The Ups and Downs of Insulin Resistance

When you’re insulin resistant i.e. you have metabolic
syndrome, pretty much every chemical in the body is NOT QUITE RIGHT.  Some are up. 
Some are down.  Few are actually
at physiologically NORMAL levels. 

Traditionally the focus is on the big guns.



And cholesterol

In this series, we’ll take a look at some of the other

Who they are, what they’re up to and how they’re part of the
state of insulin resistance.

In this video, we look
at nitric oxide, which when you’re insulin resistant, are typically, lower than
ideal, particularly in blood vessels. 
This is a big deal, because nitric oxide, is a vasodilator i.e. it opens
up blood vessels…. ………… to facilitate deliveries.


No nitric oxide, causes
delivery problems.


Shortages also cause
vascular remodelling and platelet aggregation, increasing the chance of a
cardiovascular event.   


Fortunately, there a
multiple ways, to boost nitric oxide availability.


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