Cosmic Pioneer Astronomer Leo Branch Lights up the Stars

The sky is filled with wonder, and Leo Branch, the cosmic Barbadian Astronomer, has enhanced what we can see and learn about its wonders.

Like other Barbadian, Astronomer Leo is one of those humble extraordinary-ordinary everyday people you will meet in Barbados; a superb host, eager to please, unpretentious, accommodating, and amusing. Barbados Innovations in Tourism result from its creativity and passion. This passion for invention has yielded a treasure trove of varied and unique ways to learn and experience the island. Land, sea, underwater, underground, in the air, and up in the sky are the universe of their creativity.

Watch Video: Celebrated Barbados astronomer, leo Branch, created star gazing from a Barbados beach. It ‘s the perfect spot to study the heavens, he says. On a clear night, one can almost see forever. He is speaking of watching the stars with his mobile computerized 10-inch telescope. He is a self-taught cosmologist with 54 years of down-to-earth experience who has applied his life to assisting people to appreciate the universe. Today in semi-retirement, he is still sought by notable TV and Magazine producers Television and film media including the British Broadcasting Company, and earthly stars who seek his know-how of creation and cosmic connection.

Cosmic Barbadian Astronomer Leo Branch


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