is safe from any long-term harm that can be caused by both pests and their removal. When you use ScorpionTech for your pest control needs, you know that you and the environment are in good hands!


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