Equine Massage Gun – The Benefits of Using a Massage Gun on a Horse

equine massage gun
therapy is an effective treatment for your horses muscles. Something
magical happens as your horse relaxes, trusts, and releases tension, the
equine massage is a powerful tool for building trust and relieving the
anxiety that a lot of horses may experience. From the pleasure horses to
the high powered competition horses they can all benefit from an equine
therapeutic massage. As it can calm your horse’s nerves and help in
adjusting quicker to a new environment if your horse is always involved
in high-stress situations.

In modern horsemanship, equine massage therapy has proven its
effectiveness on horse performance. From physical strains to mental
health problems, equine massage therapy with our Percussion Equine
Massage Gun provides high benefits to the well-being of your horse.

What is the concept of percussion massage therapy?

Percussive equine massage therapy
helps to eliminate muscle soreness by increasing blood flow to the
significant muscle tissues. This effect reduces inflammation and
decreases muscle tension. You can also use percussion therapy to warm up
your horse ahead of a run or even normal activity to enhance its
performance, endurance, and flexibility. Studies show that massage guns
are an effective method to prevent delayed onset muscle soreness. That
means the horse is less likely to feel muscle pain after intense
activity, which increases the endurance and the ability to perform in
well condition consecutive days.

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