Super Sports Drink

Feel better faster. Liquid I.V.’s Hydration Multiplier is a great tasting, Non-GMO electrolyte drink blend powered by Cellular Transport Technology (CTT) to supply hydration to your blood stream faster and more efficiently than normal water by itself. 

Liquid I.V. provides the same hydration as consuming two to three bottles of drinking water. It also contains 3x the electrolytes of traditional sports drinks and eleven critical vitamins. Translation, more energy for life’s activities. 

Why it works : Hydration Multiplier incorporates the breakthrough technology of Cellular Transport Technology (CTT), a precise ratio of sodium, potassium and glucose, to supply hydration to your bloodstream faster & more effectively than normal water alone. 

How does it taste? : This product comes in a variety of flavors including lemon lime, passion fruit,  andacai berry.

Directiins: Empth the packet contents in sixteen ounces of normal water, mix, and drink! The amount of water will affect the intensity of the flavor. Drink it anytime – but specifically following an exercise session, while traveling, and for all of life’s adventures! 

With every single and every purchase of Liquid I.V., we contribute a serving to a a needy person around the globe.

liquid iv


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