Moving In The Rain

The rain makes moving difficult and is not recommended. Unfortunately, we cannot control the weather. Particularly when it is planned months in advance. You could make a decision to move in spring instead of winter, avoid the rainy period, but it can happen that an unexpected downpour strikes when you least expect.

Some other options are available to help prepare for those just-in-case moments of bad weather. These don’t necessarily have to cost too much. We recommend that you don’t go to the expense of buying special rain-specific moving material and boxes.

These clever tips will help you move more easily in heavy rain. Also, we have logistical advice. You might not think these are important, but they will come in useful when you are trying to manage in an environment of high stress and last-minute scrambling.

1. You can wrap the items in plastic.

Many people stop packing after the move is complete and do not think of hanging their clothes in baskets. This person plans to transport a garment rack and wrap it in sheets. Plans like these should be reconsidered in the event of a severe downpour. You should protect any items that are susceptible to damage by rain, such as electronic devices. It is possible to wrap the items you don’t need in plastic.

There are many movers who have to shrink wrap to protect furniture items from rain. If your movers don’t offer this service for an additional charge, you might consider using household items to protect furniture. Keep in mind that although plastic repels water and cotton sheets offer less protection, they are just as durable.

Protect your goods from rain damage

In a trash bag, toss your clothes and any paper materials. Each family member should keep their clothing separated, but you don’t need to worry about them being folded. If clothing gets wet after moving, laundry might be necessary.

Protect art by wrapping it in plastic wrap. If you have small things that can’t be packed in boxes, wrap them with the grocery-store plastic wrap. An extra bubble wrap is also an option.

You can cover your furniture with comforters. You might find sheets too thin for water repellence, however, comforters with thicker materials can temporarily cover furniture against light rain. Put the thick blanket around your furniture. Secure it using bungee ropes.

Buy shrink wrap if your time allows. Moving valuable, fragile items such as fine art and antiques that are not meant to get wet might make it worth your while.

2. Rain gear should not be overlooked.

When moving in the rain, protect your belongings first. Don’t forget to safeguard yourself. Being in the rain can lead to more injuries for everyone.

Shoes that are non-slip can help reduce risk. For a more comfortable move, you can grab the following items:

Supplies for rain moving:

Rain boots


Baseball caps or baseball hats

A changing of clothes

3. Do not wait for the mover to arrive.

Allow time to organize your home and prepare it for the mover’s arrival. Just a few easy steps can help you make your day more organized and smoother.

Rainproof your home

Install a welcome mat. Don’t worry if there isn’t one. Any rug you find cheap will work. It is best to use good judgment when laying a wool rug. If you do not have rugs to wipe feet on, then go buy one at a Dollar Store or get towels.

It’s time to crank up your heat. The heat should be turned up in your home if utilities are switched on. The furnace can remove water from the air to make it feel more comfortable.

Make sure to have lots of extra towels. Towels that can be damaged are a good idea. Heavy rain could cause movers to need towels to wash hands, dry their clothes, or to dry them off.

Set aside dry cardboard boxes. These can help create a non-slip flooring surface. If you’re wearing wet shoes and walk on wood or bare tile floors, they can make the floor slippery.


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