Hanging Garden Installation on Wooden Fence at Cornish Pasty in Flagstaff

Flower Street Urban Gardens has been working with the Cornish Pasty in Phoenix for quite a few years now and recently got the opportunity to create vertical hanging gardens to complement their beautiful new outdoor dining deck space at their restaurant in Flagstaff. 

The installation in Flagstaff is quite different than the downtown Phoenix installation which has hanging garden planters along the outer wall of the building. We wanted to show you how easy it is to install our %LINK% on a typical wooden fence. 

We ensure the vertical hanging garden brackets are attached to the vertical fence posts, if necessary, additional support can be added to secure a bracket. 

Another important aspect of installing a hanging garden on a fence and deck is the irrigation system and water. We have hidden irrigation lines that come from behind the fence and up to keep the plants and flowers watered. 

We want to ensure that we do not cause any water damage to the wood so we have drainage catch trays that collect any excess water. Each day the trays can be easily removed, and dump the water back into the %LINK% and hang the trays back up. This keeps the deck nice and clean as well as conserves water.

We are so pleased with this install on this beautiful wooden fence. Our Flower Street Urban Gardens vertical hanging gardens look great with the wood and the fence and the deck. Thank you Cornish Pasty in Flagstaff! 

If you are interested in a vertical hanging garden for your restaurant, school, business or home, contact us today at 602-327-6560.


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