PolyJacking: Why It Works Better Than Other Lifting Methods

PolyJacking: If you live almost anywhere in the United States, you have actually most likely heard the term “mudjacking” being utilized when homeowners are discussing how to raise their sinking concrete surface areas. Mudjacking is the process of pumping a mortar-based substance beneath a slab, raising it approximately its rightful position. The procedure can be reliable, but it does have its disadvantages. Polyjacking is an inexpensive option.


Polyjacking is a concrete leveling technique that combines the principle of mudjacking with modern-day technology and materials. Instead of utilizing a mortar-based substance to raise sinking concrete, our group uses an environmentally friendly broadening polyurethane foam. Polyjacking is a beneficial method of bringing back concrete surface areas. And it is quickly becoming the go-to technique of choice since of its many advantages.


Light-weight and Strong: Oftentimes, concrete slabs start sinking because the soil below them is unsteady. When trying to raise the piece back into place, it is necessary not to include any more weight than is needed to the soil. The polyurethane foam our polyjacking business uses is much lighter than standard concrete slurries. And it can promote substantial weight loads just as effectively.

Less Intrusive: Traditional mudjacking includes drilling lots of big access holes in your concrete so the professional can inject the slurry beneath the slab. This is unpleasant, and it can compromise the structural stability of the piece. Since our polyjacking product is self-expanding foam, fewer access holes are required. And those that are essential are much smaller.

Efficient: Concrete slurry mixtures used in mudjacking can take a number of days to treat and harden. And they should not be walked on for this time duration. This can be extremely bothersome for property owners. Polyjacking is far more effective and less inconvenient. The polyurethane foam that we utilize normally reaches 90-percent rigidity within thirty minutes, allowing you full access to your property.


Developed for A Lot Of Soils: U.S. soils can be very unstable. One day they might be completely saturated. And the next, they may be dry as a bone. These rapidly altering conditions can wreak havoc on your concrete slabs. While other business may utilize comparable foam products, the foam we use is produced right here in the U.S. with these distinct soil conditions in mind, allowing it to provide incomparable results.

Resilient and Erosion-Preventing: When you have sinking concrete slabs on your residential or commercial property, you desire them fixed in a way that will stand the test of time. Unlike mortar-based substances, the foam that our PolyJacking business uses is water-resistant and created to stabilize the soil, preventing disintegration from occurring in the future.


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