5 Article Marketing Benefits

edu) or government sites (. It all depends on your market niche. This is advantageous but not reliable in the fact they could list them in a different order than you’d like or link up some that may have similar keywords but is totally off topic so beware automation

While there are many other factors involved with getting on the first page of google, back-linking to quality sites is a great start. It will also tell you how many back-links those sites have pointing to them. In this resource box, you can include a link which will then point readers back to your respective site. While you probably won’t get rich creating and selling mini-guides (although you could), they serve as a great means of introducing people to your information and content

Well, Mrs. Article marketing follows news reporting style in that you need to focus on facts. Keep your article short. I know, Mrs. Mailing List Having a mailing list can bring wonders to a web site, not only will it help bring old visitors back , but they will send the newsletter to their friends (If they like it)

Most online professionals know that article marketing is one of the most effective ways to promote a product/service. So, a business owner may pay someone to write a general article on their topic to drive traffic to their site. You can find them for a low price at stores

Let us focus on the various drawbacks. The first R- Research your content before writing. You need to be knowledgeable about the product to the nth degree in order to be able to answer any and all customer questions and to present yourself as an authority on the product or service in question. After you take that into consideration, it seems very sensible to article market to your target audience doesn’t it. Authors place their target keywords in their relevant articles so it can be indexed by search engines for those keywords

I will suggest you keep it between 400 and 1000 words. There is no yet any proof way for machine to answer the question – “if this page is good or bad”, the only way to answer this question is to see how many people link back to this page. But you can write the article so as to say, Carol Smiths house burned down, but thanks to new trends in insurance customer service, she was able to get help more quickly. Combine high-quality with dynamic content such as free newsletters, polls and other fun extras and you will have non-stop target traffic visiting your website. Make it slick & to the point

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