iMosaic Success and Honors Ceremony – Robban Sica MD

< period style=” shade: rgb( 68, 68, 68); font-family:” open=”” sans “,=”” helvetica,=”” arial,=” “sans-serif;=”” font-size:=”” 14px;=” “font-style: =” “typical;=”” font-variant-ligatures:=”” font-variant-caps:=”” font-weight: =”” 400;=”” letter-spacing:= “” orphans:=”” 2;= “” text-align:=”” start;=”” text-indent:=” “0px;=”” text-transform:=” “none;=”” white-space:=” “widows

:=” “word-spacing:=””- webkit-text-stroke-width:=”” background-color:=”” rgb (255,=”” 255,=” “255 );=”” text-decoration-style: =” “initial;=” “text-decoration-color:=”” display screen:=”” inline=””! crucial;=”” float:=”” none;”=”” > The name iMosaic mean Integrative Medication Offering Science-based Alternatives in Partnership. The meeting was assembled by the American Academy of Environmental Medication( AAEM), American University for Development in Medicine( ACAM), American Holistic Medical Association( AHMA), as well as the International College of Integrative Medicine( ICIM).< span design=” shade: rgb( 68, 68, 68); font-family:” open=”” sans”, =”” helvetica, =”” arial, =”” sans-serif;= “” font-size:= “” 14px;=” “font-style:=”” typical ;=” “font-variant-ligatures:=”” font-variant-caps:=”” font-weight:=”” 400;=”” letter-spacing:=” “orphans:=”” 2;=”” text-align: =” “start;=” “text-indent:=”” 0px; =”” text-transform:=”” none;=”” white-space:=”” widows:= “” word-spacing:=””- webkit-text-stroke-width: =”” background-color:= “” rgb( 255,= “” 255, =”” 255);=”” text-decoration-style:= “” initial;=”” text-decoration-color:= “” display screen:=”” inline=””! important;=”” float:=” “none;” =”” > Dr. Sica’s integrative technique which is an effective design for assessing as well as addressing the individual’s health problems by determining underlying stress factors originating from all elements: spiritual, emotional, physical, and also social

. Dr. Sica effectively integrates her background research consisting of all natural medication, anti-aging, all-natural hormonal agent substitute as well as endocrine problems, nutrition/vitamin supplementation including natural choices to drug, allergic reactions and also environmental medication, hefty steel poisoning, chelation therapy, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, and treatment of persistent diseases. Dr. Sica has actually obtained accreditations in Integrative, Holistic Medication, Longevity Medication and also Medical Steel Toxicology. She is President of the International College of Integrative Medicine and Assistant of the American Association for Health Freedom, and Vice Head Of State of the Connecticut Wellness Flexibility Coalition. She was previously the secretary of the American Board of Scientific Metal Toxicology and a member of the Board of Supervisors of the American University for Innovation in Medication. < span style=”color: rgb( 68, 68, 68); font-family:” open =”” sans”, =” “helvetica, =”” arial, =” “sans-serif; =”” font-size: =”” 14px; =” “font-style: =”” normal;=”” font-variant-ligatures: =”” font-variant-caps: =”” font-weight: =”” 400;=”” letter-spacing: =”” orphans: =”” 2; =”” text-align: =” “start; =”” text-indent: =”” 0px;=”” text-transform: =” “none; =”” white-space: =” “widows: =”” word-spacing: =”” – webkit-text-stroke-width:=”” background-color:=”” rgb( 255, =”” 255, =”” 255);=”” text-decoration-style: =”” preliminary; =”” text-decoration-color: =” “display: =”” inline=””! vital; =”” float: =”” none;” =”” >

International College of Integrative Medicine (ICIM)


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