Backyard Vertical Garden Planters

Are you someone who’s
interested in gardening, but would prefer not to get down on your hands and
knees at ground level to develop your own backyard garden? 

Well, we have an
answer for you – vertical garden planters. These are gardens built with
strong, western red-cedar wood, (which weather and rot-resistant) bracketed
together to create lateral garden space that you can walk along and easily tend

Our patented vertical
garden planters are placed on your backyard wall, at your height, to dig
your fingers into the soil and plant your own edibles, from beans to tomatoes,
fruit/vegetables, or decorative flowers.

Flower Street Urban
 is located in
the heart of Phoenix, Arizona. We build vertical garden planters that:

  • Grow food and flowers (outside
    & inside)

  • Fit into smaller backyard

  • Can measure up to 40 ft. in

  • Are highly water-efficient

  • Are easy and enjoyable to work
    out of

More importantly, we
are not just a distributor of materials, we walk the walk and talk the talk
when it comes to urban gardens and can help assist you in your gardening
endeavors through our years of experience.

You see, we believe
that urban gardening is more than just an end result of a growing season. It’s
a journey, one involving love, care, and devotion that anyone can experience
through gardening. 

Gardens provide a back
to nature respite from the urban noise. We may be in the busy city of Phoenix,
but once you come to our backyard workspace, you feel as though you’re deep in
the gardening country. Come have a look: 

Our Backyard

A visit to our Flower
Street Urban Gardens generally produces wonder and awe among visitors who come
here. That’s because we’ve designed our back gardens to not only be a workspace
for our production but also a garden filled with flowers and edibles.

In our urban garden,
we grow plants, vegetables, fruit-bearing trees, as well as maintain a sizable
chick coup to get fresh eggs every day. 

In our work, we take
joy in gardening and building an oasis that not only gives us food and
vegetables to eat but also provides a sense of calm and wonder in our


Set Up Your Vertical
Garden Planters

You too can start on
your gardening journey with your own vertical garden planters! Setting up
a vertical garden is simple. 

You’ll need a wall or
fence to mount the brackets. Ideally, this section for your garden will receive
enough sunlight (but not too much!) to promote plant growth. 

The drip systems we
provide will help keep your plants and vegetables moist and let nature do the

Have a look below at a
short video to see how easy  vertical garden planters can install:

Look over our
selection and choose the right size and shape for your needs!  We have
standard sizes of wood to ship or can cut to your specifications. You can check
out our Shop Page to choose the types of tiers
you want.  

If you have any
questions on which type of vertical garden would work best, how long it can be,
or installation questions, give us a call at 602-327 -6560. Our customer
service team is here to help! 

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