“Grace” Healing Sound Bath Meditation Music by Matthew Kocel

Our ancient ancestors understood that everything in the universe is
essentially vibration.

It is no coincidence that ancient healers and medicine people would use
sound and music to help us heal our bodies, deepen our relationship
with nature and communicate with the spiritual realm.

This melody came to Matthew Kocel after 6 years of trial and struggle came to
resolution and he was finally accepted as a legal permanent resident of

When Matthew and his (Canadian) wife took a day to explore and celebrate, this
melody began to play in his head, over and over.

He says this is how most of his songs come to him.

Sometimes simplicity displays the most eloquence in our world.


No artificial sounds were used in this recording…
It is 100% organic.

“Grace” was created entirely with Matthew’s voice and one acoustic instrument –

Close your eyes, take some slow, deep breaths and let this healing
meditation music carry you to your deepest sanctuary of peace.

Wishing you grace. Grace for humanity.

Grace for the sacred web of life on planet Earth.

“Grace” is the title song to Matthew Kocel’s last album. It is available for
download as well as his first album “The Vision” at


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