What is a Blockchain Domain? Blockchain Wallet

What is a Blockchain Domain?

Blockchain Wallet

what is a blockchain domain? A blockchain domain is like a.com or .org except that the records are stored on a blockchain. Blockchain domains do two things that regular domains can’t: simplify crypto payments and build censorship resistant websites.

Blockchain domains replace cryptocurrency addresses with a human readable name. Add your crypto addresses, your Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and any other cryptocurrency addresses, all to one domain. Now someone just needs to type your domain into a wallet and send – no need to remember long addresses.

Blockchain wallet

At Crypto Swami we created a blockchain wallet using Unstoppable Domains. Our Blockchain wallet is cryptoswami.crypto !

If you would like to Donate Funds to Crypto Swami Meta Metaverse. Simply

use your MetaMusk wallet and send your crypto donations to cryptoswami.crypto

Crypto Swami plans on becoming the Meta of the Metaverse blockchain bitcoin exchange wallet and Defi Decentralized Finance marketplace platform. We try to share the latest trends in bitcoin and cryptocurrency metaverse of Meta meme tokens. Blockchain domains and blockchain NFT wallets allow true Peer to Peer Financial rewards to be kept with the people. Blockchain wallets require user accountability of assets. The use of MetaMask as an ethereum wallet and the use of keywords secure your crypto assets.

Blockchain Domains

The same domain can be used for websites. Traditional domains, also called DNS, are part of a centralized system controlled by ICANN – an international organization that maintains the records of who owns what domain.

Blockchain domains are not part of the traditional domain system, they are what’s called alternate routes. Domains are stored by you, in your wallet, just like a cryptocurrency – no one can move them without the private key. Blockchain domains can also be used to build an uncensorable website. This works by pointing content from a decentralized storage network to your domain. Blockchain domains require browser plugins to resolve inside most standard browsers because they are new and not yet supported by the traditional system.

Traditional website content is stored on centralized servers that are controlled by large companies. These companies can easily take down your site if they object to it or at the request of a government. Decentralized networks like IPFS store content that only you can put up and take down.

Unstoppable Domains

What is a blockchain domain. blockchain wallet in META Metaverse

Account Setup

Blockchain domains plus decentralized storage equals an internet that no company or government can censor. This technology has the power to spread free speech across the world.

If you are intrested in META and the Metaverse. We recommend you check out the METAMUSK meme Token on Crypto Swami.


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